Texas: Muslim burial grounds plan meets resistance in Farmersville

via Islamic cemetery plan meets resistance in Farmersville.

FARMERSVILLE — Farmersville, population 3,400, is normally a quiet town in eastern Collin County.

It was a loud community on Tuesday night.

More than 100 residents packed into City Council chambers to share their disapproval of a proposal that would bring an Islamic cemetery within city limits.

“It is my duty and my right to warn when there is a danger,” said one resident during the 30-minute public comment portion.

The standing-room-only crowd even had some residents waiting outside, hoping to hear the comments.

“That is not the right land use,” one resident said. “It’s going to be a great big issue and it’s going to kill Farmersville,” said another.

The disputed piece of land is on 34 acres and runs along Highway 380, Audie Murphy Highway. As of Tuesday, the land was owned by the Islamic Association of Collin County.

The cemetery is proposed by a group of five Islamic centers in Collin County.

This is why stopping Muslim immigration is of the utmost importance. Once there are five Islamic centers in your county, you are screwed. They will only keep multiplying and history paints a bleak picture for territory overtaken by Muslims.

“This is not an issue about religion; this is an issue about human dignity,” said the Islamic Association’s resident scholar Khalil Abdur-Rashid. He said all this anger stems from misinformation and confusion.

“Some thought it was a mosque going to be built; others thought it was a training ground,” Abdur-Rashid said. “We want to be very clear that this is a cemetery.”

It would be a final resting place primarily for Muslims, he said, but added the board is working on a special application process that would allow interfaith burials.

“I’ve seen this highway when it was just two lanes,” said Patricia Bosnell, pointing to Highway 380.

She has been a Farmersville resident for 61 years; three generations of her family have called the town home. She she said mystery surrounds the Islamic group and its intentions. Her family has questions about Islam, and specifically about burial practices.

Abdur-Rashid told News 8 there are strict traditions, like burying the dead immediately.

“What do you think they’re going to do to someone who is not buried properly?” Bosnell asked.

The proposal still needs to be signed off by the town’s planning and zoning board; only then will the City Council hear the proposal.

If this is like other Muslim burial sites in the U.S., they may have already started burying people there and residents should prepare for the zoning jihad.

“There is something about it that ya’ll are missing,” said one angry resident who feels the city hasn’t done enough research.

Abdur-Rashid calls Farmersville the perfect place for the Islamic cemetery. It is a town that prides itself on home-town hero and one of the most decorated war veterans, Audie Murphy. Abdur-Rashid said that connection played a role in the Islamic Association choosing the area.

What connection? Murphy fought the Nazi’s and Muslims fought with the Nazi’s. Abdur-Rashid is blowing smoke up someone’s tail pipe. It’s called taqiyya.

“We wanted our community to be able to visit their loved ones in a place that is known to provide honor and dignity, and fond memories of those of the past,” he said.

The opposition feels the Islamic Association chose Farmersville because they thought it was a small town and no one would fight it. Some even alleging that the organization’s proposal had been denied by other Collin County cities.

Abdur-Rashid tells News 8 the other locations in Collin County simply didn’t make economic sense, and the options weren’t viable.

Farmersville residents should take a look at the IACC constitution (pdf), that includes the following:


 It’s all for the benefit of Muslims and Muslims “shall strive to propogate Islam and shall actively engage in Islam Daw’ah work through all means of communication.” Including taqiyya.

Update via NPR, who spoke to the city manager: (h/t Debbie)

SILVERMAN: To find out how city officials are handling all this, I walked a few blocks – past Lovey’s Cafe, the town’s old onion shed and an antique shop with a speaker out front.

SILVERMAN: City manager Ben White is in no dancing mood, though he says the controversy has made his head spin.BEN WHITE: I’ve always felt like when you have knowledge, it helps a lot. And I’m always recommending to people that they talk to the – directly to the people involved.

SILVERMAN: Which is why White met with the Islamic Association. He says so far the proposal, which includes an open-air pavilion and small retail space, has met all development and health requirements. Still, some members of the planning and zoning commission have received threats.

WHITE: Certainly is unnerving to the people that it’s happening to. In the city of Farmersville, we take that very, very, very seriously.

Talk is cheap Ben White. Why not do your due diligence as city manager?

29 thoughts on “Texas: Muslim burial grounds plan meets resistance in Farmersville

  1. I am glad to know that people are protesting this. I would also happy if the resistance of the burial grounds would mean that the earth itself would spew the dead Muslims out.

  2. I live 5 minutes away in Princeton. Collin county is the jewel of north Texas. Make no mistake, the Islamics know this!! Right now, most Texans haven’t got a clue. They think Texas is important…..for ALL the wrong reasons. If you’re really going to get America, you have to shut down TEXAS. I wish this was too bold a move for them……..but.

    • Their ultimate “GOAL” means they will do anything to spread Islam and their sharia concepts in the USA. The muslims want to tear the citizens apart from their foundational teachings of Jesus Christ and the founding of the USA and our heritage. Of course the Dems and Repubs are right there helping. Oh yea, don’t forget the local leaders too.

      • All this shows you what can happen when you don’t get involved and work on putting a stop to this nonsense. Sometimes I feel we’re too far gone and irreparable damage has already been done. Maybe we are already in a salvage mode, thanks to all those people who gave Obama his second term and are already lining up wanting to continue with Hillary.

  3. agree ,plant some pig blood over the whole area; also, how much did saudia Arabia cough up to buy the property; they are behind most of the purchases of land and building of mosques; they have no right to have a cemetery in our country; ship them back to the mideast desert where they belong.

    ALL Texans should rise up; this cemetery is an abomination on their land and should be stopped at all costs; now a cemetery, then what next???? did the seller of the property know what was going on????

  4. If Farmersville allows the cemetery to go in you can say goodbye to Farmersville in a few short years. The friggin muzzies do not belong in America. Send them back to hell where they came from.

      • Has anybody even considered the disgusting horrific way these people (muzzlumz) conduct funerals and burials??? Here’s just one gut-wrenching procedure they use! “The body is placed in the grave WITHOUT A CASKET”!!!    “The grave should be aligned   perpendicular   to the   Qibla   (i.e. Mecca). The body is placed in the grave without a   casket , lying on its right side…”   Read it all at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Islamic_funeral      

        • The “disgusting horrific” way is something in your imagination rjerry2 and makes you part of the existing problems.
          You’re not concerned with the murder weapon, neither are you concerned with the perpetrator however, that he wore Nike tennis shoes bothers you.
          We have Muslims here who live here peacefully and because of their own inactions are being questioned.
          For that reason alone, they should be curtailed in whatever they are doing and should never receive any special considerations when living here.
          Their growth is only supported for political reasons and should stop immediately.

          • breuil1 Please READ THE QURAN! Especially Sura 9:5. Notice that the Quran is not chronological, but compiled long to short, regardless of when it was ‘revealed’ from Allah. Then go to youtube to see Bill Warner’s video “A Taste of Islam.” PLEASE DO NOT BE IGNORANT OF ISLAM!

          • Where in heck do you come from and what has this to do with the subject. Horrific is spelled: h o r r i f i c , like causing horror or shock, get it? Throwing your quran in the mix isn’t going to change anything, it still means the same.

          • rjerry2 has a good point: “where in this particular posted CS story do you see anything remotely referring to a “murder weapon” or a “perpetrator” or your IMAGINARY Nikes???? ”

            The quote you quoted is very nice, but it doesn’t answer his/her points.

            I’m glad we all agree that Obozo’s letting hundreds of thousands of Muslims into the country is a terrible thing, that we’ll all end up paying with in blood — at least that is the way that history has played out with Muslims since its inception.

            It is definitely a religion of war.

            Let’s stop arguing with each other.

          • For Heaven’s sake, what does it takes for you to understand. I was indeed criticizing rjerry2 for failing to mention the horrific crimes this Islamist movement is penetrating on the world and what a bunch of thugs they are and how they dare to try making us comply with their idiotic sharia laws. No, rjerry2 made it known how concerned he was with their burial practices, which is the least of my concerns.
            I firmly believe that rjerry2 hates them as much as I do and that it is his sincere wish to kick these sympathizers out of this country just as much as I do but the only thing I wanted to say was: ‘rjerry2, your priorities are mixed up.’

          • “Priorities?… Mixed up?” First of all, I would repeat, that this particular post had nothing to do with ‘muslim violence and butchery’, that’s a whole ‘nother topic! This is about a town in Texas where the people don’t want a MUZZLUM graveyard–and I support them 100%! What? So, don’t the muzzlumz deserve to bury their dead in their own traditional way??? NO, DAMMIT, NO, NO, NO!!!!! THEY DO NOT!!!!! NOT HERE IN AMERICA!!!! Ok, and just why would I propose to be such a ‘bigoted’ islamophobe??? Well, let me spell it out a little more graphically.   Would you want your children attending a school where you knew that the teacher used his left hand instead of toilet tissue??? Would you want to live in a neighborhood where dog fighting or cock fighting was legal? Would you want to work in a bank, or go to a bank where all of the female employees and patrons wore the full face-covering niqab??? Would you want to see the running of the bulls down Fifth Avenue? Would you support a movement in America to legalize FGM (female genitalia mutilation)??? How about ‘honor’ killing???? Yeah…I suspect not!!!! Well, just in case it’s not perfectly clear, allow me to say that ALLOWING JUST ONE OF THESE “DISGUSTING, HORRIFIC” MUZZLUM GRAVEYARDS (to which any adjacent ground water supplies would be polluted) WILL OPEN THE DOOR WIDE TO HAVING THEM ALL OVER OUR COUNTRY!!!!! We, here in Massachusetts, have already been alerted to a bunch of DUMBASS muzzlum students, who were doubtlessly hoping to poison the Quabbin Reservoir, which supplies water to the entire greater Boston area! And on a slightly milder note, permit me to say, that from personal experience that I know just a little bit about underground water supplies. You see, I grew up in a region of rural Pennsylvania where most of the residents still had out-door facilities–yeah, outhouses–with the half-moon carved in the door and everything! Those outhouses POLLUTED the underground water table to the extent that whenever someone would attempt to drill a well, IT WOULD BE DECLARED UNSAFE!!! We literally had to drink the water that we collected in cisterns in our basements from the rain gutters on the roof–yeah, we all had them, we had no other choice, there was no city water and no well water!!!! Uncivilized? Yeah, well we all survived it!!!! Now, just for one moment let’s all ponder the precious thought of drinking from a water supply planted next to a couple hundred of unprotected rotting corpses leaching their specialness into our morning cup of coffee!!! CLEAR ENOUGH?????   Am I asking too much to demand that we AMERICANS maintain some semblance of civilized dignity and standards of hygienic purity????? Or do we just kowtow to these 7th century Neanderthals and turn our heads the other way while they drag us all down into hell in a handbasket?????        

      • @ breuil1. Your comment is uncalled for and incendiary in nature! I am NOT part of the problem, but your singling me out for a lecture essentially makes YOU more than just PART of the problem! My comment was THOUGHT PROVOCING to any rationally minded non-muzzlum (hey, use my intentional misspelling here for some more of your diatribe insults). BTW, if you don’t think that having one of those unprotected rotting corpses (much less dozens or even hundreds of them) near a water supply is a problem, then you REALLY are MORE THAN PART OF THE PROBLEM!!!   And, PA-LEEZE, don’t tell me that there’s no water supply in question here! If you just want to stir up strife, then go pound sand. It makes a lot more people mad, ‘specially when you get some of it in their eyes!!!!! PA-LEEZE!!!!!      

          • I’m sure that Muslims think it’s perfectly fitting for us to drink groundwater contaminated by their decaying corpses. For anyone else not of the Muslim persuasion, this would be unacceptable.

            Granted there’s not a lot of wood in many Muslim countries and burying without a coffin makes a lot of sense IN THE DESERT. I am not terribly upset that no trees are wasted on them here.

            breuil1, you are quite arrogant. You proffer to KNOW what bothers and doesn’t bother rjerry2. If you have some sort of glass ball or paranormal powers, by all means, tell me where my wedding ring is. Otherwise, a more realistic, accurate and humble way to make the point is that you didn’t see any indication. That you presume to know is a whole different story.

            Do you know brueil1, that ALL Muslims must, through their Zakat, give to support Jihad against the Kuffar (non-Muslims/infidels). That makes “peaceful” Muslims an accessory to the murder.

            The Muslims here — unless they’re ex-Muslims — the best kind, are engaging in Hijra — Islamic colonization, because they know that anywhere mosques are put become Muslim lands. And any Muslim land can never again become a non-Muslim land.

            So, brueil1, YOUR IGNORANCE is the problem, because you are defending what shouldn’t be defended, for motives you have no idea about.

            The vast majority of Americans and immigrants who are non-Muslim are here because they want a part of the American dream. The vast majority of Muslims here SAY the want Sharia to be the law of the land, to usurp our Constitution and make this into a Muslim country.

            ACTING peaceful is actually worse than the jihadis pulling triggers, because acts like this fool arrogant, full-of-themselves people like you.

          • @ Shameless Sharia. Allow me to say, ‘ Shameless Sharia’, that you’re a PRINCE – second to none! THANK YOU!!!      

          • Thanks, rjerry2.

            I would still like to ask brueil1, when the Qur’an tells Muslims to “smile with their faces at the Kuffar (non-Muslims), to hate them in their hearts”.

            So tell me, brueil1, when your “peaceful” Muslims smile at you, how sure are you that they’re not hating you in their hearts, as they are told to do?

            I feel quite sure that there are Good People who are Muslims — but they are NOT “Good Muslims”.

          • The only thing I questioned was the disgusting horrific way they conduct their burials and look at the responses from people who fail to understand a simple observation.
            The Muslims are a big problem here and the import from them into the United States going on steroids under the present administration should be of great concern but still, I would like to know what is disgusting and horrific in the way they bury people?
            You people who responded are only reading what you want to read but are clueless of what’s going on, simply by the way you responded. For rjerry2 to worship Shameless Sharia for his inability to read and comprehend a simple question thereby making me an arrogant fool only shows how dumb we really are and only enforces Gruber’s observation.

          • The question is: do burying Muslims without the proper vault and coffin and/or chemicals — lime or such — contaminate groundwater? If so, it IS disgusting. Would you want to drink such water?

            I do not think burying a body in a cloth by itself is disgusting. It makes sense, saving wood for better purposes. But are rules and regulations being followed, OR like in so many other situations are Muslims treated with kid gloves and their crimes overlooked? Think NY cabbies who come to mosques and park three, four or five rows deep out into the streets, completely blocking traffic and emergency vehicles. And nothing’s done, because of the sick, obsequious obeisance we have to them for petrodollars that have bought them outrageous influence here.

            I could mention numerous other situations in which Muslims bait and sue or simply get the cases closed — as in honor killing daughters in the U.S., because the police are desperately afraid of CAIR (like the NY police who have undercover agents go into mosques that are known for producing terrorists who carry out terrorist plots.

            You came down pretty hard and judgmentally and accusatorally on rjerry2, and you didn’t need to. I’m glad to hear that you think similarly to me — and probably rjerry2 — that Islam in this country is a terrible mistake. But at best, you sent a mixed message the first time with the “peaceful Muslim” garbage.

            The Muslim Brotherhood which has many, many subgroups was found with papers listing the subgroups and plans to take over the U.S. — by patient, non-violent (aka “peaceful”), incremental, multifaceted moves. So “peaceful” is not synonymous with “good” or “innocent”. It is simply a strategy that fools a hell of a lot of, especially left wing, self-righteous morons, which you were sounding a lot like.

            I believe it was me who said you sounded arrogant, because you presumed to know what this other person thinks:

            “You’re not concerned with the murder weapon, neither are you concerned with the perpetrator however, that he wore Nike tennis shoes bothers you.
            We have Muslims here who live here peacefully and because of their own inactions are being questioned.”

            Good, let them be questioned. If it were just about ANYBODY else who did the horrendous things Muslims do, the other communities would stand up en mass and condemn the actions. But we have the vast majority of silent Muslims, that for many reasons can be taken as tacit agreement with, consent or possibly CYA moves.

            Lets agree, that Islam is the problem. It is a detrimental force and ideology to the U.S. and pretty much most of the globe.

          • No question that Islam is the problem. Our complacency greatly contributed to the home grown problems we have today. The simple fact that we have a President who openly support the Muslim growth and who was reelected for a second term, shows that indifference and complacency are the major factors of our divisiveness and divided, we will fail.

          • @ breuil1. You said, “The only thing I questioned was the disgusting horrific way they conduct their burials…” NOT SO, breuil1, NOT AT ALL SO!!! As I have previously stated, to me muslim burials are disgusting, horrific and totally incompatible with 21st century civilized standards of funerary protocol.   THAT’S MY OPINION and I stand by it! What’s more, I am totally fine with anybody who expresses a difference of opinion or “asks” an intelligent question or even goes so far as to tell me that I’m wrong about this or that – that’s just normal discourse – and no two people will ever agree on everything. But you took the ‘discussion’ way beyond just ‘asking a question’ or expressing a difference of opinion! You made it your business (obnoxious, I might add) to insult me and to infer that I apparently live in some sort of a wild imaginary lala-land. GO BLOW SMOKE!!! YOU MISSED MY WHOLE POINT – and for you, ‘I don’t chew my cabbage twice’!!! What’s more, where in this particular posted CS story do you see anything remotely referring to a “murder weapon” or a “perpetrator” or your IMAGINARY Nikes???? Duh – hello????   P.S. I think I shall now go and build a golden shrine to the most magnificent and greatest of all, “shameless sharia”. That way all the world will know how that I “WORSHIP” at his golden IMAGE!!! P.S.S. DON’T ANSWER!!!  


          • For when the peace of mind is lashed with anger, it is thrown into confusion. By anger wisdom is parted with so that we are left wholly in ignorance what to do; as it is written, ‘anger resteth in the bosom of a fool’, in this way that it withdraws the light of understanding, while by agitating it troubles the mind. (‘Moral.,’ 5:78)

          • @Shameless Sharia. Again, thanks for coming to my defense, even if you didn’t necessarily agree with everything I had to say – THANKS anyway! As for, ahemm, you know who, well you can lead the “horse” to water, but…. Geez, that old axiom really makes a whole lot of “horse” sense in this case, doesn’t it. I hope the lengthy explanation that I last posted helped to bring a few left-wing dhimmis to the revelation of reality–that being, muzzies just want to nit, nit, pick, pick at our American system of Liberty and Justice for All, until were all buried under a truckload of muzzlum red tape and restrictions. This graveyard is just one more diabolical attempt on their part to infiltrate and corrupt our culture and our CIVILIZED sense of decency. Obozo, (our first muzzlum prez) wants “change” and so do the muzzies! But their idea of change is a change which restricts and inhibits, not a change for the better. Americans are becoming more and more AFRAID of what they can and cannot do and say. It’s time to JUST SAY NO!!!!!   Now as for that other ‘issue’ at hand… You used the word “arrogant” — yeah, you definitely got that part right!!!!! Thanks again, NOW WHERE WOULD YOU LIKE YOUR SHINE BUILT?????      

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