Muslim group ISIS beheads American journalist, threatens to behead a second


via Islamic State claims to have beheaded American journalist | New York Post.

Bloodthirsty militants in Iraq released a horrific video on Tuesday that shows the apparent beheading of American journalist James Wright Foley — with the execution aimed at forcing President Obama to put an end to US airstrikes.

Foley, a 40-year-old photojournalist kidnapped in 2012, was forced to recite anti-American hatred from his Islamic State in Iraq and Syria captors as his final words before a masked killer put the knife to his neck.

The video — which was posted on YouTube until the site yanked it down — shows Foley dressed in prisoner orange and on his knees in the desert area. His head is shaved. Behind him is a man covered head to toe in black. It’s titled “A Message to America.”

A stone-faced Foley — who was last seen on Thanksgiving 2012 while working for Agence France-Presse — then bravely reads a clearly coerced statement.

 “I call on my friends family and loved ones to rise up against my real killers, the U.S. government. My message to my beloved parents: Save me some dignity and don’t accept any meager compensation for my death from the same people who effectively put the last nail in my coffin,” he said.

 “I call on my brother who is in the Air Force. I call on you, John. Think about who made the decision to bomb Iraq. Who did they really kill? Did they think about me you and our family when they made that decision? I died that day, John. When your colleagues dropped that bomb, they signed my death certificate. I wish I had more time. I wish I had the hope of seeing my family one more time.”

 As a final insult, his last forced words were, “I guess all-in-all I wish I wasn’t American.”

The video then shows another American — Time journalist Steven Joel Sotloff — and the group says he is next unless the US backs off.

 He is being held by the collar as he kneels in the desert, also wearing prisoner orange and a shaved head.

Sotloff was abducted in Syria in August 2013.



p style=”padding-left:30px;”>“The life of this American citizen, Obama, depends on your next decision,” the masked man says.

ISIS is essentially one of Obama’s own creations. He stood down in Iraq, blundered in Afghanistan, funded, armed and trained future ISIS wings in Syria and allowed them to fester in Libya and elsewhere. So what does Obama do after stoking racial tensions in Missouri, Obama went back to vacation.

America was warned about Obama’s hope and change, twice, and chose not to listen.

Full video here. (Warning, very graphic – coming to America soon)

As expected, Muslims on Twitter Defending Execution of James Wright Foley.

It should also be noted that Muslims like CAIR, the ACLU and many others who do the bidding for terrorists like ISIS want to prevent law enforcement from being trained about this Islamic threat.

18 thoughts on “Muslim group ISIS beheads American journalist, threatens to behead a second

  1. Isis is assad’s enemy. Assad and russia are friends. The usa should team up with russia and destroy isis in syria. If you make them retreat from Iraq, isis still has a safe haven in syria, if its not totally destroyed.

  2. Looks like the “junior varsity” has moved up to the majors. No comment yet from President Vacay yet; interestingly, CAIR has no comment.

  3. It seems like the main stream media is trying hard to down play this, while the best coverage of it again is Creeping Sharia. Once again.

  4. Obama needs to come back to DC, send in a Seal team to Syria to rescue Sotloff asap or he is a goner too, then get the other Americans held hostage.


  6. “ISIS is essentially one of Obama’s own creations.”

    No, ISIS is the creation of the neo-cohens who instigated the Iraq War with their filthy lies from the get go.

      • Well, the vast majority, if not all of the neo-cons are Jewish. Krauthammer, Kristal, Perle, Wolfowitz, Abrams, Horowitz and many more. These are the so-called, “red diaper babies.” They were once all communists, but when the American left decided to sympathize with the Palestinians they decided to call themselves conservatives.

        If you google, “What is a neo-conservative” you will find that it is a political philosophy similar to liberalism, just ardently pro-Israel. Most all are pro-choice and pro-gay marriage and many other liberal viewpoints.

        These neo-cons have corrupted the American right to the point it isn’t even right wing anymore. I have many Republican relatives who are more patriotic to Israel than they are to the United States, and that makes no sense what-so-ever.

        • So your Nazi party affiliation finally shows up. You idiot. The only thing that has kept this country from imploding is our support and defense of Israel. Since the Muslim liar became President, along with his, and your, opposition to Israel, this nation has turned into a third rate beggar nation. Every nation in history that has opposed the Jews became a sub rated nothing of a nation very quickly. Seig Heil.

  7. Absolute filth.The subhuman vermin who travelled from Britain- they maybe British citizens ,but they are NOT britons- should be executed .This filth is the TRUE face of Islam and every single one of these subhumans need to be taken care of.

  8. It’s a never-ending game of whack-a-mole. Deplete or destroy one, more will pop up. This is by design, it’s what “they” wanted, and it’s a real money-spinner.
    So with all the PTSD and disabilities, with the racing deficit in the multi-trillions, isn’t it time to seriously consider refocusing US foreign policy?
    Or is making the same mistakes over and over and over again the American Way?

    To throw a few self-indulgent metaphors out there…
    1. Bush-Cheney-Wolfowitz scrambled the egg that is Iraq. How do you unscramble an egg??

    2. WMDs -> regime change -> war crimes = known BS. Now the chickens are home to roost.

    3. Next? Syria? Iran? Yemen? How big do we want this? Or do we keep pouring fuel on a firestorm?

  9. Obama is going to do nothing to save Americans! Remember, the POS is a Muslim, who hates the US and its citizens. Any time an American gets brutalized by his muslim brothers, the Filthy Piece of “Human” Garbage celebrates!

    Get the alien imposter out of the White House . . .or he’ll destroy the US completely. Waiting is over, get the Filth out NOW!

  10. A qui profite le CRIME, ces Terroriste doivent êtres détruits par tous les Moyens dont disposes les Etats Arabes et Musulmans,L’Emir Abdelkader a mener un guerre sans merçi contre ses fanatiques du 09 juillet et le 17 juillet 1860,ou il y a eu des trouble confessionnels contre les Chrétiens syriens Libanais” le Massacre de Damas”

    Ces fanatiques attaquent les quartiers chrétiens,, tuant plus de quatre mille habitants selon le général d’Hautpoul.

    L’émir Abdelkader intervient pour arrêter le massacre et protège au péril de sa vie communauté des chrétiens de Damas et du Liban . Grâce à son influence auprès des dignitaires des villes et aux membres de sa suite qui l’ont suivi dans son exil, dont il a donné l’Ordre a ses Cavaliers Armés de défendre les Chrétiens.

    Abdel Kader c’est même interposer par les armes avec les membres de sa suite, pour protéger les familles chrétiennes venues se réfugier en nombre dans le quartier des Algériens. Il fait tuer certains Terroristes. À la suite de ces événements et le calme revenu, il se retire plusieurs jours sur la tombe de Ibn ‘arabi (quartier de sheikh Mouhidin) pour prier, méditer et jeûne.
    – OUI le 09 Juillet 1860 un Algérien l’Emir Abdelkader et ses Cavaliers ont pris les Armes contre les terroristes Islamistes,pour défendre ses Chrétiens d’Allah. C’est les Arabes et les Musulmans qui doivent défendre les Chrétiens et les Juifs l’Exemple a été donné par un Homme trés PIEUX qui s’Appelle Emir Abdelkader. Je Propose a Monsieur OBAMA , a Monsieur HOLLAND et a Monsieur BOUTEFLIKA que le Nom de l’Opération contre ces Criminels de l’IIEL (Faux Etat Islamique) porte le NOM La COLERE DE L’EMIR ABDELKADER 1860.
    Parce que cette Opération Militaire elle Ligitime. Tous les Algériens sont d’accords avec les Présidents HOLLAND et OBAMA.

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