Why We Fight Islam

…and what we can do, via 10News.dk.

Why We Fight Islam
By: Nicolai Sennels

I was recently asked: Why fight Islam? The short answer is because Islam fights us and since it knows no borders and it knows no mercy, it will keep fighting us until we are defeated or we – hopefully – stop them forever.

The goal in Islam is world domination and a central part of every Muslim’s religious practise is to spread his faith with all possible means until it covers the Earth completely. Ever since the 6th century when Islam’s founder and self-proclaimed prophet, Mohammed (who maybe never existed), set out to conquer neighbouring towns, killing, maiming, raping and enslaving scores, Islam has spread its suppressing and destructive doctrine as far as it could. Christian, Jewish, Hindu and Buddhist countries and cultures have been crushed by relentless waves of jihadis (Arabic: mujahideens), leaving up to 270 million non-Muslims dead, mostly killed in exceedingly barbaric ways. The recent Islamic takeover of areas in Africa, the Middle East and Western cities that until recently were not under Sharia, is not a new phenomena. It is just another phase of a 1,400 year old war against non-Muslims, with the aim of consolidating Muslim power over non-Muslims, and Islamic rule over democracy and human rights. With millions of Muslims fleeing to the West from their self-created atrocities, Islam is about to spread to countries that has been almost Muslim-free. Citizens of Eastern Europe and Baltic States who think that West Europe can handle the problem without their help are naive and lack solidarity: it is time for the democratic world to stand together. Since the nature of Islam is to eventually spread everywhere, nobody is safe anyway.

What do they want?
The final goal of Islam is a worldwide Caliphate ruled by Sharia. The world that Islam’s followers dream of is a planet ordered after the wishes of Allah and his prophet. In such a world there is no Free Speech since the slightest criticism of the system is to be punished by death. There is not even Freedom of Thought, since everybody has to believe in Allah and Mohammed as his prophet, pray five times a day, eat halal, and kill family members and others flinching from the Islamic rules. According to Sharia, women are effectively the property of their male family members and men are allowed to have four wives and beat them all. Jews and Christians will be spared death if they pay a protection tax, jizya, and accept the status as dhimmis, second class citizens whom Muslims are allowed to abuse and rape on a whim. People not believing in the Old Testament – Hindus, Buddhists, atheists and others – will have the choice between being killed or converting to Islam (which constitutes psychological rape and forces one to live a strict Muslim life, including killing other non-Muslims).

A society where science and research must be aligned with the world view of a crazed pedophile living in the 6th century (Mohammed married and started fondeling Aisha when she was six and had intercourse with her when she was nine) will of course not be able to establish a functioning stable economy, political system or the comforts of modern medicine, technology and infrastructure.

When it comes to human freedom and rights, the Soviet Union was a utopia compared to any Islamic caliphate, which can best be compared to the joy- and loveless, totalitarian worlds of anger depicted by J.R.R. Tolkien in The Lord of The Rings and in George Lucas’ Star Wars. Should our civilization collapse under Islamic aggression – aided by our own political correctness, cowardice, laziness  – the only known place with intelligent life in this universe will be a dark and destroyed planet drifting through space, populated by billions of mostly inbred humans living in total misery, enslaved by the freedom-hating, death-loving, brutal, mind-numbing Sharia. What tragedy could be worse than that?

Can it happen to us?
Well, the millions of non-Muslims who used to live where Islam now rules probably asked themselves that same question… And yes, it will also happen to us, if we do not stop Islam. Western intelligence services increasingly warn that thousands of Muslims outside and inside our own countries are preparing themselves to fulfill their religious duty.

Meanwhile we settle with hoping that Muslims will be as pacified by our nursing welfare states and reassuring media as we have become ourselves.

Islam knows no borders and no mercy, and if our generation does not stop them, the next generation will not even have a chance to make the attempt. Our grandfathers defeated Nazism, our parents’ generation overcame Communism. The great challenge of our time is Islam – an enemy of freedom more present, fanatic and vast in numbers than any totalitarian system before it. This enemy is different than anything we have encountered before: You can not intimidate an enemy who loves death more than life.

Our police is already unable to uphold the law in many of the Muslim ghettos mushrooming everywhere, even in smaller towns. Ever more regular outbreaks of what can best be described as minor incidents of civil war give us a taste of what is waiting for us later this decade (according to Al Qaeda’s prophetic plan made in the 1990s, this will happen in 2016 – Arab governments should be toppled from around 2010 and an Islamic state was planned to be established from 2013…).

Muslim dominated areas are increasing in numbers and boldness – encouraged by the lack of consequence from Western authorities – and it is only a matter of time before they evolve into permanently warring Muslim enclaves fighting for unconstitutional, religious rights. Through our self-inflicted invasion we are creating our own Gaza Strips, which are already spawning an unending stream of attacks against non-Muslims and the surrounding non-Islamic society. Muslim immigration is crushing our economy, undermining our hard-won safety, attacking free speech and increasingly changing physical areas of our cities into unrecognizable, dangerous no-go sharia-zones.

Muslims believing in jihad are neither extremists, nor a minority. Muslims believing in the obligation to wage jihad to fulfill their religious duty are following mainstream fundamentals of Islam as it is clearly written unambiguously and repeatedly in the Quran and Mohammed’s equally holy life story, the Hadiths. 75 percent of the roughly 56 million Muslims living in Europe believe that the Quran must be taken literally and 65 percent think that the Sharia is more important than democratic laws. 80 percent of young Turks in Holland believe that Jihad against non-Muslims is fine. 27 percent of all French youth and 14 percent of all British youths – presumably including the vast majority of young Muslims in these countries – support the Islamic State. What do these numbers mean? They mean that the countless Muslim ghettos eating up Western towns and cities are populated with hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions, of people supporting the jihadi doctrine. What will happen when they feel strong enough to destroy and overtake our societies? Will they remain passive and peaceful, or will they seize the chance? Many, surely, will do the latter.

Instead of being thankful for the safety and welfare provided by hard working Western tax payers, Muslims in Europe have raised an army of jihadis supporting Islam’s genocidal agenda.

What can we do?
Or rather: What must we do, in order to prevail for the sake of humanity and future generations?

Through democratic means, we must mobilize the immense power and organisational talent that lies behind the creation of the most free, rich, and technologically advanced societies in world history and direct it towards our own survival. If we manage to awaken this sleeping giant before our countries are destroyed by barbarians – just like all other high cultures before ours – we will be able to defeat the hordes of inbred fanatics without panic or hate. During this crucial historical period we must not lose our human face and destroy the very values we are trying to protect. We must stay honest, outspoken and engage with realistic means and force, while staying focused on long term win-win solutions. By approaching the problem without fear, but only with mental surplus and a broad overview, we can succeed while creating only a minimum amount of unavoidable harm. Reacting with totalitarian measures such as banning Free Speech to protect “social cohesion” or succumbing to immature emotions for revenge alone will not benefit our cause.

Peaceful societies with social values and a high degree of morality have been exploited to a devastating degree – economically, culturally and demographically – by myriads of Muslim immigrants and refugees.

Modern welfare and decades of peace have put our survival instinct into hibernation. This makes it difficult for us to understand that we will not overcome this historical challenge without the use of real force. A gentle approach that might be affordable under healthy demographic conditions is suicidal when confronted with a weapon of mass-destruction like Islam. We have come to this point because for too long, we have taken freedom for granted.

Muslims will experience our outspoken honesty and rational self-defensive measures as an attack against their religious rights and as a call for God-given obligation to defend their religion with all possible means. When Muslims decide that their religion is under attack, all sorts of violent Quranic paragraphs are activated. Securing ourselves and our descendants from this cancer already gnawing at every vital part of our societies requires immensely persistent political and public determination. Fighting back will provoke our self-proclamed enemy and strengthen their world famous, childish, anger and victim mentality. But there is no reason to shy away from confrontation, as there is no way around a real clash anyway – and the sooner it comes, the fewer in numbers and less organised they will be. Risking a few Facebook friends or a promotion at work by joining a demonstration or even speaking out publicly is a small price compared to how grave the danger is and what will be lost forever if we remain passive in these crucial years.

The danger of Islam is very real, it will not go away by itself. Just look at history.

It is our duty to fulfill the responsibility that our forefathers courageously fulfilled, often with great costs: to protect and pass on our hard won values and freedom to future generations, allowing them to pursuit happiness and a chance to develop and live their fullest human potential.

Standing up against Islam’s soldiers and against political correctness activates and increases the most noble human qualities: honesty, bravery, gut feeling, cooperation, hard work, intelligence, and compassion. It is no surprise that one meets the best people in the counter-Islam movement.

It is clear that we can not trust our media and present politicians to give the facts about Islam and the consequences of Muslim mass-immigration. So it is up to us – the People – to speak the obvious truths, tell our stories, spread important news, facts and statistics and inspire our co-voters to elect responsible leaders. Using Facebook, Twitter and other modern means of mass-communication in good style (a handful of Islam-related posts per week is enough) is easy and a must-do. The same goes for sending articles and complaints to journalists and politicians. Writing letters to the newspapers sharpens the mind and arguments of ourselves and others, and even if the letters are not printed, they make the editors aware of what their readers find interesting – and what their newspapers therefore have to report in order to sell. We should protest loudly and publicly if our children’s schools lie to our offspring about Islam or consciously start serving halal. That same reaction should happen if our local planning committee considers allowing mosques or “Islamic cultural centers” – which effectively function as propaganda hubs for the Quran’s genocidal message that control and radicalize local Muslims. Encouraging and supporting political parties, organisations and individuals standing up for Free Speech, democracy and human rights by taking the risks included in openly opposing Islam, Muslim immigration and political correctness is natural. If you would like to further develop your protective abilities, get strong, learn martial arts, and consider joining the National Guard. If you are involved in political activities, keep bureaucracy to a minimum, become real friends and do not compete with your fellow counter-jihad colleagues. We should be glad that people work differently: the problem is many sided and the world needs many different voices in order to understand and realize what must be done.

Read it all.

12 thoughts on “Why We Fight Islam

  1. You can criticize & fight muslims all you want but dont bother fighting islam..its the truth…& the truth will prevail all the time you creeping blog sucker

    • What a beautifull response from an Islam religion fanatic speaking up for a religion Obama called having tolerance. So, “creeping blog sucker” is a person not seeing it your way? Brilliant

    • Oh dear, one of the world’s lowest sub-human scum-suckers speaks!

      muslims wouldn’t know the truth if it bit them on the ankle! Yes we think the truth will prevail, when the leftist gang finally wakes up to the fact that muslims are the scum of the earth, and not their friends.

    • In a way, islam is the truth. They do not lie when they say they will kill you if you disagree with you. Its the truth when they say every place a moslemite places their foot becomes part of the umma. They are as honest as they can be when they proclaim they must kill all Jews and destroy Israel. Because these folks are not lying we have to take them seriously. Spend some time talking with vets who have spent time in the islamic sandbox. They’ll tell it like it is. Better yet offer to buy them a beer.

  2. @ Creeping.

    Thank you for this post! May it bring the light of Truth to those who sincerely seek it!

    Oh wow! You can lead a horse to water ….

    Amazing, isn’t it, that muzzlums can have the truth laid out for them on a silver platter, but their only response is to damn the messenger! It must be so miserable living life, knowing that your own family members and “friends” will DECAPITATE YOU if you dare to speak the REAL TRUTH about your self-proclaimed FALSE “prophet”! Hey, ‘A.d.’, ISLAM IS A LIE AND YOU ARE DECEIVED, BIG TIME!!

    The Apostle Paul prayed that a disobedient follower in his congregation would experience the judgment of Satan to woo him back to the fold. In that case, the man repented. In this case, I won’t hold my breath!

    I truly pity the muzzies – about the same way I feel pity for AX MURDERERS – hell just simply isn’t hot enough for them!

  3. “The only peace and tolerance Islam delivered is to the dead!”
    “Islam the Ideological cult of Enslavement and Death!”
    “Islam in Arabic, the word “Islam” means submission or surrender.”
    “Submission and/or surrender to those who enforce death over life!”

    Let the Islamic hoards Martyr themselves, no big loss, the overwhelming vast majority of civilized peoples would not throw their lives away for a paradise to which was dreamed up by a syphilitic barbaric warlord pedophile!

    The unadulterated truth, hence wisdom of Islam in its true sphere of totalitarianism is overt enslavement and destruction of culture(s) as we have come to know them. If anyone challenges what these totalitarians are commercializing as incompatible with any other culture(s), the Islamist get rather inconvenienced beyond any form of existence within the normality of other societies. As for the questioners, they are mocked, marginalized, nullified, assailed, assaulted, and quickly vilified.

  4. The conflict is existential; there is no peace without victory and no victory without extinction. Like vampirism, Islam turns victims into parasites who victimize others. Vampirism ends when the last vampire is staked and chained in his coffin.

    Unfortunately, Islam, unlike vampirism, is real. There is no possibility of coexisting with, containing, respecting or tolerating a self-perpetuating system of predation upon the human race.

    Muslims, motivated by the threat of eternal damnation if they hold back and promise of eternity in a carnal house if they wage war will never cease from attacking. They will always regroup, rearm and renew their attacks.

    Lovers of life, liberty & prosperity must rise up collectively and contumaciously demant the expulsion & exclusion of Muslims and closure of Islamic institutions.

    Since our governments lack the political will and resolve to exterminate Islam physically, we must demand that they begin to fight back on the ideological plane. The Ummah must be exposed to dramatized documentaries exhibiting the awful truth about Allah and his messenger. Several screen plays based on Ishaq’s Sira sit on the shelf. See to it that at least one is produced and distributed, translated into Arabic, Persian & Urdu and distributed globally.

  5. I’ve read and continue to read koran and associated writings. I return to the same conclusions I arrived at years ago. Moslemism is an imperialist ideology with some confused religious principles as covering; like covering a shit cake with vomit.

    • @David Rasch. The only “religious principles” which appear in the vile koranic writings are the convoluted plagiarized Biblical accounts which mohamed stole and then to which he committed literary homicide! Imagine this–in mohamed’s lame-brained account of Miriam, the sister of Moses (in the Old Testament), this same Miriam is also Mary, the mother of Jesus (in the New Testament)! Yes, according to mohamed, they are both one and the same person! Here’s another one that I beg for any “scholarly” muzzlum type to please explain for me…. It is well known that islam (purposely lower-case) teaches the indisputable oneness of allah! Meaning that he (allah) can have no equals and certainly no other identities (such as the Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit). Ok, that said, beginning in verse (sura) 2.23, mohamed starts referring to allah in the PLURAL FORM! Yes, absolutely, he quotes the ALLEGED words of allah, “WE have sent down upon OUR servant [mohammed]…. Verse 2.34, “WE said to the angels….” Verse 2.35, “And WE said, ‘O Adam….” Then in verse 2.163, it says, “Your allah is ONE, none to be worshipped but he….” In verse 43.84, it says, “allah is the only deity in heaven and earth….” This is absolutely how totally confused mohamed was! He couldn’t make up his mind if his allah-god was akin to the Father God of Judaism or the Father and the Christ of Christianity! One thing is for certain–that mohamed did not know either the God of the Bible, nor any other god, by the name of allah! One thing else is for certain–that mohamed now dwells in the everlasting fires of hell, of which he so adamantly threatened and warned all of his enemies, namely Jews and Christians! Yes, I couldn’t agree more–reading the koran is like covering a shttt cake with vomit icing!!!! Excellent analogy!!!!! P.S. Oh, and lest we forget, mohamed allegedly recorded all the words of allah verbatim, which means that apparently allah “himself” couldn’t make up his mind as to whether he was a singular OR PLURAL god! Yeah, there ya go…..

      • Mohammed had verbal diarrhea. He said it, someone REMEMBERED it and, lo and behold, someone else wrote it down, which, after being sifted again, was codified to suit moslemite current world vision. A world vision which is founded on what moslems BELIEVE happened regardless of objective factual proof. How else could these people carry on being the ‘best of people’ when they sustain themselves without plundering others.

        • @D.R. Hahahaha! I’ve gotta say it–it’s great having a good laugh at the expense of these 7th century inbreed imbeciles! Hahahaha!!! The only trouble is, it’s a humongous tragedy that it’s not all JUST A BIG JOKE!!!

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