Long Island Jewish Medical Center opens space…for Muslim rituals

(From left to right) Agnes Barden , Associate Executive Director , LIJ; Ehsanul Islam, Pharmacy Manager, LIJ; Chantal Weinhold , Regional Executive Director , NS-LIJ; Michael Goldberg , Deputy Executive Director , LIJ; George Teachey, Chaplain.

via Hospital opens space for Muslim rituals – The Island Now: Great Neck. h/t TROP

The Long Island Jewish Medical Center in New Hyde Parked marked the opening of its Wudu Room, a private space designed for those who practice Islam, on Wednesday.

“This will allow Muslim visitors and patients to prepare for prayer through purification of the face, hands and feet,” according to a news release.

Wudu is an Islamic tradition where one washes their arms, and then their face followed by their legs before reading of the Quran. Each are washed three times as a means of spiritual cleansing.

The idea for a Wudu Room came to the hospital’s attention when a staff member mentioned the idea, a spokesperson said, stating that the need for a room of prayer for those who practice Islam was critical in the hospital’s mission to accommodate all visitors.

One Muslim asks for an Islamic foot bath and place to clean his nostrils and the Jews jump. Dhimmis. Presumably there is a mini-mosque in the hospital too.

Anyone for some more irony? The refugee resettlement program manager at Catholic Charities of Dallas is…Mohammed Farah.

6 thoughts on “Long Island Jewish Medical Center opens space…for Muslim rituals

  1. more bull shit on appeasing the muzzies; when will the craziness stop;
    a mosque will NEVER open their doors to non-muslims so why are we still kissing their asses??????

  2. What provisions do they offer for their Jewish people? For example, is there a Sukka for the Sukkot holiday?
    A public institution cannot fulfill the religious rituals of all religions. That is the purpose of a non-sectarian chapel.

  3. Americans, Christians and Jews appear to have become masochists dealing with and bending over backwards for muslins. Tell me one positive thing they are providing our societies? Their first religious goal is to kill all infidels and take over the world. The moderate Muslim wants the radical Muslim to get rid of us. .just interpret their silence!

  4. God how craven and sickening is this?!? JEWSISH HOSPITAL MAKING MUSLIM SPACE FOR THEM TO WASH UP BEFORE PRAYERS?! Guys they’re trying to KILL YOU!! Why are you pandering to them??? Why why why?! No one expects you to.. To do it of your own free will makes you traitors to you own people and to America! God I’m just so disgusted by this left wing elitest action, yeah they’re all smiling now but when they’re being bent over to be beheaded for being Jews … Well they appeased these savages and brought it on themselves!!!’ We should be actively shunning these people making it hard for them so maybe they will start longing for home… Not pander to them In a world class hospital! Shame shame shame!

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