Muslim Uber drivers refusing rides to the blind, just like Muslim cabbies

Though shall not utter the m-word. via Uber sued for allegedly refusing rides to the blind and putting a dog in the trunk – The Washington Post.

An advocacy group for the blind is suing the app-based ride-sharing service Uber, alleging the company discriminates against passengers with service dogs.

The federal civil rights suit filed Tuesday by the California chapter of the National Federation of the Blind cites instances in California and elsewhere when blind Uber customers summoned a car only to be refused a ride once the driver saw them with a service dog. In some cases, drivers allegedly abandoned blind travelers in extreme weather and charged cancellation fees after denying them rides, the complaint said.

The complaint filed in a Northern California District Court cites one instance where a California UberX driver put a service dog in the trunk and refused to pull over when the blind passenger realized where the animal was.

On another occasion a passenger was trying to explain that his dog was not a pet but a service animal when the driver allegedly cursed at him and accelerated abruptly, nearly injuring the dog and striking the passenger’s friend, who is also blind, with an open car door.

The group said it’s aware of more than 30 times blind customers were denied rides in violation of the American with Disabilities Act and California state law.

As a result, blind passengers are confronting unexpected delays and “face the degrading experience of being denied a basic service that is available to all other paying customers,” the complaint said.

Services such as Uber are quickly supplanting traditional taxis, a service blind people rely on due to the limitations of public transportation.

The National Federation of the Blind wants Uber to educate its drivers about disability rights and punish the violators in addition to providing a way for disabled passengers to immediately register complaints when they are refused rides because of service dogs.

Uber has had numerous issues with rape and problematic Muslim drivers, even if the media refuses to use the m-word.

In an unrelated ‘thou shall not utter the m-word’ moment, Army officer told he cannot enter his daughter’s school while wearing a uniform. Why? It might offend some unidentified person. Turns out there is no such policy.

9 thoughts on “Muslim Uber drivers refusing rides to the blind, just like Muslim cabbies

  1. This is the culture Holder wants to jam mosques in your neighborhood.
    We need the ACLU to sue Holder for mosque cramming on states and cities, , and pass laws that these people cannot drive cabs, based on conflicting religious values to civil rights..

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  3. Is Uber a Muslim-run company? I had to use it recently a few times in Seattle and they were all middle Eastern Islamic names like Mohammed and Yusef and the minivans were ridiculously sleek, with top of the line black leather interiors. I’m guessing that’s business expense/ tax writeoffs?

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