DC Islamic Caucus: Muslims ‘obligated’ by sharia to vote as a bloc

…for Dems. via Blazing Cat Fur. h/t Daniel Greenfield who opines, “A little taste of the Islamization of America.” Creep, creep.

The endorsements are flying ahead of next week’s D.C. general election, but only one group’s have come with a religious edict.

That would be the endorsements of the D.C. Muslim Caucus, a group that is backing the Democratic nominees in the races on the D.C. ballot, plus independent at-large council candidate Elissa Silverman and two candidates in nonpartisan State Board of Education races. It is also urging a vote against Initiative 71, which would legalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana.

What sets the Muslim Caucus apart isn’t the candidates it is backing but this sentence in the Monday news release announcing those endorsements: According to Islamic tenets, Muslims participating in democratic elections are obligated to vote as a bloc based upon a consensus of the Muslim community.”

In other words, vote for Muriel E. Bowser, Eleanor Holmes Norton, Phil Mendelson, et al., or you’re not a good Muslim.

Asked about that exhortation, Muslim Caucus spokesman Talib Karim offered two publications he said supported the view that followers of Islam should vote en bloc for favored candidates. One is a statement adopted by a council of Islamic legal scholars at a 2007 meeting of the Muslim World League in Mecca.

That statement said Muslims in non-Islamic countries can vote “if clear benefits are achieved by doing so, such as presenting the correct image of Islam to the people, defending Muslims’ interests, protecting their rights, putting them in positions of influence, and cooperating with friendly moderates in achieving justice.” Muslims, it continued, must vote “with the intention of achieving benefits for the Muslims, and protecting them from harm and injustice,”…

That sounds like it could have been written by ISIS. Or Hamas. Or CAIR. Or Mohammed.

Be sure that mosques are giving the same orders to Muslims, and busing voters to polling stations.

4 thoughts on “DC Islamic Caucus: Muslims ‘obligated’ by sharia to vote as a bloc

  1. they remind me of Star Trek’s Borg. the difference being that the Borg didn’t have a ‘god’ to make them think they will lose their souls if they don’t become sociopathic and zombie like.

  2. And NOW we see why Obama loves all things Muslim and Islam and can’t stop talking about how we all have to make the consideration of Islam part of our happy.

  3. When numbers permit, an islamic government will form. That will be the last election of an infidel. Give it 10 years. Count the mohammeds on welfare. multiply by 20. Simple math. Assuming the deficit does not destroy the country first.

  4. All I know is that fireign entities are directly affecting our elections here inthe US. For decades nations have influenced tgem but tge Muslims directly do so. May God perform a miracle and make it rain pork blood over Mecca and Medina.

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