Florida: Orlando Airport To Open $250,000 Muslim Prayer Room

Also known as a mosque. Creeping in Orlandostan. via Orlando Airport To Open $250,000 Muslim Prayer Room « CBS Tampa.


“The room is meant for all travelers, but especially for Muslims who need a place to pray.” (PHOTO/Orlando International Airport)

ORLANDO (CBS Tampa) — The Orlando International Airport will soon be opening a Muslim prayer room.

WKMG-TV reports the airport will spend $250,000 to build the “Reflection Room” where Muslims can pray. The airport decided to build the room after Emirates Airlines announced it will make non-stop flights from Orlando to Dubai.

“These rooms provide travelers an opportunity to pray in their own way and have peace before they take on a long flight,” Imam Muhammad Musri, president of the Islamic Society of Central Florida, told My News 13.

Many Muslims currently pray in public, and even the bathrooms, at the Orlando airport. Carolyn Fennell, director of public affairs at the airport, says the “Reflective Room” will give them a much more suitable place to pray.

“So they aren’t having to, if it is the case, kneel on bathroom floors or in corners so they have the reflective time,” she told My News 13.

The airport has a chapel in Terminal A and is expected to open an interdenominational chapel in the near future, My News 13 reports.

The “Reflection Room” is scheduled to be open by Sept. 1.

More‘Muslim’ Prayer Room At Orlando Airport Welcomes All Faiths, Sparks Backlash Anyway

While the space will welcome worshippers of all faiths, it was partly designed keeping in mind the practices of Muslim travelers, who adhere to a prescribed ritual prayer that involves standing, bowing, prostrating and sitting on the floor. The room will include benches but also a carpeted area where travelers can sit.

“So they aren’t having to, if it is the case, kneel on bathroom floors or in corners, so they have the reflective time,” said Carolyn Fennell, the airport’s director of public affairs. “There are amenties there for those who practice Middle East rituals.”

The prayer area also will include an ablution facility, carry-on luggage bins and racks for holding worshippers’ shoes, Fennell said. Signs marking north, east, south and west will indicate the qibla, the directions Muslims face when they offer prayers.

But, adds Fennell, there will be no religious symbols in the reflection room, and it will serve as a space for all passengers.

Huh? An ablution facility and qibla indicators pointing to Mecca are not religious symbols? They are for Muslims and only Muslims.

But not everyone is thrilled with the idea of a worship room that caters to Muslims, even though airport authorities have emphasized that the room is open to all. There has been backlash on social media in certain conservative circles, despite assurances that there is already a chapel at the airport and that the new reflection room is not limited to Muslims.

“Orlando is pathetic. Caving to Muslims and Sharia law. I’ll find another airport to fly into,” read one comment left on the airport’s Facebook page in response to a statement about the new reflection room. Another user wrote, “Adding insult to stupidity is the fact the taxpayers are footing the bill.”

According to airport officials, the Orlando International Airport is funded 30 percent by the airlines and 70 percent by user fees generated by restaurants, hotels and commercial leases at the facility.

“We do use passenger facility charges that are built into ticket fees, as virtually all airports do. But there are no tax dollars provided at all for the operation of the airport,” Fennell said.

As for the backlash, Fennell said the airport has “had some calls and some comments. But there isn’t any movement toward disrespecting any religions at all — we are respectful of all faiths.”

She added that this reflection room is no different from the airport’s tradition of serving all passengers with its nondenominational chapel, or the nondenominational prayer room outside the security area that will open in 2016.

If that is true, then why couldn’t Muslims simply use the nondenominational chapel? If they needed additional space why not another nondenominational chapel? This is clearly for Muslims.

 Feeding the hand that keeps biting you.

18 thoughts on “Florida: Orlando Airport To Open $250,000 Muslim Prayer Room

    • “…there will be no religious symbols in the reflection room , and it will serve as a space for all passengers…”   Ok, so here’s a thought… Let’s just see what happens the first time a RC priest and five nuns go there to pray the Rosary (out loud)! BTW, I’m Protestant! Or maybe some fire-baptized Pentecostals might try holding a revival service “for all passengers”. Yeah, that’ll work real good! Oh, ahh, I almost forgot–“reflection room”–so what now, are the walls all made out of mirrors??? Hahahahaha! Yeah, “for all passengers”! INDEED!!!! RIGHT!!!!!      

  1. WTF?Why a prayer room at an airport. Are they praying the plane their about to fly won’t crash? If therir muslims on the plane, then I’d hope it does go down. Muslims always wanting special priviliges that others don’t demand.

  2. Have we so quickly forgotten 9/11 when Muslims hijacked planes and ended up killing almost 3000 Americans. Why should we give them anything but a free plane ride back to the hell hole they came from.

  3. The accompanying photo is of the existing “chapel” – look how tiny it is! The muslim-open-to-all room will be about 1000 sq. feet – around 25′ x 40′, or 30′ x 30′. Nice ‘n’ big, with foot-bath facilities and a large shoe rack.

    What I’d like to know is about the carpeting – muslims like to make everyone entering take their shoes off. Will the room be open-to-all-who-take-off-their-shoes? That alone will keep a lot of people out, and so it will be the first thing the muslims push for.

    Will the custodial staff who clean it be required to do it without shoes? Or will they be allowed, OSHA-style, to keep theirs on, to avoid catching diseases and fungi? Perhaps the muslims will agitate for custodial staff to wear those little disposable ‘booties’ instead of shoes…?

    Lastly, I think it would be a wonderful thing if all travelers discover the comforting relaxation of custom foot-baths… infidel feet sloshing in the muzzies’ ‘ablution’ facilities, and ‘taking up space’, would be fitting.

  4. .. if it is non-denominational.. then let us see what happens when someone eats a bacon sandwich in there while they are praying…

    • Ahemm…. So many veddddy interddesssting ideas…. But I still like the ‘toilet’ one the best–and hey, the freakin’ half-moon on the door would be perfect to go along w their freakin’ ‘moon-god’!!! YEAH!!    

  5. A reader sent this and asked it be published:

    “A Muslim Prayer Hall, BUT, Not a Veterans USO Lounge” @ OIA Airport!! **Enclosed are (copies of) my complaints to both the Governor of Florida, and the Board of Directors for the OIA Airport —–Original Message—– From: wetheepeople To: Rick.Scott ; rick.scott ; scottopengov Sent: Mon, Aug 24, 2015 5:10 pm Subject: Governor Rick Scott / E-mail copy of Complaint Letter sent via Mailing Governor Rick Scott , Attached is an E-mail copy of my Complaint Letter sent to your office via Post Office. Thomas Pastore 407-963-6238 wetheepeople@aol.com Office of Governor Rick Scott State of Florida The Capitol 400 S. Monroe St. Tallahassee, FL 32399-0001 August 22, 2015 Governor Scott, I am compelled to forward this request and complaint to your office, in the hopes that a Fair and Just review can be conducted over the established “Reflection-Hall” recently established and opened at the Orlando International Airport. The concerns I have (I believe) are just and require a review of the nomenclature that has been indoctrinated into this alleged “Neutral” hall of worship. The reported nomenclature added to this alleged “Neutral” hall clearly has made this a religion-specific environment for those of the Islam / Muslim faith. The approved products installed in said facility, allow for and assist in giving the proper directions (East / West / North / South), in which one has to or should face, when and if they wish to pray towards Mecca. This so-called “neutral” hall will also have a location for (Ablution) the “washing” before prayer, as well as a place to put one’s shoes, slippers, etc., and a supply of kneeling rugs. How is this neutral, when these are performances / products that only one religion prepares for when in the processes of prayer? This is not allowed, nor should be allowed as it violates our Florida Constitution, Article #1 / Section #3; SECTION 3.   Religious freedom. — there shall be no law respecting the establishment of religion or prohibiting or penalizing the free exercise thereof. Religious freedom shall not justify practices inconsistent with public morals, peace or safety . No revenue of the state or any political subdivision or agency thereof shall ever be taken from the public treasury directly or indirectly in aid of any church, sect, or religious denomination or in aid of any sectarian institution . The Orlando International Airport, is a (1971), State sanctioned and State Legislated Authority / Agency that solely exist, for, of, and by the people of the State of Florida. This (OIA), Agency , overseen by the Governors’ office, also receives Tax dollars from the people of Florida through varied grants, and is therefore, even more-so obligated to adhere to our Constitution. The objection here is Constitutional clear. This truly gives the appearance and atmosphere of being a Religion-specific “reflection” room, and thus violates the intent and spirit of Florida’s Constitution. The only reflection I see here is a pandering effect of giving a contrived, over-exuberant “desire –to-please” performance to one particular religious base over all others. Though it is stated that “All” can use this Facility, I would suspect that others would feel intimated, and uncomfortable in such a specifically decorated environment, just as I suspect some (Religions), may feel (uncomfortable) if “Holy-Water” was made available, or if a Cross of Jesus Christ was displayed. I have no problem with the providing of a room (Total in Neutrality),that is comfortable for all to use, but when it’s “decorated” with products (purchased and provided) that assist and relate to the use of a particular Religion, than the particulars of our Constitution have been ignored and sullied with misdirected intent. I ask that a proper investigation be performed to correct these errors, so as to provide a comfortable (Reflection Room), environment for all, but without any intent to insult anyone, as I feel Insulted, Disrespected, and Denied, at this moment in time. I have provided written articles announcing the nomenclature (that is), provided in the room, as well as a copy of my e-mail to the OIA Board of Directors, reflecting my discontent on their miss-guided performance. I look forward to a timely, and in-depth review of this (Airport) site and the contents on my complaint. I also look forward to a timely response. Sincerely, Thomas Pastore C.C. Florida’s Attorney General Florida’s Inspector General _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This was sent to the OIA Board Members today. A formal complaint to the Governors office is being mailed this weekend. I have a copy/paste of the letter in e-mail form if you wish to see it. —–Original Message—– From: wetheepeople To: dsnyder ; fkruppenbacher ; dasher ; dsanchez ; efouche ; jpalmer ; pbrown ; mayor ; Buddy.Dyer Sent: Sat, Aug 22, 2015 2:17 pm Subject: OIA Board Members…………….How could you??…….A Muslim Prayer HalL, BUT , Not a Veterans USO Lounge??? OIA (Orlando International Airport) Board Members…………….How could you??……A Muslim Prayer Hall, BUT, Not a Veterans USO Lounge, in this Airport??? OIA Board Members; Why do America’s Military Veterans have to take a back seat to this “Authority’s” desire to pander to a sect of people visiting this country? How can this Airport Authority find money to build a “religious specific” hall of worship,but Not be able to find money to build a USO Lounge for America’s Best,……our American Soldiers. Quite frankly your performance sickens me. I am filled with disgust over this blatant disrespect for America’s own, and the excessive pandering to a religious sect, coming to visit America. Appeasing one specific Religion , as is being done here, reflects an underlying “Fear” that you will do what ever is necessary so as to not “offend” these groups of individuals, though you appear to have no problem in Offending, and Disrespecting, America’s Veterans. Your lack of being (American), and Pro-active by not constructing any form of WELCOME “Home-site” (USO endorsed) at the Airport to embrace our very own American Brothers and Sister home from War, is evidence clear to that point.!! There already is a Non-denominational hall of worship / meditation, in one of the Terminals , so why build one in another Terminal, at the same time that Emirate Airlines is to begin flights to Orlando? This is NOT a mere coincidence!!…..This is a Blatant and cowardly move to pander to one specific religious group and a Nation-wide insult to our American War Veterans.!! Your declaration that this is a Non-denominational hall of worship, is deceptive, miss-leading and may be an outright insult to Americans all over. This “Hall of worship” you have hastily prepared, has a specific religious intent in-mind as it will show visitors which direction is facing (Mecca)-(for Muslim worship). This so-called “neutral” hall will also have a location for (Ablution) the “washing” before prayer, as well as a place to put one’s shoes, slippers, etc., and a supply of kneeling rugs!!!………..Excuse me,……… but what religions do you know of in America that allows for such equipment and such items except the Muslim religion?? How many other innocent citizens (do you believe) will actually want to enter and participate in any form of meditation, and prayer with all these intimidating, non-neutral ,unfamiliar paraphernalia items surrounding them? What other religious specific items will you supply, and NOT tell America about????? OIA, is a State legislated Authority and a State sanctioned Agency, therefore, it is my belief that you have violated Florida’s Constitution, by providing a “Hall of Worship”, that lends itself to serve one particular religious group of individuals, over ALL others. Florida’s Constitution prohibits it’s agencies, (directly or indirectly) of providing aid / funding towards any Church, sect, or religious denomination. Your (required), obligation to adhere to Florida’s Constitution is enforced by the mere fact that your existence was enabled by, for, and of the people of Florida, through our Legislative Representatives, in the year 1971. Your entity is identified as a State Agency, and therefore obligated to the Constitution of this State. This is further enforced by the fact that this Airport receives Millions of dollars in Grants from Florida to enhance and enrich it’s appearance and performance. These so-called “Grants” are in fact Tax dollars, supplied by the people. You are compelled by these particulars to adhere to and to comply with the rule-of-law that prevails through our Constitutional foundation….Article-1 / Section-3 ,of our Constitution is what you should have read before proceeding in the manner that you did. **I am compelled to forward a complaint to the proper representative Agencies in this State, in consideration of these apparent Constitutional violations. ** On the Moral grounds of Loyalty, and Patriotism and of providing Aid to our American Soldiers you have Failed miserably. You should have provided (First and Foremost), for and financed a “Welcome Home Center” for our Veterans in cooperation with the USO. Your priorities should have been the construction of this OASIS, for OUR Veterans and their Families. A temporary place where a Veteran can sit and talk and share with the Family that he / she hasn’t seen for months or years. The need of Veterans to feel welcome and wanted back home is a need that has never been fulfilled. Veterans coming home to “Nothing”, and feeling Unwelcome in their own Country has contributed to the 22 daily Veterans suicides that we have to shoulder. Statistics show that there are only 47 USO affiliated facilities at any of the designated primary Airports in this country. A country that has hundreds upon hundreds of major / primary Airports and all we can supply is 47 “welcome-Home Centers” @ Airports, through-out America for our Veterans. OIA had an opportunity to “Step-up” and set an example, and when the choice between a Veterans Center and a Muslim worship Center was laid-out in front of you, you decided that “Political Correctness” was the diseased path you chose to walk down, and you embraced this Muslim (leaning) worship Center over the need to Welcome our American Veterans back home. Statistics also show that OIA is rated 13th or 14th as a major Airport in this country, but you have chosen to be rated LAST, when it comes to Consciously, and Morally, exercising Loyalty, Patriotism, and Love for your fellow-American. As an American, and Vietnam Veteran I am truly disgusted with this catering performance for strangers, and the total disregard for our fellow Americans. I will not and cannot ever use your Airport services again, because you have not shown your Patriotic Compassion and Necessary Loyalty to those who have protected your right to flourish, and survive in America. You took a calculated stance that clearly reflects your desire to pacify, and pander to those unknown to these United States, while your do-nothing for those whom you should Know-all-too-well, ……….America’s beloved Veterans of our Armed Services!! I am truly saddened by your Failed performance. Thomas Pastore / Vietnam Veteran / USMC,/…….In search of the America, I fought to Preserve.

  6. Save your PIGS BLOOD, Put it in a spray bottle. Spray the PIGS BLOOD on the MUSLIMS and their PRAYER ROOMS. Piss on these RAG HEADS. We need A REAL PRESIDENT that is for AMERICANS and for AMERICA. This MUSLIM we now have needs to go. And take all of his MUSLIM Brothers and Sisters with him. AN AMERICAN BORN CHRISTIAN. I will never lower my self to being an ISLAMIC MUSLIM. jop

  7. O M G ! “Currently, Muslim travelers to Orlando International Airport must pray in public or in a nondenominational chapel.”………..

    I’m sure they will soon have a nice room for specifically Lutherans too…..
    It’s unacceptable for ME to have to be in a non special “nondenominational” area mixing with the non Lutheran heathens.
    I want my Lutheran room facing toward Joel Osteen’s house if it isn’t already or Jimmy Swaggart’s favorite motel.
    I’m flexible on that one…..
    I’m also going to need a nice spot with comfy chairs to clean my gun.
    If I don’t feel like cleaning it or it doesn’t need it then i’ll need another special room for petting it.
    My deluxe gun cleaning room AND gun petting room i want facing Charleton Heston’s birthplace.



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