Britain: Muslim child sex grooming up by 32%, happening ‘in every town’, police inundated

Immigration and diversity alert. via Daily Mail Online. h/t Muslim Statistics

  • 495 sexual grooming offences recorded by police in the year to June
  • Figure has risen by a third since on 376 offences uncovered in 2013
  • Lynne Featherstone warns abuse is not confined to any one area
  • Home Office minister says exploitation can ‘take on many different forms’
  • Council leaders hold summit on how to protect children from sex gangs
  • Child abuse inquiry members to give evidence to home affairs committee

The number of child sex grooming cases uncovered by police has soared by a third in just a year, ministers have admitted amid warnings abuse is happening in every town in the country.

The Home Office has revealed that 495 sexual grooming offences were recorded by police in the year to June, up 32 per cent on the same time in 2013.

It comes as council leaders hold a summit today on how to protect youngsters from being exploited by gangs of sex offenders.

Police say they have been inundated with reports of child sexual exploitation, including historic cases and allegations of grooming and trafficking across the country.

It follows high profile historical cases involving celebrities such as Jimmy Savile and revelations about sex gangs in Rotherham and Rochdale.

Fleur Strong, director of Parents Against Child Sexual Exploitation (Pace), told MailOnline last month that this type of abuse is ‘in every town’ and warned that people retreated to a ‘comfort zone’ of thinking grooming and abuse only happen ‘elsewhere’.

Challenged about the remarks, Home Office minister Lynne Featherstone insisted the risk of child abuse and grooming was not limited to certain areas.

‘We know that child sexual abuse and exploitation are not confined to any particular areas of the country,’ she said in response to a parliamentary question. ‘It can take on many different forms.’

But overwhelmingly they take the form of gangs like this (map here):


8 thoughts on “Britain: Muslim child sex grooming up by 32%, happening ‘in every town’, police inundated

    • That’s true, one comes to feel like that at certain points – “I want a victory here!! We are also taking them down!!”
      But compared to the shits constant advance and takeover in our countries.. Tsieh! It’s sickening! They keep gaining!!

      • And they will keep gaining as long as no one makes a stand–a SERIOUS stand, such as the Aussies did at Cronulla. That remains as the only time anyone, anywhere, has fought back; hardly surprising the mudslimes are on a roll, everyone just gives in and aids them, the worst being our politicians and police.

  1. rape is an horrific crime and should be punished to the fullest extent no matter who does it. of course, cretins of any kind will take advantage of spreading violence and making money; no matter where they live; but islam would be the WORST of these perpetrators.

  2. The inconvenient truth that no multicultural loving UK politician or bleeding heart cares about or wants to comment on.
    The shame of the muti-faith pushers that refuse to acknowledge that only one faith was involved.
    The hypocrisy and cowardliness of the UK government who are too scared to act.

  3. All this from a “Cult” that believes that a thug who married a 6yr old is god-like. Sickness that is spreading worldwide. Wait until this happens to your family, maybe then you will understand Islam is a threat to all. Protect yourself and your family. After all, your politicians have security so what do they care about you except your vote to further enrich themselves.

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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