Texas: Muslim told sister’s husband, “cannot wait until my dad puts a bullet between your eyes”

Islamic honor killing, it’s a family affair. via Texas woman allegedly stalked sister before ‘honor killing’ – NY Daily News.

A Texas woman stalked her sister for months and delivered a chilling warning to her brother-in-law shortly before his murder, authorities said.

“I cannot wait until my dad puts a bullet between your eyes,” Nadia Irsan allegedly told her sister’s husband.

The 30-year-old appeared in court Tuesday to face charges she was part of a twisted family campaign of hate that resulted in a pair of “honor killings” in 2012, KHOU reported.

Irsan’s hardline Muslim father was furious when her sister, Nesreen Irsan, married a Christian man without his approval, authorities said.

The irate dad, 57-year-old Ali Mahwood-Awad Irsan, first gunned down his daughter’s friend, Iranian activist Galareh Bagherzadeh, who he believed led her astray from her fundamentalist upbringing, according to prosecutors.

The father threatened his daughter after Bagherzadeh’s January 2012 death.

“I killed that bitch, and you’re next,” Ali Mahwood-Awad Irsan is accused of saying, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Then he came for her husband, Coty Beavers, shooting him to death in November 2012 in the couple’s home, authorities said.

The dad was charged with murder in the dual homicides. His wife and 21-year-old son also face charges in the case.

Nadia Irsan hasn’t been charged with murder in either of the deaths, but that could change, authorities said.

She’s accused of tailing her sister, even slipping a GPS device onto the estranged sibling’s car in the lead-up to Beaver’s killing, according to prosecutors.

Investigators later discovered the GPS buried in the Irsan’s yard.

Video at link above. Back posts here.

Update: Muslim Killer on Disability and Food Stamps had Diamonds and 200 Credit Cards

Federal authorities executed a search warrant at Irsan’s sprawling, 5-acre property 40 miles north of Houston, where they allegedly found cash, diamonds, pearls, weapons and phony passports hidden in attic rafters, in secret compartments throughout a cluster of trailers and outbuildings and even inside the buried drum of a clothes dryer at the Conroe property.

Irsan, his wife Shmou Ali Alrawabdeh, and another daughter were subsequently arrested on a variety of federal fraud charges and are in federal custody.

6 thoughts on “Texas: Muslim told sister’s husband, “cannot wait until my dad puts a bullet between your eyes”

  1. The simple facts that trash like that are allowed to enter the United States explains the problems we are having.

  2. Obama has muzzies on the express train to the USA, so they can berate, hate, and spread their garbage and if anyone complains, he defends the muzzies before true Americans.

  3. Well, el presidente is a muzz, so are you really surprised all these eastern barbarians are in this country now? This is the insanity you get letting the commie teachers’ unions run the public educational system in America for forty years. In many cases, people have lost their critical faculties entirely. So citizens vote for scum like Little King Barry, who loves denigrating their ancestors.

    Remember: the white man IS the devil. [sarcasm]

  4. Hi friend. I come to you with a message of peace. Please know that your work is hurting the lives of millions of muslims and immigrants that want the best for their family and their country. This is the same fear mongering used to radicalized our enemies. While I’m sure you’re aware of and have chosen to ignore the statistics of white American crime compared to immigrant and refugee crime, I urge you to go meet our Muslim brothers and sisters and speak with them. I do not blame you for this hatred and I believe that our god does not either. The main message of our bible tells us to treat our brothers and sisters with love, not with ignorance or hate. I do not hate you, for that would be to perpetuate the hate in this world. Please, for the sake of our country, consider the consequences of trying to radicalize your own citizens. Islam is not a religion of hate, nor is Christianity the sole beacon of love. We are all one people and perhaps if we try to hate less others will hate us less as well. God bless you

    • #Dan. This comment is not in the least a prejudiced or biased opinion–IT’S THE TRUTH! Your comment reveals at the very least, beyond all doubt, that you are a blind ‘leader’ of the blind! You’re the classic defender of an Americanized, watered-down version of mohammed’s false CULT! You prove beyond all doubt, that you DON’T HAVE A CLUE what islam really teaches! You have clearly bought into all of the stealth jihadist rhetoric which some SELF-RIGHTEOUS imam has shoveled down your gullible gullet! If you were to actually TELL THE TRUTH about the “peaceful” god of islam, you would have to admit that THERE IS NO PEACE IN IZZLAM for NON-MUSLIMS! Your comment is blatantly laughable and deceptive! Oh, and btw, Jesus Christ (who you claim was just another “prophet”) never denied His divinity! Quite to the contrary, He affirmed it and reaffirmed it by everything He said and did–and His mortal remains HAVE NEVER BEEN FOUND! I must admit that you did tell the truth about at least one thing in your comment–that your koran “tells us [muslims] to treat our brothers and sisters with love”. Just one problem with that, Dannyboy–you know, and I know, that I AIN’T your “brother”, and neither are all of the other millions upon millions of non-muslims in the world! Those are your sworn enemies, of which you are commanded by your false allah-god to FORCE into subjection OR TO KILL, by any means possible! The big difference betw. your definition of God and REALITY, is that all true Christians would literally love to invite you to accept Christ’s forgiveness and Salvation–which Christ paid for with His own Blood on the Cross! On the other hand IZZLAM offers only ONE WAY to achieve personal “salvation”–by becoming a “martyr” and shedding YOUR OWN BLOOD! PLEASE, don’t compare the Truth of God’s Gift of Love with mohammed’s false cult of DEATH AND HATE!!!!! YOU ARE TOTALLY BEYOND LAUGHABLE!!!!!

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