Muslim Pelosi staffer, Salon writter on French jihad: ‘muslim terrorists get the job done’

via DNC Touted Muslim “Youth Activist” Gloats Over Deadly Paris Terror Attack… | Weasel Zippers.

Via Frontpage Mag:

Zaid Jilani has many credentials as an activist of the left. He was a blogger at the Center for American Progress’ Think Progress site, the unofficially official spin project for Obama Inc, until he was fired for excessive anti-semitism, even by the standards of a site run by a man who had helped fundraise for Hamas before going to work for Nancy Pelosi.

Jilani went on to blog for the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, also known as Bold Progressives, which is behind the Draft Elizabeth Warren campaign. He currently writes for Salon., the site of the Democratic Party, had also featured him as their youth activist.

9 thoughts on “Muslim Pelosi staffer, Salon writter on French jihad: ‘muslim terrorists get the job done’


  2. Would the Congress or the Senate have in their employment a known Communist, NAZI, or a member of any known religious, racial, or ethnic Hate group?

    How can one justify an employee who sides and promotes the murder of unarmed non-violent members of any newspaper, magazine, or of any other social, ethnic, racial group or religious institution?

    He should be fired and fined for his anti-American views and hatred.

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