Video: Donald Trump, in 2011, called out the “Muslim problem” in America

h/t BNI

For those who have been wondering about Trump’s position on Islam, he takes no prisoners when he addresses the issue, even mentioning the fact that there is whole lot of “hate in the quran.”

11 thoughts on “Video: Donald Trump, in 2011, called out the “Muslim problem” in America

  1. I’d really like to see Trump make it to the top this time. I think he realized the odds were against him last time he campaigned, so he dropped out. This much is for sure, Donald Trump is no pushover, and he’s no traitor to the cause, such as we now have in the White House! What’s more, he will stand up to our enemies–that’s something America needs right now, more than everything!!!!    

    • cruz’s wife is a member of the CFR. Cruz is also ineligible and knows it, doesn’t care and is willing to trash our rules of law for his own gain – period. Won’t vote for a member of congress under any circumstance. Eliminated them, as well as ineligibles, political fraud and carson who’s in over his head, which leaves Trump as the last man standing. Carson is pro-amnesty, supports forced vaccinations “regardless of religious objections””or any other objections and he’s friends with sharpton. Three strikes and both cruz and carson are out. If Trump is not on the ballot, i will vote for a democrat – just to cast a vote against the GOP.. Doesn’t matter anyway because the next president will be selected and will be another obama, no matter which party.

      • How much is Trump paying you to spread that crap? Cruz’s wife took a job that paid her good money, wouldn’t you take a good paying job? She has quit and is a stay at home mother. Cruz is a American and you need to read the Constitution Marlene! Cruz has always been a conservative Christian, ALWAYS! Trump just started saying he is a conservative, which he is not. He is another Obama. Cruz 2016!!!

        • Marlene is absolutely right on all counts. Cruz wad born in a foreign country by a daddy that was a foreigner until 35 years after Teddy was born. His mother became a Canadian citizen, according to papa Rafael — if that was before Teddy was born, he is NOT an American in any way, shape or form. Even so, he is NOT eligible, period. As to his being a “Christian” – look at what kind of Christian he is. Dominionist. Look it up. Daddy anointed him “king” in that cult that will “take” wealth from all non-believers and give it to the “kings” and “priests”. Look it up yourself. Redistribution of wealth is NOT American, but communism! Take from one group and give to another. “Take”! There are many other things wrong with Cruz. Many. Do your homework and don’t parrot someone else’s “opinion” — that’s what Obots did! And look what a mess.

  2. Ted Cruz is the real conservative in this race. Trump is always been a liberal until he decided to run for president. I will not be fooled anymore by fake conservatives.

    • STOP with the LABELS! What is a “conservative”? Where is that magical checklist? In the sky? In someone’s head? Does it exist? How many items on the list? How many do you have to check off to be a “real” “conservative”? Trump speaks for We The People! NO ONE ELSE DOES! No one else for a very long time! NO on ALL the “others”!

    • Besides, I have done a LOT of research on Cruz. HE is the fake. HE is the phony. Just as fake and phony as Barry! The more I find out about him, the more parallels there are between the two. NO ON CRUZ! Not for president or vice president. NO!

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