Ohio: Muslim shot & killed at airport after attacking cops with knife (updated)

Lost in the war Muslims are waging in France, were acts of jihad being waged right here in America. Last week, via Man armed with knives killed by police at Ohio airport: cops – NY Daily News.

A 41-year-old Ohio man armed with several knives tried to buy a plane ticket with a fake ID before being gunned down by police after lunging at an officer with a blade outside the Columbus airport, police said.

Hashim Hanif Ibn Abdul-Rasheed had parked illegally outside the ticketing terminal and was acting bizarrely as he tried to buy a ticket to an undisclosed location Wednesday afternoon. He showed off a woman’s ID to try and make the buy at one point before he was rebuffed, cops said.

Airport police called a tow truck to remove the illegally parked vehicle from the departures lane just before 1 p.m. Wednesday when Abdul-Rasheed returned.

“The man initially spoke with the officer then suddenly produced a knife and lunged at the officer, attempting to stab him,” the Port Columbus International Airport said in a statement. “The officer fired at the suspect, who momentarily dropped to the ground and then got back up and continued advancing towards the officer. A backup officer responded at which point the suspect quickly moved towards him with the knife forcing the officer to retreat backwards towards the terminal entrance where a third officer was positioned. The third officer shot multiple times, striking the suspect, ending the attack.”

When cops searched Abdul-Rasheed’s body, they discovered “additional knives.” Police called in a bomb squad to investigate the car and a search turned up “suspicious items,” officials said.

The entire incident was captured on surveillance video, police said. The shooting remains under investigation.

The disturbance caused some delays of just over an hour and an area of the ticketing lobby was closed off as the car was searched for explosives.

Police haven’t described the man’s motive.

“At this point this is just a violent encounter between an armed man and the officers here,” Columbus Police Sgt. Rich Weiner told reporters.

Update: Man shot dead by airport police in Ohio had knives taped to his legs and may have been plotting to hijack a plane

Hashim Hanif Ibn Abdul-Rasheed had two ‘lock-blade style’ knives beneath his trousers and tried to buy an airline ticket using a woman’s ID, according to the counterterrorism unit in Columbus, Ohio. 

Further investigation found he had more knives, a gas mask, other masks, computers, cameras and cellphones in his illegally parked SUV, the statement said.

The statement was filed this week as investigators got a search warrant to review data on a cellphone linked to the case.

Police said airport officers confronted Abdul-Rasheed after he returned to the vehicle outside Port Columbus International Airport on January 7.

They repeatedly fired at him after he moved toward one officer with a knife.

The local police union leader said a bomb squad also found containers of frozen urine in the vehicle, an unexplained twist not mentioned in the detective’s court filing.

2 thoughts on “Ohio: Muslim shot & killed at airport after attacking cops with knife (updated)

  1. The only thing I can say about this is “Good” Finally one of these knife-toting maniacs was put down like the rabid dog he is before he could hurt or kill someone. Who knows what he had in mind to do if he was somehow able to board a plane.

    But someone is going to say this man was mentally ill or something to make him out to be the victim.

    A shame he could not have been taken alive to see if he had any information about anything. As I think of this, I wonder if he may have been a diversion for someone else?

    People say we are Islamaphobic when we look at Muslims with suspicion. Call me what you want. I pride myself on trying my best to have situational awareness when I am out and about. I make sure I am not day dreaming or lost in thought. We might as well face it. We have idiots running around wishing to do us harm just for being American and no other reason. If I see some people running around with knives, screaming “Allah Akbar”, I am going to grab the nearest object to lay across someone’s face and scream “American Made”.

  2. In Islamic dualism, is see two sorts of Muslims: a Meccan Muslim, who at least thinks of Jesus as a prophet, then a Median Muslim who demotes Jesus to nothing and is invaded by demons. Insane or possessed by a demon is a lot of the same.

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