Islamic State beheads 2nd Japanese hostage, Japan vows “we will never, never forgive them”

This is Islam.




More via CNN: ISIS: Japanese hostage beheaded

A newly distributed ISIS release appears to show the decapitated body of captive Japanese journalist Kenji Goto, after an English-language lecture is given by masked ISIS member “Jihadi John” to the people of Japan.

The video, 67 seconds long, was released Saturday as others before it, by ISIS media wing Al Furqan Media, and cannot be authenticated by CNN.

“We are deeply saddened by this despicable and horrendous act of terrorism and we denounce it in the strongest terms,” Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said in Tokyo, according to broadcaster NHK. “To the terrorists, we will never, never forgive them for this act.”

He said that Japan will continue to provide humanitarian aid to countries affected by the bloody fight against ISIS.

ISIS had been demanding that Jordan exchange a convicted terrorist, Sajida al-Rishawi, for the pilot. If there was no swap, ISIS said it would kill al-Kaseasbeh first, then Goto.

Goto would be the second Japanese hostage to be killed by ISIS recently. A video file posted online a week ago by a known ISIS supporter shows an image of Goto holding a photo of what appeared to be the corpse of his fellow captive, Haruna Yukawa.

Jordanian officials have said they are willing to swap al-Rishawi — a female jihadist imprisoned in Jordan for her role in a 2005 suicide bombing at a wedding reception that killed dozens — for the pilot. But Jordan’s key condition is proof that al-Kaseasbeh is still alive.

Al-Kaseasbeh was captured after he ejected from his F-16 jet last month near Raqqa, the extremist group’s de facto capital in Syria.

The cowardly, war-mongering Obama showed no sorrow, but thanked Abe for helping fund his Muslim brothers:

“We stand today in solidarity with Prime Minister Abe and the Japanese people in denouncing this barbaric act,” the President said in a written statement. “We applaud Japan’s steadfast commitment to advancing peace and prosperity in the Middle East and globally, including its generous assistance for innocent people affected by the conflicts in the region.”

Japan should seriously reconsider it’s recent decision to Boost Efforts to Attract Muslim Tourists.

117 thoughts on “Islamic State beheads 2nd Japanese hostage, Japan vows “we will never, never forgive them”

      • if you’ve chosen an asian victim, you’d have found a thousand times more photos.
        and how’d japan ever expect forgiveness from china, korea, etc?

        • really, this man is responsible for acts committed 70 years ago, you’re a disgusting Liberal degenerate who applauds goat fuckers..I hope you hang one day traitor.

          • Tell my Father that captured in Singapore , he had to watch 2 of his best friends being beheaded , anyway is there anything in the Bushido religion that mentions beheadings ? i know there none in the koran !! so whats the difference , 1 year , 2 year , or 70 year NO DIFFERENCE !!

          • Nothing In the Koran about beheading? Son I suggest you educate yourself, makes you look foolish to pass off bs as fact. Second bushido is not a religion it is the samurai warrior code (which was corrupted and misused by the Japanese government)

          • Is your IQ below 70? Too retarded for logic and common sense?? Tsk no wonder many of my friends loathe singaporeans, more like stinkaporeans. Why should the current generation be involved in something so many years ago??

        • Shut up!!!!!, so you would hold a grudge against the Vickings invading England, the Romans in vading the world! And all other war lords who have invaded other country’s in the past, shame on you

        • Well not really…..the guy who was murdered probably wasn’t born when the Pacific war was on …..but He was the one that paid the price keeping you and I informed of these dastardly acts by Isil ……a dedicated man doing an extremely dangeroud job ….may he rest in peace ….

      • Hang on that was not what this discussion is about its about isis murdering hostages in the name of the devil islam , it’s about one animal with the knife , so don’t drift away from this cancer that is happening now

      • The Japanese beheaded many Americans, and slaughtered thousands of captured Allied Soldiers. Remember the Bataan death march where any soldier who fell and was unable to get up was bayoneted to save ammo. How about those Five captured Airmen who’s plane went down in Japan. They were tried in Japan and the five were headed. The Point, war is hell but the Japaneses were more violent then ISIS. Beheading is nothing new and it goes back to ancient times. The French used to use the Guillotine during the French revolution which killed thousands. Sharia law has no room in our day and age. In this century we are supposed to be more civilized but that is not the case. The Muslims are still going by their Koran, basically the book of evil. We can not allow their cult continue to flourish or disaster will be seen in every turn. It is now happening in European Nations where the Muslims are flooding in by the millions. If we don’t stop them soon in the near future, it may be to late. We must not allow them to get a foot hold on our shores of America. According to the Koran, you only have one choice, Convert or die.

    • That was war and a different sentiment reigned in this world during WW II. I think we, the world, has to join together and rid this planet of terrorism. That is where karma will play out. In the current events aspect of this dilemma. It’s time to start knocking on the Mosque doors and seeing who is and isn’t an enemy of the world.

        • What? Opposed to the American government MURDERING 500,000 innocent children. Like I said before, if you try to genocide a people, they will resist. If you seriously want these beheadings to stop, withdraw troops from their countries… Let them live peace rather than perpetual war instigated by America.

          • These people have been killing each other for 1,000’s of years before the Russians or Americans got involved.

          • Islam is 1,400 years old and the U.S. is 250 years old… Muslims will killing in the name of Allah long before there even was a United States…the genocide is being committed by Muslims in the name of Islam…so yes, people will eventually resist that

          • Fine. But they’re here and trying to start this shit here. That is where I and MANY others are prepared to destroy them all.

          • Seriously, you think if we withdraw they will stop beheading? Are you nuts? Or just too young to remember that they kill their own people first based on their religious beliefs and others based on sheer wickedness; ie, Saddam Hussein murdered hundreds of thousands of his own people, so in a sense HE HIMSELF was a weapon of mass destruction. Most peaceful middle eastern people live in terror within their own borders. Oh and well over 1400 documented Islamic invasions in Africa , Europe and middle east compared to about 20 crusades which were defensive missions. Get your facts and your history straight. .. this garbage they teach you today is to indoctrinate you. … wake up! All people have the right to life free of terror and persecution.

          • I cant believe they have been killing each other for 1500 years. I think a 1000 years ago somone should have flattened them, all of them, inicent or not. Rats multiplie. I see a bounch or rats looking for there next meal to kill. I truely think that a 1500 years old plan to force us to convert or die is a great reason for chemical warefare! I want my peacful life back and they need to see there is no chance for there kind.

    • What has todays victim have to do with World War 2…this is innocent civillian…the photo you posted is as equally disturbing..war or not..its all vile!

    • If this is happened to ur family member…u wouldnt saylike this…i m a chinese…if u think this world is run by revenge…this head chopping will be non stop forever…

    • You fucking horrible cunt for posting that, an innocent bloke gets beheaded by terrorist Muslim scum but for you that’s cool because of an old pic of a soldier getting the same off a “jap”, that’s ok then because once upon a time someone from Japan did it first, your a fucking ignorant moron !!! #ASSHOLE

    • Are you kidding me? So, by this theory, I deserve to be enslaved because white people owned slaves 150 years ago? What about Egypt? They all should be enslaved because of the pyramids! You are all a little sick in the head for this thought process!

  1. As a Christian, We Must Forgive All. But I clearly understand just how Japan feels. Japan must turn their hearts back to GOD and make it right for all the people of Japan. Jesus IS! John 10:30. Peace Be Unto You All and GOD Bless! Jane.

      • That’s just a dumb statement.,did god ever controlled your life? Punished you for being stupid and saying stupid things like now? People make their choices out of free will. Those who died in service of others will be martyrs. Those who sin will be judged come the time.

      • Totally agree. This fantasy people are believing
        There is god and a after life is complete bullshit
        And I’m over hearing about god.

      • ahhh shut up don,t post is you got nothing to beleive people here are gods children and maybe you ain,t picked for sum reason bed is in hell waiting you visions you dont have not up to me but god has plans for those ….

      • There is a God!! But many people today days ,not even know about the sacrats scriptures ( Bible) , not even about the Ten Commandments , it is clearly written that ,all that is happening is the profecis that are full filling, indicating that the time soon will come for the Son of God Jesús , will returned, to rescue all those that had never turn the Back to God, Jesus was sent by our Heavenly Father God, just to call to the humanity that were lost in sins , to repent of their wrong doing againts his Ten Commandments and also he preach all over about the gospel , the right path to follow to be able to obtain that eternal life, because in this materialistic world , nothing will last for over , God is full of mercy, but it is up to every human being , wich master they will serve, The Devil with his legions of Demond’s or our mighty creator of the universe and the wide world, Jesus sacrified his life , just carring with the sins of many, but to showing that is a way to safe our souls , but he will not be a dictator, he just let every one of us to make our own desitions to take the right path to be save, he had been manifesting his self in many way , his voice has been heard in diferents ways also, calling to every one to let him take control of their life , so they will be protected from evil, Jesus the son of God , the one that was unjustly sentenced to be crusisfied and died in the cross for every one of us , and in the third day he rise from dead, deefeding the devil and apperiend to his Disples and grant them with spiritual wisdom and holly power to cast demons, that pocess all those that they had turn their back to God , there for becoming spiritually weak and ther for demons will jump inmediatly in to their body’s taken control of their souls, so there is a God and full of mercy when anyone come to him with a sincere heard and ask him for forgiveness, he always is ready to listen and grant to us his forgiveness, but is up to every one of us wich way are we whant to live our life’s , following his holly commandments or just to become a follower of the one ,,that is just looking to Devore your soul, and unfortunally end up burning in hell together with him, because it is written clearly, Jesus will retuned to rescue his church , all those that had believe on him and follow a life according with the Ten Commandments, every one will be judget according wit their deeds , and he will prevel over the devil , who will be destroyed for ever with all those that had desided to following him, Jesus Kindom will not have and end , that is the one that every one that had faith on him and had follow his father commandments, will leave in peace and enjoying of his love , we’re all those that will be save , they will live for ever and ever, loving each other’s in harmony, were is not going to be more sorrows , pains, depressions, not sickness, just living in heaven with an ever lasting holly love from our mighty father God.

        I will recommend you , as well many others , to look for God while it can be found, to read sacrats scriptures be able to obtain more kmoldge about how to grow more spiritually and obtan also all that holly wisdom, and there for now how to make the right comments and not make such a wrong statements that God does not exit, God!!! He does exits !! It is up to any one to look for him,,and to,let him take control of your life. God Bless,,let us pray ,,because the end of this materialistic world is comming soon.

      • Some bad things will happen. This type of act must not be tolerate. They will kill more and more people until everyone is dead. War is coming, just have to be prepared

    • The fact that these things happen has nothing to do with whether God exists, that these things happen is a result of our fallen nature. Evil exists, but good exists as well. In the beginning everything was good, but because God wanted His creation (us) to love Him and obey by our own freewill, he have us a choice. He wanted His sons (that includes women, since woman was taken from man, as evidenced by the fact that man has both an X and Y chromosome and women only have X’s) to freely obey Him, He didn’t want slaves with no choice.

      A 2006 article in National Geographic actually exposed the evidence that all of Humanity is descended from one man, but the author of that article believes, against the insurmountable odds, that that one man was just one of many first men and just happened to be the ONLY one that had surviving offspring, because he is incapable of letting go of his faith that man evolved.

      The evidence against evolution and for biblical creation in biology geology astronomy and history is easy to find, but it is censored from the schools because they are controlled by the occultists who really run the governments of the west, and they have used dis-education as a tool to transform society to prepare the world to accept world government, a world currency and world religion ruled by the antichrist. A well versed biblical culture would never accept such things but the demonic rutterless society we live in today is ready for the picking.

      In Adam all die, so in Christ all shall live, but we still have a choice.

    • There are acts that must NEVER be forgiven, and the demonic beheading of Innocents is one of those.! The Monsters guilty of such hellish barbarity must be hunted down, whatever it takes, and exterminated with extreme prejudice!

      To forgive is divine, but we are mere people, and we insist that justice is meted out to the savages who slaughter Human Beings in the name of their Satanic Cult. . . Islam!

  2. at least with a samouri it was over and done with in seconds, culling someone with a knife is disgusting
    I just hope Isis get the war they so badly want, because if the Japan gets hold of them they will be begging to be beheaded
    Total scumbags,

  3. Islam is not really a religion, more a ideology. It is based on the koran that is full of violent demands. Kill all infidels and what not. It is unbelievable that some people believe this comes from God, but some do. Islam should be banned like the fascistic ideology it is, from the planet.

  4. These ritualistic killings by ISIS of their Japanese captives have proven without a doubt they are not a political or religious entits but a criminal syndicate enterprise.
    By demanding a king’s ransom for the lives of the japabese captives they ve show the world what they truly are. Murdering gangsters in sheets

    • U nailed it! Its not religious…its a Criminal organization. And fuck their beliefs. Karma comes full circle…always does!

      • Religion and God is like water and oil. It really don’t mix. But the beheading of a human being is inhumane and Head of States must get together and eliminate such barbarous and satanic act of any such religion or cult. ISIS is the minority and why are the majority allowing such cruel Laws to be in existence.

  5. Let’s just nuke em all and have done with it. How much longer are we going to sit round and do nothing. They supposedly don’t fear death so let’s give them what they wish. Cowards! Beheaded a handcuffed man that can’t defend himself

  6. what I find difficult to understand is why a coalition of around 60 countries has still singularly failed to eradicate these scum…. Scorch and burn!!! It rarely makes the news… Maybe there’s a block cos they’re so rubbish!! Someone please tell me we’re doing better than it seems 😡😡

  7. You lot going on about God what the he’ll is wrong with you this is 2015 we live on by having children I can not believe that people think there is a greater person get real for ducks sake go sad bastards once your gone your gone so just be nice in this life cos you ain’t gonna get redemption when your dead

  8. Can’t believe people are saying fairs fair Japan paid there debt in full. This isn’t tit for tat.sad when the world should be grieving For the lose of life and we’re still keeping score

  9. They are murdering goat shagging dirty pigs that should all be rounded up and slaughtered now don’t forget it must be a halal slaughter

  10. So let me guess you support the American beheadings as well? It’s payback right? Fucking troll….wait you know what? A troll is too nice of a word because that would mean you don’t necessarily believe that…that you’re doing it just to get under people’s skin. You honestly feel these killings are justified and for that you are worthless.

    • Are u muslem? Get with the program!!! God was here,now is not he live inside of all of us. Now kill those fucks Isis and anyone or thing that stands in the was of peace on this earth. They have spread far enough. I am locked and loaded. We won’t have to watch what we say or do when the terrorists are put to rest. Stop Fighting with each other and grab a gun and get rid of all the terrorists. We need to stick together!!! I Am A PROUD CANADIAN! My freedom will not be taken by Muslim trash terrorists. Cheers folks and stay safe.

  11. Quite a lot of people are saying we need to stop the Isis but it’s never going to happen realistically, Everyones scared of them,balso scared of been marked as racist for have an opinion on this religion and whole situation which is wrong, plus they are breeding that fast everyday another one of them barbaric killers is born and will be made in to one these horrible nasty vile people it’s a never ending process no one is ever going to stop them, they will and have taking over which they started to years ago but no one stood up to them and look where we are now in an absolute mess they won’t stop until we are all Muslim or they kill us all ….. Let’s all be fair we are all standing back and letting them kill these innocent people one by one …. The whole place just needs blowing up which should sort some of them out I suppose for a little while

  12. Obviously, this is against humanity. But well, when the big guys (the government of Japan and US) can’t/don’t do anything to stop them, what do we ordinary citizen/netizen can do to stop such big terrorism power trying to display their brutality on the internet? Of course many of us would think of them (ISIS) as cowards hiding behind their masks and bullying the defenseless captives. But to be honest, I have my life busy going on in here with too many things to pursue in my life. I am blessed for not having to come across any of such incidents in my life and I’m counting my blessings. Such incident would only remind me to appreciate my good life even more by trying to accomplish even more. I am so fortunate until today doesn’t mean I would still be as fortunate in the future. We never know. So just live life and appreciate all the good and kind things that come along with it. To those who argued about so on and so forth on this comments site, you guys are having too much free time to waste and are almost near retard. Well not really retarded, just when you’re typing and arguing behind a keyboard with an anonymous identity it’s really pointless. Anyway, I just wanna say that people always argued about science vs religion and god’s existence too often on the Internet and it seems like they never learn. And it’s stupid. Please use your mind to see things from many different angles, as a believer or non-believer. Peace. Kind. Acceptance.

  13. Why would Isis think this would be disturbing..what comes around..goes around..the funny thing next door neighbors wife would and could make this idiot shake with terror..OK..whatever this creature is..cut off some zipperheads..head..they could possibly be reaping what they have sewn..why would this bother me…have we forgotten what those bastards did to our boys i n ww2 they have no quarter..think about it

    • So maybe Japan should retaliate..this makes no difference to most of the people in this country that still love our country..our way of life..Japan gave no quarter to our troops..let them deal with their own carma

  14. When japanase was in Malaysia before independence day, they beahead the young soldiers,villagers, rape all the girls and even they cut babies with no mercy. Fuck Japanese

  15. Look at what they did to the Chinese.. They terrorized those poor people..killed thousands of them..raped any woman..girl..or boy they could get ahold of..this behavior was the direct affect of having no human conscience..kind of makes you think if they thought they could get away with it they would do it again…so,.I have no sympathy for I said..reap it….

  16. Two wrong doesn’t make a right. No matter what japanese hv done in the past generation, it’s still inhuman & wrong to murder innocent people like that!

  17. This page is very amusing. It’s like a far right wing love nest filled with hatred and extremism. Very funny. One day you all are going to wake up and realize you’re all pawns in a world wide attempt to keep everyone divided. For today though: good plan, counter extremism with extremism. Morons….

  18. Is a repay when Japanese during world war 2 how they be headed thousand millions innocent people head, especially women and children could not fight back and tortured

  19. So I looked in the mirror and asked myself “So, why is my government allowing this type of content to even get on the world web?” Could it be that my/your/our governments are behind this inciting of hatred amongst the people of this world?

  20. This is so scary.. So so scary and sad.. I am worried for my children’s safety and the safety of millions who surround me. My sympathies go to the victims country and family. Two innocent people who lost their lives in attempt to free one evil woman who got caught for the murders of dozens! Their religion makes no sense but to feed off of our panic and worry. They want us to be scared and love knowing that we are! It makes us look weak to them. Just pure evil!! I know the devil is waiting for them all in hell! I pray for all of the innocent families caught in the middle of their country’s hate.. I pray for us all!!!

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