Muslims attack Christian Arabs in Denmark; white girl in Holland (videos)

In Denmark via Ban Koran.

Denmark is now a searchable category with dozens of posts. Please check them out using the using the category link below or drop down option under the “Find Sharia in Your State or Country” heading upper right. You’ll find important previous posts such as: Danish Psychologist: “The one thing Muslim immigrants fear is being deported.

 In Holland via Blazing Catfur: Disturbing video shows seveal Muslim youths beat and kick white girl in Holland


And in Australia Muslims are starting to wage jihad more aggressively where: Teen charged after Sydney Maronite College targeted by IS threats: Slaughter the Christians’:

A TEENAGE boy who screamed threats to ‘slaughter the Christians’ outside a school in Sydney’s west has been charged with intimidation and offensive conduct.

Police allege the 14-year-old [Muslim] boy from Wentworthville was sitting in the passenger seat of a car when he yelled the abusive comments while waving a[n ISIS] flag outside Maronite College of the Holy Family in Harris Park last Tuesday.

We filled in the key words that the media won’t dare print.

End all immigration of Muslims to America or this will be the fate of your children and your grandchildren in the very near future.

6 thoughts on “Muslims attack Christian Arabs in Denmark; white girl in Holland (videos)

  1. The Western Nations must act aggressvely against these Muslims. Failure to do so will result in internal civil wars as their citizens take matters into their own hands to defend their rights. Islam is antithetical to Western Law. culture, and values. When will our politicians understand this and deport all the Muslims?

    • i totally agree we should deport anyone back to there own country of birth for free, if they insite any type of trouble or hate crimes even any racial abuse towards the country they live in, it shows they dont apreciate they wer housed looked after in a time of need they will never intergrate with the majority of society, and allways cause crime and in many cases rape young girls witch often happen in sydney australia and the judges put there foot down when this one cases in paticular were a bilall skafe a lebbanese muslim who would call up friends on his mobile wilst raping girls asking them up to join in and gang rape he would say do you know why where raping you its cos your an ozzy, it was that bad and becoming an epedemic that the judge gave him 55 yrs for that to all so set an example the dirty little bastard billal had the nerve to apeall it at tax payers expense and got it down to 45 yrs hhhaaaa billal i hope you love suking ozzie guys diks in supermax jail facility you sick fuck ,when you come out of jail you will be to old to even rape a chicken, so you can pull your dick for now and ever an reminiss the good old days when you could rape some one when you wer free hahhaaa loser hope alla is looking over you

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