Video: The Legacy of Arab-Islam in Africa – Author Interview


via New English Review

An interview with John Alembillah Azumah, the author of “The Legacy of Arab-Islam In Africa“.


Azumah’s documentary:

4 thoughts on “Video: The Legacy of Arab-Islam in Africa – Author Interview

  1. This interview is excellent and eye-opening! Dr. Azumah is uncovering a ‘multitude of sins’ which the Arab African MUSLIMS have gone out of their way to hide! The slave trade of the 18th and 19th centuries in West Africa and North Africa, was absolutely encouraged and initiated by and large by black MUSLIMS, who sold out their own people to the white slave traders! This is a blight on ALL MUSLIMS simply because modern historical records have expressly linked white Europeans to the slave trade, without even so much as mentioning a black tie (no pun intended). Indeed, most people, both black and white, still blame the African slave trade on white European slave traders, EXCLUSIVELY! I find this extremely important to know simply because the adherents of the Nation of Islam in America today have pushed this deception to the limit, under the false pretense that “islam is the true religion of the black man” – but NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM  THE TRUTH! Black and Arab Africans were equally responsible – if not exclusively so!   Here we find, in the dogmas and outright lies, perpetuated by westernized muslims and their leaders, but one more shining example of blatant ‘taqiyya’ tactics, used deliberately to misinform and deceive the people about islam’s vile and deceptive history and legacy!   Thank you Dr. Azumah, and thank you CS, for publishing the NAKED TRUTH about this great cover-up of historical facts, which is so often used by islamists to teach racism and hatred against white European-American Christians and missionaries!!!   This info needs to be disseminated and taught to every school child throughout the Western world – particularly to young blacks who seem more vulnerable to believing the LIES OF ISLAM!!!        

    • If you click the link under the first video, there’s one eye-opener still available. This info needs to get out!    

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