Michigan: Muslim Capitol rally v. anti-ISIS rally (pic)

Muslim Capitol Day is a day when Muslims perform dawah on elected officials in the hopes of spreading sharia law at the highest levels. Usually organized by CAIR-Hamas.


Muslim Capitol Day 2014

For more Muslims participated in it than the handful of Muslims and non-Muslims protesting ISIS in Dearborn.



Had Muslims opposed Muslim groups like CAIR, Hamas, Hizbollah, al Qaeda, ISNA, MSA, MAS, al Shabaab, etc. in the years leading up to and following 9/11 rather than smearing anyone who opposed jihad and sharia as Islamophobes, there’d be no need for this too-little-too-late gathering. As noted yesterday, Muslims can’t even get along with each other in the U.S.

Neither group come close to the number of Dearborn Muslims on the known terrorist-watch list. But this is interesting nonetheless.

6 thoughts on “Michigan: Muslim Capitol rally v. anti-ISIS rally (pic)

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  2. The only muslims who would protest ISIS would be the Shia muslims, these are obviously Shia, but the two sects , Sunni ( which ISIS are) and Shia both are willing to fight us infidels when they are not fighting each other.. They share the same agenda, WE are the enemy and must be defeated and submitted to Islam.Thats the teaching of their Quran, the world must be forced to Islam and allah

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