Michigan: Dearbornistan in Photos

Coming to your town. via ISLAMIC MICHIGAN:

Warren Avenue Dearborn in Photos










Update: A second post from the same site, Islamic Michigan, has more photos.

14 thoughts on “Michigan: Dearbornistan in Photos

    • @Mary. Right! Guaranteed, if these people would come here with a mindset to become loyal American citizens, then nobody, but nobody would give a damn how many ethnic signs they erect in their own language–BUT THAT AIN’T THE CASE WITH MUZZLUMZ!!!! THAT JUST AIN’T THE CASE!!!!!    

  1. its actually worse on the other side of town in Hamtramck, which is a city within the boundaries of Detroit…the south end of the main street (Jos. Compau) (which was for many years the heart of the Polish community) and which now harbors many from Pakistan and Yemen is now a slum. both the Polish and Dutch are pretty much rabid about cleaniness, not so our muslim newcomers. even their majids/mosques are filthy on the outside. store windows look dirty as well as sidewalks outside and around their areas.

    • The filth is hardly a surprise given how long they spend groveling to their false god every day when would they find time to clean let alone work and is it just me but there seem to be very few people in the photos why would that be?

  2. @gingersnap. Well, I suppose that comes as no big surprise considering how that the mug shots of a greater majority of muslims would seem to closely resemble a rabid, mangy bear in the woods!!!    

  3. this is no different than any other town taken over by immigrants, Flushing, NY inhabited by Koreans and Chines has many signs in native languages, as do signs in and around Coney Island, NY are in Russian, China Town in many cities also has signs in Chinese. The big difference, is it is safe to shop in those areas in whatever is normal for Americans to wear. Unlike moslem areas, I have read wear women are threatened for not wearing habibs, pun intended. Nor are our other immigrants here to kill and dominate Americans, they live and let live, the way it should be….

  4. Why are we as Americans tolerating this human trash??? The muslims that have come here are not assimilating and never will. Muslims have never been at peace throughout the world so why do we think they will be any different here? I live in Kansas which is not the place I thought I’d ever see a woman(?) in a full Burqua shopping in Walmart. And not two miles form my home is a “Mega Mosque” under construction! No one is doing anything to halt this and it makes me sick. They need to be destroyed for the vermin that they are!!!

  5. and how many of them have loans from our govt to establish their businesses or did saudi arabia fund these idiots? as they do much of the islam proliferation with buildings, buying land, etc.

    ALL muslim immigration should be halted forever; the ones here will reproduce like rabbits and make more of them

    this has to stop; many other nationalities make their communities a better place as they want it for their children; where they came from is much worse. problem is the muzzies want it their way or no way

    THEY WILL NEVER ASSIMILATE BECAUSE THEY DON’T HAVE TO according to their leaders, obama and others, and the money flowing from saudi arabia and others who pretend to like us while they quickly infiltrate every aspect of America.


    that should give you an idea of what they want; total control of our country and way of life

    wake up folks

    • @Mozlem Lover. Sounds to me like you’re the one with the problem… And I don’t suppose the phrase, ‘don’t bite the hand that feeds you’ ever comes to your pea-size brain! Just FYI, it’s inevitable that you’re either here under some kind of a gov’t grant, or you were born and lived your whole life here on state-funded WELFARE! Just so you know, those programs are all authorized and funded BY WHITE FOLKS’ MONEY!!!!!! NAME ONE THING YOUR allah-god EVER DID FOR YOU????? crickets…..

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