Minnesota: Somali Muslim daycare owners defrauded govt in $4M scam; Medicaid fraud too

With the help of some infidels. via Charges against daycare owners follows Fox 9 investigation – KMSP-TV. h/t RRW

The Ramsey County Attorney’s Office says day care owners defrauded the government out of $4 million dollars and have charged 4 people with a combined 96 felonies.

The announcement comes nearly two years after the Fox 9 Investigators first reported details about the DEQO Family Centers, located in Minneapolis, St. Paul and Apple Valley. The stories detailed how the centers employed some mothers of its daycare children who qualified for state funded child care. The program helps low-income parents pay their child care costs who are working.

DEQO owners would bill the county for child care while the mothers were supposed to be working. But Fox 9 sources, who were employees for the business back in February 2013, said the jobs were not legitimate. “Sometimes they would come in, sign in their children, sign themselves in and go grocery shopping,” one of the sources said.

Ramsey County investigators say the time sheets submitted to the county by the “working” mothers had inflated hours on them, allowing the owners to bill the government for maximum child care time.

One of the people charged in the case is Yasmin Abdulle Ali (33) an owner of DEQO. She gave a tour of one of her centers to a Fox 9 Investigative producer saying that many of her customers are on assistance.

Yasmin Abdulle Ali (33) charged with 52 felony counts. Will she be deported? Don’t hold your breath!

Yasmin Abdulle Ali (33) charged with 52 felony counts. RRW asks: Will she be deported? Don’t hold your breath!

Ali’s husband, Ahmed Aden Mohamed (46) is also charged, along with Joshua John Miller (31). According to the complaint, they are also listed as owners the DEQO Family Centers.

Ramsey County Attorney, John Choi said there are many well-deserving families who are waiting in line for child-care assistance. “These criminal acts hurt our entire community, those who are in need of assistance and those who pay for it, our taxpayers,” commented Choi.

Accused of concealing proceeds and tax-related charges

The husband and wife team are also charged with concealing much of their illegal profits by paying grossly inflated prices for child care center meals bought from a business owned by family members, by making payments to other family members who did not perform legitimate business services and by deducting non-business expenses through their individual tax returns.

Allegedly defrauded Medicaid

The prosecutor also alleges the defendants collected $500,000 from Medicaid through another business, a home health care company named All Nations Home Health Care. Ramsey County investigators found they would submit false claims, using the name of a licensed personal care assistant who did not provide the services.

Jordan Christopher Smith, who worked with the group, is also charged.

Specific charges for defendants

Yasmin Ali

(52 total counts)

-1 count of Racketeering

-20 counts of Theft by Swindle

-17 counts of Concealing Criminal Proceeds

-3 counts of Identity Theft

-4 counts of Filing a False Tax Return (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012)

-4 counts of Failure to Pay Income Taxes (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012)

-3 counts of Filing a False Amended Tax Return (2010, 2011, 2012)

Ahmed Mohamed

(20 total counts)

-1 count of Racketeering

-8 counts of Theft by Swindle

-2 counts of Concealing Criminal Proceeds

-3 counts of Filing a False Tax Return (2010, 2011, 2012)

-3 counts of Failure to Pay Income Taxes (2010, 2011, 2012)

-3 counts of Filing a False Amended Tax Return (2010, 2011, 2012)


8 Responses

  1. It is a big mistake of us,cristians,jews or not believes,the muslims think
    that they are in their country,and in occident become to live as a crooks,unfortunally there are not enougt prisons for them,something
    we must to do,it is a pandemia.

  2. We need to not only prosecute them but revoke their citizenship and deport them to the country of origin. They have waived their claim to US citizenship!

  3. As a recipient of services from Minnesota for my adult handicapped child, I have something to say. I attended meetings for my son’s care and I overheard more than once discussions among groups of recipients about how to maximize their benefits, not from need but from greed. I participated in a client needs driven ‘checkbook’ program for a couple years. Each year I returned money to the county. I have this philosophy the government’s job for me is help keep my family together. That amount may vary with the years.
    This is cold blooded jihad against polytheists as we Christians are labeled (believe in the Holy Trinity). An important point brought out in this and many articles is the use of extended family members, members of the same tribe.
    This is another to look at the ‘homegrown terrorist’. We’re literally paying these folk to raise children who will grow up focused on destroying this very same society which did more than enough for them.

  4. all muslims are thieves stealing from non muslims is praised by allah and killing a cristian and washing your hands with there blood is the the ultimate to allah

  5. My son is a DISABLED American citizen. He is on a WAITING list for services in Minnesota, but if he was a Muslim immigrant or refugee he would go to the head of the line.

  6. Oh how surprising ! ! ! And we here in Australia thought we were the DUMB ONES ! it seems that certain industrious Moslems have been working overtime all around the globe. Australia has also suffered losses in excess of ONE BILLION dollars through these dirt bags. Here’s the punch line…. they buy luxury houses and cars for cash, live in Welfare housing and send most of the illegally gained money overseas to support terrorist organisations….. hmmm why are governments all over the world this STUPID ? or do they know and turn a blind eye to get their back pockets filled ? impeach, royal commissions and the like are needed TODAY. see our site that outlines their scams in Australia http://www.childcarebusters.com vote for us on our petition link if you are sick and tired of this bullshit

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