Direct correlation between top U.S. refugee resettlement states and states with most mosques


Not surprising to those aware that both numbers of Muslims and mosques have more than doubled since the deadly Muslim terrorist attacks on 9/11.  via Refugee Resettlement Watch

A reader, Dick, sent us this map (below) of the US which shows the number of mosques located in each state. There is a maybe not-so-surprising correlation to the top states receiving refugees.

By the way, as I noted in my little book, mosque construction is a way to stake-out territory often in advance of the arrival of any large population of worshipers of Allah.  The mosque actually serves as the magnet for further migration to that location (the Hijra).  Mohammed instructed his followers to migrate, to spread Islam, not just from country to country, but also from town to town and neighborhood to neighborhood.

Here are the Top Five States (for 2014) (in descending order) for refugee resettlement and in parenthesis is its position on the Mosque map.  Coincidence?

Texas (#3 in number of mosques)

California (#1)

New York (#2)

Michigan (#6)

Florida (#5)

Ohio surprise!

Find out how many refugees your state has received this fiscal year (as of July 31st), here.  Wow!  It looks like OHIO has moved into the #6 spot—gee! I wonder why?  Do they really think they will get all of those new registered voters signed up in time for the 2016 election?  Ohio is pretty high up on the mosque map too!

Remember readers that the numbers depicted on this map only represent refugees brought to your state by the resettlement contractors.  The numbers do not include those moving in to your state as ‘secondary migrants’ (refugees resettled elsewhere who decide to move to your state).  They do not include asylum seekers or successful asylum seekers (called asylees) or the ‘unaccompanied alien children.’

9/11 was just the beginning…of the end for non-Muslims in the U.S.

Update via Jihad Watch: More jihad terror cases in US in 2015 than in any year since 9/11


3 thoughts on “Direct correlation between top U.S. refugee resettlement states and states with most mosques

  1. For now, and it’s no coincidence. Eventually, however, if they are not stopped in their tracks and now, they will spread like the locusts they are – devastating everything in their path and wiping out everything that is America. They hate us more than they love themselves. They are a plague, like a curse from God. The church fails every time they lose another church to a mosque. There will be “Temple Mounts” all over this sorry country if they are allowed to continue to defy us and if we continue to vote them into our government. “Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie…”.

    • PS: the map is behind the times as Idaho is being inundated with tens of thousands of muslims and their mosques are being bought as we speak. This is a national disaster.


    The USA elected Congress and our x-president, have been aware of the intentions of Islam in the USA and have done nothing to stop their growth. They have denied the truth about Islam and Islamic goals to take over the USA and have lied to the citizens of the USA about the true danger Islam possess for the country. Our elected in D.C. have entertained some of the so called moderate Imam’s but in this video you will see the moderate needs to be removed from their label. Watch video to see how Imam’s in the USA are calling for the take over of the USA. There are many names for terrorist groups that are Islamic but they are all fighting the same fight, to force the world to accept Islam through jihad.

    Islam likes Muslims who are labelled moderate in the USA, they are serving the purpose of Islam by making it appear that there are such people in Islam that are moderate. Islam uses smoke and mirrors to deceive people into believing Islam can co-exist and these moderate Muslims pave the way for Islam to grow. When the time comes the moderate Islamist in the USA will be some of the first people beheaded, their services no longer required. You would think the so called moderates in the USA would know their destiny under Islam. They perhaps know their faith under Islam and perhaps they are more then happy to help further Islamic conquest of the world.

    In 2001, the trial of the Holy Land Foundation, which was a huge Islamic charity in the USA with tax exempt status, was ruled by the Court to be a terrorist organization, they were shut down and many went to prison. CAIR was named as having ties to the Foundation but they were never brought to trial. What was found during the investigation of the Holy Land Foundation was, “The Muslim Brotherhood’s Strategic Plan For America”, wherein it is stated the USA would be taken down front within through social jihad. The Clarion Project has been keeping tabs on Islamic activity in the USA you can see the Brotherhood’s Strategic Plan to take down America here>…#

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