Michigan: Muslims convicted of $29M Medicare fraud in Detroit

Two of the convicts are repeat offenders. via 3 convicted of $29M Medicare fraud in Detroit – Northern Michigan’s News Leader.

DETROIT (AP) – A federal jury in Detroit has convicted the operator of an adult day care center and two home health care company owners in a $29 million Medicare fraud conspiracy.

The U.S. Justice Department announced Wednesday that 51-year-old Felicar Williams, 54-year-old Abdul Malik Al-Jumail and 25-year-old Jamella Al-Jumail were found guilty late Tuesday of billing Medicare for health services that weren’t provided. The conviction comes after a 12-week trial.

Prosecutors say Abdul Malik Al-Jumail paid kickbacks to Williams for billing information about patients at Haven Adult Day Care Center. Al-Jumail used the information to fraudulently bill Medicare through multiple health care companies.

Investigators found Jamella Al-Jumail burned falsified patient records the day her father was arrested.

Sentencing hasn’t been scheduled.

Back story from the DOJ:

According to court documents, the scheme allegedly involved a total of more than $24.7 million in fraudulent claims submitted to Medicare for purported home health care and psychotherapy services that were medically unnecessary and/or never provided.

Court documents allege that the defendants are operators, employees and marketers associated with home health care and psychotherapy clinics operating in and around Detroit.  Defendants charged in court documents unsealed today include: Mohammed Sadiq, 65, Troy, Mich.; Jamella Al-Jumail, 23, of Brownstown, Mich.; Firas Alky, 40, of Shelby Township, Mich.; Clarence Cooper, 53, of Detroit; and Beverly Cooper, 58, of Detroit.

Four defendants charged in the superseding indictment were previously charged and arrested in May 2012 for their roles in the scheme.  Defendants previously charged include: Sachin Sharma, 36, of Shelby Township; Dana Sharma, 29, of Shelby Township; Abdul Malik Al-Jumail, aka Tony, 52, of Brownstown; Felicar Williams, 49, of Dearborn, Mich.

One thought on “Michigan: Muslims convicted of $29M Medicare fraud in Detroit

  1. For proof, watch ‘September Clues: Definitive Edition’ for free on YouTube. If you can handle the truth, that is. If not, continue being a patriotic pussy.

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