Islamic Indoctrination Found in Tennessee Middle School

via Islamic Indoctrination in TN Schools – Victoria Jackson.

Monday night, Oct. 6, at the Point of Grace concert, I ran into a concerned mom who told me that she appreciated my work opposing Common Core and its anti-Christian, pro-Islamic propaganda. She told me that in Sumner County, TN, her son in 7th grade has been studying Islam since school started. That’s over a month of Islamic propaganda.

And…prayer, Bible reading, the word “Christmas”, and any mention of Jesus, (unless it’s a curse word) is not allowed.

The Liberals who shout ‘separation of church and state’ seem to ignore this dichotomy, this contradiction in their ideology; that they allow any belief system except Christianity to be promoted in the public square.

A proper education would include the study of all belief systems and what makes them different.

And, by the way, separation of church and state is nowhere in our founding documents. It was a phrase taken from a letter that Thomas Jefferson sent to the Danbury, Connecticut Baptists who were worried that this new government would limit their preaching of the gospel (John 3:16); Jefferson was assuring them that there was a separation of church and state and that the government would not interfere with the propagation of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Link here.

Below is what is currently being taught in 7th grade at Vance Middle School in Bristol, TN.

What are we going to do about this? Nothing?

Ask your children what they are being taught all day long when they are away from you.

When you connect the dots, you can see that Islam has infiltrated our FBI, CIA, White House, courts, universities, media, and even our children’s minds.

Read it all.

Feel free to politely and constructively share your thoughts with the principal, Dr. Amy Scott. Email link on her page or phone: 423-652-9449



2 thoughts on “Islamic Indoctrination Found in Tennessee Middle School

  1. that is the muslim brotherhood plan; infiltrate the children; brainwash them early like they do their own kids; this crap does not need to be in our schools; most of us never heard of islam until they murdered the 3000 plus in ny; now they have a foothold in all levels of govt; including the asshole president who supports islam and the majority of his staff is muslim.

  2. Lets simply add to the teachings at home. It can be discussed at school. Then we sort out who screams and deal with them directly through court.
    This is from Saudi Arabia: This woman has had her legs tied to a rope, attached to the rear hook of a car, and dragged behind her husbands car until she died as punishment for ‘disobedience’. There is no law in Islam that prohibits or punishes a man for committing acts of violence, rape or murder against his own property. The wife and children are property.

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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