Massachusetts: School Retaliates Against Student For Parent’s Opposition to Pro-Islam, Anti-Israel Propaganda

A followup on this 2013 post, School texts teach Muslim propaganda incl Neil Armstrong converted to Islam. h/t Ethan Jacobi


A state education department found that a school district and School Committee Chair retaliated against a student because of her parent’s complaint about inaccurate and biased materials.
The decision by the Massachusetts agency found that the Newton Public Schools (NPS)  and School Committee Chair Matthew Hills sent confidential information about the student and her family to local media, which published it. The media entities – a newspaper and a blog – also published false claims that the parent was associated with anti-Muslim groups.
The student’s family said that both the newspaper and blog knew that the family had previously been stalked and that publishing the false allegations put them in danger. They also stated they suffered emotional distress and other harm due to the district’s actions.
Parents and education groups have accused the school of distributing inaccurate and anti-Israel material, resulting in the removal of several widely used resources. One resource, the Arab World Studies Notebook, has been been subject to intense criticism by education groups and removed from other school districts. The district also removed a website and whited out a textbook’s claim that the Catholic church was “reconsidering polygamy as a Christian option”.
Parents’ complaint are supported by organizations including the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA), Scholars for Peace in the Middle East, StandWithUs, and Zionist Organization of America.
Last September, the education research organization Verity Educate issued a report on materials used in NPS history classes. The report found numerous inaccurate and deceptive material, including altered primary source documents. It also found substantial anti-Israel bias, including material described as ‘neutral’ which had been prepared by anti-Israel activists.
The district denies that any bias or inaccuracies exist. Officials also told parents that they would ‘never’ read the report issued by Verity Educate or any other organization and that parents upset about deceptive or racist class material “should find another school for their children”.
“The retaliation by school officials against a child because of a parent’s legitimate complaints about biased and deceptive class materials is outrageous”, said Evan Jacobi, president of the group Parents for Excellence in Newton Schools (PENS). “Their goal is to further intimidate  parents who object to their children being told that biased and grossly inaccurate material is true.”
Hills was also found to have violated state Open Meeting law several times in 2014 in an attempt to cover up a plagarized speech given by Newton Superintendent David Fleishman, and advised Fleishman and others to violate state and federal law by withholding documents from responses to public records requests. No sanctions have been imposed on Hills for these violations.
Contact PENS President Evan Jacobi at for more information.

There’s a website for parents in the district too, click here.

Please share this on Twitter and Facebook using the links below. The school is not feeling any pressure and we’re told school administrators are not planning to change a thing.

Update: June 2016

Founder of ‘Mayors Against Antisemitism’ fails to support Family Victimized by Antisemitic Retaliation

The parent of a student subject to illegal, antisemitic retaliation by the Newton (MA) Public Schools (“NPS”) is speaking out about the rejection of her pleas to city officials and Jewish agencies to take action to keep her family safe.

According to state officials, the NPS and School Committee Chair Matthew Hills illegally retaliated against the student giving by a confidential letter from her student record to a newspaper and blog, which published confidential information from the letter as well as false and defamatory claims against the child’s parent.

The student’s family had been threatened by an anti-Israel activist and told by police not to allow their personal information to be published. The publication of their child’s name and address directly countered police advice and placed their children at risk.

Both the Tab and village14 refused to remove the confidential information even after the ruling that it was illegally obtained. Newton officials refused to help, even though the city was responsible for illegally transmitting the confidential letter for publication.

Read it all or for more information, contact Evan Jacobi at

30 thoughts on “Massachusetts: School Retaliates Against Student For Parent’s Opposition to Pro-Islam, Anti-Israel Propaganda

  1. does anyone verify what is said in these books which are all lies; muzzies are trying to obliterate the real American history with their bullshit; islam HAS CONTRIBUTED NOTHING TO SOCIETY (and trying to be made to look good on the backs of others) other than hate. wake up folks. . . . .

  2. That is truly laughable and insane. Do the US educators behind this really think they are going to just “get away” with this and there will be no repercussions professionally? Have they lost their tiny little minds?

    • CNN, like alot of the media outlets, will not cover anything that does not fit the narrative put out there. That all Muslims want is peaceful co-existance and tolerance. The problem is the only tolerance being exercised is everyone is supposed to tolerate Muslims bouncing their heads off their prayer rugs in the middle of the street (I refer to New York) disrupting people’s lives and commerce during the day. Supposed to set up special areas for them to wash their feet, pray, provide halal food for them. Halal means no machines were used to kill the animals from what I understand. Along those lines, Islam is thousands of years old. I doubt there were machines back then. So that leads me to believe that this halal requirement was added at some point later. Now they simply use it as one of the ways to be a pain in the ass and an inconvenience to others. They also want to impose their will on us by wanting there to be women only swimming. This is so no men can cast their eyes upon what is usually a very ugly woman. I have seen some Muslim women that are attractive but most of them are nasty, nasty, nasty. These are just a few examples, but it illustrates that they want us to accomodate them but will not budge when it is their turn to accomodate us or any nation they call home.

        • Nowadays pissing off the Myslims is not difficult to do. All you have to do is mention facts and they try to misdirect. So they open up with some important sounding information that seems like it is accurate unless you have been paying attention to what has been happening in the world and/or have been reading about it.

          There are 1.4 billion Muslims world-wide. If even only 10% of Muslims are Radicalized Islamic, that means that there are 140 Million Muslims, spread out globally that are in a constant state of being pissed off, sexually constipated to the point that seeing a woman who has her face uncovered whips them into a frenzy that causes them to gather others for a round of persecution. Basically they freak out over the slightest amount of exposed skin on a woman but will gang rape someone in an alleyway if given the chance, then in order for the woman to bring charges she has to have 3 male witnesses to the crime before she is given a shred of creditibility. The only men who witnessed it were waitng for their turn. Women can testify but a woman’s testimony is only worth half that of a man’s according to Sharia Law.

          They will scream adultery for a woman talking to a man on the street who is not closely related to them and the penalty is being stoned to death and there is usually at least one of her family members present to help do it. The whole damn concept of Islam is so absurd that it is pathetic. You would have to grow up in a desert to think for a second that any of it is right.

  3. I cannot believe how eagerly non-moslems become useful idiots for one of the worst ideologies ever thought up by a sadistic, sexually perverted thug.

  4. Sue this subversive school, fire everyone and send the officials to jail. There IS a remedy for such unconstitutional, un-American and criminal behavior- USE it.

      • Zuzana, please discuss. Don’t just refer to a single post you put up for us to read. That is a cope out. I have this site telling me when someone comments on something so I can respond. I have received 6 from you telling us to read your comments on Subheen Razzaqui. If we have not read them by now, we are not going to. I did read it, i know there are alot of these people spreading lies and disinformation. Who knows what happened at the recent Muslim Conference in Texas since all media was allowed in to film and listen( Not ask questions though) for about 20 minutes then they were are made to leave. No one but Muslims were allowed to stay. What did they talk about? Were they recruiting? Were they disrespecting America? Were they planning?

        • Sorry, I did not mean to cope out. I just thought that to many comments here I would reply with my experience and did not want to be repetitive. I should have just written it once. I rarely do go back and actually discuss things because I have three kids running around all the time. Lesson learned.
          The Texas conference – disturbing. I can only hope that there is another Dave Gaubatz somewhere there who stayed past the time cameras had to leave.

  5. Parents MUST get involved in order to combat this. For too long parents have just let the school essentially babysit the kids while they immerse themselves in their careers. Read the textbooks your kids bring home from school. If your kid never brings them home, have then do so. When they see something wrong, confront the school. Don’t waste your time on the teacher, go right to the principal and if they do not give you satisfaction, secure a copy of the offending textbook and work your way up to the superintendent. Show the text to other parents and go at the Superintendent as a group. One person can be blown off but 6 or more parents are hard to ignore, if need be, take up a collection and hire an attorney to take the district to court. I know many parents take the district to court for giving their kid a well deserved paddling, like many of us used to get when we were kids and I am willing to bet none of you are emotionally scarred or have self-esteem problems because of it.

    But this an entirely different matter altogether. This is misrepresenting the history of our nation and leading our young to believe that Islam has a history of being constructive in the world rather than the destructive history that they truly engaged in. I have heard crap like Islam was the one that created Democracy. That they were at the forefront of equal rights for women. Just based on the concept of honor killing for not marrying the person dear ol’ dad wants a girl to marry is proof that is a lie and there are many other issues that show it is a falsehood as well.

    • Unfortunately, even the honorable and trustworthy Princeton professor, Bernard Lewis in his book “What Went Wrong” is admitting the “golden age of islam” as if there did not exist a pattern of decline of every society and culture that islam devoured. The “golden age” was/were the periods of time it took for the original culture to die out and be choked by the shariatic machinations; Lewis fails to notice. It is also he who claims about women of early islam that they actually enjoyed the unprecedented (at that time) equality and relative freedoms – compared to the surrounding cultures customs.Such statements surprised me from professor Lewis given the fact that until this day several regions in India are matriarchal and NOTHING happens without the agreements of women. These preceded the origin of islam as well as inception of Christianity. Lewis’s book, however, is a perfect stimulator for critical thinking. I ln this little critique I found that it was Lewis’s doing when Bush pronounced his unholy “islam is a religion of peace”.

      • I was always under the impression that India subscribed to the Hindu faith for the most part? Forgive me but I have to discount those who post with Anonymous. No way of knowing one Anonymous comment from another. It could be the same person or a different person with each post. No offense intended.

        But the early inception of Islam was when Muhammad was leading the masses and I find it extremely difficult to believe that he gave any women any freedoms whatsoever. He used them as sex slaves.

    • You’re absolutely right about parents. We must be more pro-active at the schools! The L) are changing what is being taught to our kids. Bloody tools! These are our children, our responsibility and as such we will teach and protect our children. By the time they go to school they will already know their Family history and in doing that We teach them OUR history. Like my Mum, woe betide anyone who stands in my way!

  6. The school is probably being funded by CAIR or receiving other money from Muslim organiations. It is a disgrace that the propaganda being fed to us by Muslim groups has gotten into our school systems. I am appauled by this and hope that the school administration is held accountable for their reckless actions. What is happening in America? Where is America headed? Are our children being programmed for a future Muslim country. Look at Europe today. Have we learned nothing from what is happening in France, Sweden and all the other countries.. Do we not see the danger lurking ahead.

    • People see the danger. People like us are talking about it. Other people who still think that tolerance is the answer refuse to believe that Islam’s idea of tolerance has been, is and always will be demonstrated by ISIS ever since they marched across the desert and attacked the first Iraqi city and killed Christians and Muslims that were found not to have the same degree of radical beliefs as they do. I do believe there are Muslims that are peaceful and do not want jihad. But they do not want to be as vocal about their objections as they need to be. Or take direct action to beat ISIS into submission. They go to the same mosques as these radicals do. They hear the rhetoric they spew. Why do they not do anything about it? They should be spearheading things, not us. It should be Muslim nations who are moderate that gather intell on these violent people, they shoukd be retaliating against then violently every time they have a suicide bomber blow himself to bits in a busy marketplace and kill dozens of men, womem and children and injure hundreds more.

      France is tolerant, great example for what results when total tolerance is used. No-go zones exist there and they STILL do not acknowledge them as a problem. They even ragged on Fox News for running stories and talking about them. Fox apologized for it. I would have told them to kiss my ass. Not going to apologize for talking about the truth.

      Sweden has been neutral for as long as I remember, not taking sides except when they have to. Well, a neutral nation is perfect for this type of thing. They will not interfere in the affairs of those that appear not to be breaking their laws. They will grow until Sweden looks over and the radicals come rushing into their first town ISIS style and start murdering.

      I can’t speak to the UK. I don’t know what got them into their problems except to say that their leader thinks that Obama is a swell guy and listens to him.

      That brings me to us. We are a free nation. The Muslim Brotherhood is an unindicted co-conspirator involved in The Holy Land Foundation trial where mounds and mounds of evidence were piled agaist them for financing terrorism. But the prosecutors were ordered not to press the matter further. As I understand it, they were afraid the trial would uncover connections high in our government and infrastructure that would be extremely embarrassing. CAIR fits hand in glove with MB. The FBI will not deal with CAIR, they should be designated as a terrorist organization and yet they are here in America. Obama would just as soon cut off his finger than to offend any Muslim nation but he is more than happy to shake a finger of disgust at our only really trustworthy ally in the Middle East, Israel. I have no doubt that the stink of CAIR is all over the school textbook scandal as well as all other problems we are having on this issue. And all of Obama’s political correctness, fear to offend and, yes, hatred of America and our military, is at the very heart of it all.

      • It’s not obama’s political correctness. It was Clinton’s warm and fuzzy with the turkish radical exile who found his new home in Pensylvania, the one who established a chain of turkish charter schools in the US, Fetullah Gullen. It was Bushe’s statement that “islam is the religion of peace”. nobama is harvesting what they have sown and giving it all hi “crowning touch”.

  7. This is how islamists took over schools in the UK. First they obtain a few high level positions in the schools. Next, the start implementing a pro-islamic, anti-semitic curriculum. After that, they use threats, lawsuits, or outright intimidation to silence any critics. Before you know it, the entire faculty is muslim and your children are being brainwashed.

  8. Newton Public School teacher Subheen Razzaqui is the problem. In my opinion hers are the very long and extended fingers of the CAIR and Muslim Brotherhood. They disseminate their bullshit through her. She is one their many little soldiers having a very detrimental effect on our youth.
    I personally went to this woman’s public presentation in Andover library to listen on the subject of Women in islam two years ago in spring.

    What did I hear?

    She said that capitalism in America is the problem because it forced women to get out of the home and start making money to be able for the family to pay the ever increasing bills.

    She asked a question “wouldn’t you like to be chaffeured around instead of having to drive?” Of course she was wrapped in her head gear and claimed to be a Sunni Pakistani muslim.

    Few US converts were sitting in the front with the mandatory prepubescent daughters who so innocently asked how can they make it happen to be able to pray in their schools?” !!! Razzaqui answered: “Do what I did. I asked a principal. If you ask they will be happy to seclude for you a corner in the library or other unfrequented place where you can pray. Just go and ask.”

    When I cited for her Muhammad’s words about encouraging for female genital mutilation recorded in one of their “holy” writings, she said that was not a very credible source. That – despite the fact that all four islamic schools of thought favor female circumcision based on that.

    She spent a lot of time on motherhood in islam. She emphasized how mother IS everything, how cherished she is. She did not allow much debate on motherhood of Soraya, the Iranian mother who was stoned to death because her muslim husband needed free hands to chase another skirt. But the worst part of the whole story was the attitude of her two sons who threw the stones at her and watched her die. Mother is everything, Razzaqui tried to convince me.

    For every argumnent I presented she had an answer: “islam is not monolytical, people practice it differently and local culture play a role”. Her style of a discussion very much mimicked Hillary Clinton’s “what does it matter?” Razzaqui has her agenda.

    Then she presented some kumbaya video clips of peaceful muslim students parasiting on our educational system (courtesy of Muslim Student Organisation or MSA) created just to fit the whitewashing islamic propaganda of Muslim Brotherhood to convince us all – including the muslims who were unveiled sitting in the audience just as well as few other curious non muslim people like myself that cohabitation and coexistence is possible and the diversity is enriching and the tolerance is imperative.

    From her presentation, Razzaqui strikes me as a programmed liar, very smart and manipulative, always smiling and beating her opponents down with her (whitewashed version) of academical knowledge.

    • Whenrereading the portions of the koran addressing women, I get the impression the author is talking more about his favorite horse or camel; something to be used then put away.

      • That is how they look at their women. They are pets. To obey any orders given to it. A broodmare to push out as many children as possible to increase the number of followers of Islam. A play toy for when ever her man wants a romp in the hay. As long as he has an orgasm, it makes no difference whatsoever if she does. As a matter of fact female genital mutilation would suggest that her pleasure is to be avoided at all costs. This is apparent in my mind by the complete lack of male genital mutilations.

  9. I watch Hannity on Fox News( this will bring out the idiots who will chant They lie but will have no credible proof, just videos from CNN, MSNBC and the like). He had an Iman on there that is the only one I have heard that said it exactly how they feel. His idea of tolerance and co-existance is for everyone to convert to Islam. If they do not want to convert then all you have to do is accept the rule of Islam and submit to Sharia Law, although you would not be required to convert, you are not allowed to practice your own religion either.

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  11. “Teachers” follow the commands of the democrat party and therefore embrace Islam:… Top All-Time [political campaign] Donors, 1989-2012, public teachers’ unions:
    -The National Education Association gave $43,613,263: 71% to democrats, 5% to Republicans.
    -The American Federation of Teachers gave $34,698,466: 86% to democrats, 0% to Republicans. 2014 Top Organization Campaign Contributions, All Federal Contributions: Number 3 was the National Education Association which gave 99.2% to democrats.

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  13. One question needing to be asked, is, why haven’t the parents taken action and voted the School Board members out & replace them??
    If what they say is true, then prima facie, should stand alone as the TRUTH.
    Are our Public Schools being controlled by outside influence, or by local, State or Federal guidelines???
    Is this Community populated by Immigrants of Islamic Origin???
    Why hasn’t the MSTA (Union) not gotten involved???

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