Video: Islamic State terrorists give Obama three days to save Brit-born U.S. citizen


Complete transcript below video.

No Aggression except on the oppressors”

And prayers and peace to the prophet, who was sent with sword to spread mercy to all, and his family and companions and who walked his path till the Day of Judgment.

The crimes committed by the U.S. in the Islamic world in decades starting with its crimes in Palestine thought the unlimited support to the Zionist occupiers, and its military support for the brutal attacks on the Muslim people in Gaza, through its crimes and massacres in Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq.

And what US is doing today, led by the criminal Obama, through a crusade against Muslims which mainly depend on the airstrikes both in Iraq & the Levant or in Yemen, Somalia, Sinai and Waziristan, and his recent follies by repeating the US forces military operations, raids and landings among them the latest unsuccessful operation in Hadramout, in which a constellation of Mujahideen martyred (as we consider them) and as the U.S. continue bombing the Mujahideen through drones in addition to Obama’s intransigence in responding to demands by Mojahdeen at Qadet Al-Jihad.

Based on the above, we give the US government three days from the date of publication of this statement for the implementation of our demands, which are known to them very well. Otherwise, the American detainee will meet his inevitable fate, and we warn Obama and the US government against proceeding with any other follies.
“Allah will surely support those who support Him. Indeed, Allah is Powerful and Exalted in Might.”

Al-Qaeda Jihad in the Arabian Peninsula

My name is Luke Somers. I’m 33 years old. I was born in England, but I carry American citizenship and have lived in America for most of my life.

It’s now been well over a year since I’ve been kidnapped in Sana’a.

Basically, I’m looking for any help that can get me out of this situation. I’m certain that my life is in danger. So as I sit here now, I ask if anything can be done, please let it be done.

Thank you very much

Good luck Luke. Obama is too busy fanning the flames of racial divide and civil war in America and defending the Muslim Brotherhood. You are second fiddle, if not much lower.

There’s nothing graphic in the video but if it disappears try here or here.

3 thoughts on “Video: Islamic State terrorists give Obama three days to save Brit-born U.S. citizen

  1. If you have intelligence and common sense, you stay away from Syria, Yemen and other places where Allah’s writ runs and blood flows. Those Islamophiles who go over there to “help” deserve what they get.

    Paying ransom is the worst thing we can do: it encourages Muslims to take more hostages. Nuke them and be done with it.

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