A New Mega Mosque Rises…in Alaska

via A New Mosque Rises—in Alaska | WSJ.


On the edge of this northern outpost an unfamiliar sight is emerging: twin minarets. Alaska’s small but growing Muslim community is building the state’s first newly constructed mosque.

All too familiar for anyone watching the death and destruction Muslims are bringing wherever they go.

“This is our future,” said Osama Obeidi, one of the Muslim-Americans leading the building effort for the Islamic Community Center of Anchorage. “We have second-generation Alaskans now, and new people coming all the time. We need a place to call home.”

The 15,000-square-foot mosque, taking shape near a Sons of Norway Viking Hall, will eventually include a Sunday school and a community center. Heated floors will make worship in the bitter winters more comfortable.

The mosque is perhaps the clearest sign yet that Islam in the U.S. is rapidly pushing beyond traditional population centers such as Detroit and Los Angeles. As the number of American Muslims grows through both immigration and higher-than-average birthrates, domes and minarets are sprouting in areas as varied as the eastern mountains of Kentucky and Louisiana’s parishes.

The building boom reflects American Muslims’ desire for a sense of permanence as their religion shifts from one mainly imported by immigrants to one practiced by their American-born children and grandchildren, Muslim leaders say.

The Muslim population in the U.S. is expected to more than double by 2030, to 6.2 million, according to a 2011 Pew Research Center study. By then, Muslims are expected to represent 1.7% of the U.S. population, making them as numerous as American Jews or Episcopalians today, the study says.

By 2030 it’s likely to double that estimate with Obama’s preference for Muslim refugees and illegally importing millions of people from the Middle East and Africa. The Muslim population has grown it’s fastest since Muslims attacked America on 9/11.

A 2011 survey of U.S. mosques found a 74% increase in the number of Muslim congregations established between 2000 and 2011, rising to 2,106 from 1,209. About 30% of those congregations built new mosques, said the report sponsored by the Hartford Institute for Religion Research and a coalition of Islamic organizations.

Where did the money come from to build all these mosques, many of extravagant size and cost. And what’s being taught in them?

In 2000, the study counted 314 “purpose-built” mosques; by 2011, that number had more than doubled to 632.

Even as their presence grows, Muslims continue to struggle to find their place in American society. A Pew Research study released in July showed Americans view Muslims “more coldly,” or negatively, than any other major religious group—including atheists—on a so-called “feeling thermometer.”

Though there is at least one other congregation in Alaska worshiping out of an existing space, Anchorage, with a population of about 300,000, has been one of the few sizable U.S. cities that lacked a purpose-built mosque, U.S. Muslim leaders said.

So far the mosque, which has its minaret bases but not yet its towers, hasn’t been met with much opposition, as projects have in some other parts of the country, say local Muslims and police. The only incident of note was when some Bibles were left at the construction site. They were donated to a Catholic school.

Fifteen years ago, Anchorage’s Muslim community was small enough to gather in an apartment for services. About seven years ago, the congregation began renting a 1,200-square-foot storefront in a strip mall. Over the last five years, its numbers have risen, mostly due to refugee-resettlement programs.

The congregation finally scraped together enough money to break ground on the new mosque in 2010. So far, the project has cost roughly $2 million; completion is expected to require another $1.5 million.

The Anchorage congregation also is yet to woo an imam. So some in the congregation take turns giving sermons.

 The last time we checked in on Alaska they were banning sharia law and had caught a local Muslim whose jihad hit list included members of media, military.


18 thoughts on “A New Mega Mosque Rises…in Alaska

  1. The COCKROACHES SURE DO TRAVEL FAST! Cant imagine why they would even want to go north when they come from the hot countries of Middle East! This completes a MOSQUE IN EVERY STATE! UNREAL AS THESE SAND FLEES CONTRIBUTE NOTHING TO OUR CULTURE AS THEY DONT ASSIMULATE AT ALL! Where ever they build a MOSQUE they consider that they have CONQURED ANOTHER COUNTRY! THESE CESSPOOLS ARE THERE FORTS FOR CREATING TROUBLE!

  2. The comments to this article are generally so nasty and racist. I joined this site because I am anti sharia and want to be informed where and how it is spreading. I think the above article is off track. There are also many muslims that iive in the West that hate sharia. Msny are coming forth to denounce it. Instead of intimidating them we have to fight the common enemy. Sound naive? If there are going to be 6,000,000 Muslims in 2030, I don-t want a civil war with them. Now we are planting seeds for the future, and racism today breeds division in the future. Working for a common future without sharia is the answer.

      I’m not one to mince my words most English people even the majority of migrants that made Great Britain their adopted home are on the whole polite reserved and have integrated into the British way of life.

      I left England when I was 18 even then IN 1965, I thought this was coming, These people have no regard for standards that most human beings regard as civilized they are not interested in anything other than world domination of Islam.

      There will be blood on the streets of that I can guarantee, and I for one get upset and angry when I see this seventh century brainwashed cultist fundamentalist degrade every civilized society that they do not even wish to integrate with.

      Why does not the Western Governments grow some sensible policies, stop glossing over all these nut cases and religious Zealots,Islam has claimed 270 million lives since its inception in the 7th century, other religions evolved, Islam has been stuck on stupid since the year 622,and it really has not improved.

      Apart from its strategy of infiltration by stealth into most of all the other Western societies, this is a strategy that is aberrant and many will resist, Not only Caucasian but European but many other races and ethnic groups have fully integrated into Australian American British and European culture they have added to it, they value it, they do not wish to degrade it by force as Islamic groups clearly wish to, and are.

      Dark ages cult damn them,This is the situation and the feeling of many non Islamic nations throughout this world predominantly western countries with a social security structure for its citizens if you are a Muslim go and live in a Muslim country, we in our western based society do not want your wife beaters female mutilation practices criminals drug pushers pedophiles child molesters neither do we want your dark ages customs of religious zealotry,

      Simple answer go to an ISLAMIC country stop leaching off western nations generosity social welfare systems, We in the westernized, I might add integrated nations within Europe America and Great Britain,we do not want Islam never ever, this perversion of humanity of Islam we don’t want under any circumstance’s at all.

      The bubble is due to burst one day in the not too distant future, all governments will have to act, they will act with the assistance of every person that has had enough of this dark ages cult of death and perversion called Islam. These one point four billion opponents of Islamic world domination will find that it will never happen, there will be a bloody religious genocide of all that is Islam or party to Islam

    • You are pathetically ill-informed, and the muslims have a word to describe you–‘dhimmi’, also known as a ‘useful idiot’.
      “many muslims in the west hate sharia”, wrong. They say nothing, but they are there……waiting for the call, and when it comes they will obey.

      As for saying your ‘many muslims’ are coming forward to denounce it; that is a straight out lie–no muslims EVER come forward to denounce sharia.

      You naively state you don’t want a civil war with them, you want to work with them, for what? To further the rise of islam! Because that’s what you would be accomplishing.

      Ever open a koran? Do so, read, and inwardly digest, and if you have any common-sense and/or intellect you will realize in short order muslims HATE you; yes it’s not only the Jews, but everyone who is not muslim. Convert or die! Not so, you say? Look anywhere in the world, or are you blind? Can’t you see what is happening in the Middle East, or perhaps you just don’t believe it–even the dhimmi western media reported yesterday that another western journalist was beheaded.

      Planting the seeds of racism? Racism has always been with us, and always will be, and NEVER has the U.S. been so divided racially as it is today under obama and his gang of racially motivated thugs. Holder is being sent to Ferguson, why? To further stir up racism, as that little racist pig Sharpton is doing, and to further whip things up in Ferguson, your friends the muslims are there–they hate blacks, but are willing to work with them to cause the chaos they thrive on.

      Stay on this site–hopefully you will become informed, but you must stop being so damned naive and PC.

      • This is another form of Jihad, except it’s similar to the Trojan Horse. Islam takes over by sheer numbers. There is NO country where Islam has been dominant that doesn’t turn into a violent struggle. The exception is Saudi Arabia, but no freedom really exists there if you are not a Muslim. No other religion is allowed. Sweden is now the rape capital of the world, look at what’s happened in France, Belgium, England. This comment is later than the other but for those of you reading it now, it just justifies what happens when Islam is allowed to take root. There is no assimilation whatsoever. Islamists do, however, use the laws to their advantage and play the victim role if you dare oppose them. Islam is an evil ideology. If you are Christian, the Bible tells you to love your enemy. If you are Islamic, the Quran tells you all others must be killed, conquered or pay a tax. For those of you that think this is just another religion, the facts are not on your side.

  3. Advocates for Sharia are the extremists are the plague. They are murdering non radical muslims all over the middle east. wake up and realize that these people are being funded by saudi arabia, qatar, kuwait and last but not least, AMERICA! Your biased and uninformed comments are proof that divide and conquer still works with ease.

  4. Everytime another mosque is built in America, the muslims are doubling down for their attack against Americans and taking us over!

  5. One if the muslims imams just planted a seed in muslims brains. If they kill an infidel, they are guaranteed going to their heaven. meditate on that America

  6. The muslims in Alaska say they need a ‘place to call home’. Tell them to keep heading north. There’s lots of real estate at the North Pole!!!

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  9. So..we get rid of them..they already have 100 or so illegal immigrants going there. Which means breaking our laws of immigration. Get rid of them..

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