New Video Shows Support for ISIS, Hamas & Hezbollah Terrorists on Campuses Across California

via Project Veritas

Professors, Administrators, and Students Pledge Economic Support to Terrorist Organizations ISIS, Hamas, and Hezbollah on Numerous California Campuses

New York Times’ best-selling author and journalist James O’Keefe released a third video in as many weeks today exposing professors, administrators, and students signing a petition in support of ISIS, Hamas, and Hezbollah.

Today’s video reveals a multitude of professors, administrations, and students at numerous California state universities signing a petition pledging financial support to ISIS, Hamas and Hezbollah. Professor Bruce Burnam of California State University, Northridge had no problem signing the petition pledging economic support to ISIS, Hamas, and Hezbollah. Nor did, Jon Masciana, Director of Admissions at the Paul Merage School of Business at the University of California, Irvine who gladly signed the pro-terror petition.

“I was encouraged by the fact that many of the people we approached refused to sign our faux petition, however, I was disturbed by the amount of professors, administrators, and students across California who had no ethical qualms whatsoever about supporting ISIS, Hamas, and Hezbollah,” said Project Veritas President James O’Keefe. “There were far too many people who were far too willing to support these recognized terrorist organizations. It is truly frightening just how many supporters these organizations have on our college campuses and the affect it is having on our nation’s youth.”

5 thoughts on “New Video Shows Support for ISIS, Hamas & Hezbollah Terrorists on Campuses Across California

  1. They should take their citizenship , green cards away and fly them to Syria. Drop them off there with a parachute.

  2. Remember the protests over Viet-Nam? Most kids and adults were playing because it was safe. If this is this generation’s Viet-Nam there is one BIG difference. There moslemite killers are here, next door to you and they are not going away. When the girls have acid thrown in thier faces because they do nor dress properly and beating children is approved as the method of discipline and LGBT people are killed they will sing a different tune-after the concert is over. In America we agree to disagree. That’s O.K. but does not exist in the moslemite alternate universe.

  3. California! Land of Fruits and Nuts! Now expanding to other parts of this land of Ozz. Exposed even more so by the grouping of idiotic and incompetent academic personnel and their imprinting on totally stupid ignorant student groups. One real solution would be baseball bats, not that I have anything personal against baseball bats. Another would be compulsory military service.

  4. And there you have it; the ‘palaces of learning’ have become nests of leftist birdbrains!

    Actually, that’s a bit hard on birds, the little, left over feathered flying dinosaurs are really little marvels who have more in their tiny heads than any inbred, filthy mudslime.

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