Los Angeles: Muslim clerk caught giving undercover lottery officer $75 instead of $75K prize

Are lottery officials quietly investigating Muslim lottery scams occurring in the U.S.?  via Palmdale jackpot ‘winner’ given $75 instead of $75k was an undercover Lottery officer. h/t Dee

A California Chevron gas station is now under state investigation after an undercover lottery compliance officer was given $75 instead of the $75,000 jackpot by a cashier.

The officer’s cover was blown after the Palmdale gas station manager launched a nationwide search last week to find the man who was owed three more figures on his winning check.

Lottery officials admitted on Monday that the mystery man was an undercover officer and that the gas station had been subject to a previously confidential investigation into lottery fraud.

Authorities had been quietly keeping an eye on the ticket since their officer handed it over on March 25, waiting to see if someone else would claim the $75,000 for themselves.

They are now trying to determine if the clerk’s slip-up was deliberate or accidental.

Shamsun Islam, the station’s manager, believes it was merely a ‘mistake’.

‘I know my guy, he’s a really, really honest person,’ she told the Los Angeles Times.

If officials find that the clerk committed fraud, the store could lose its ability to offer lottery games.

The investigation is ongoing.


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