Minneapolis: Muslim refugee brutally rapes 10-year-old girl, media hides facts

They can’t even use the “Asian” moniker for this Muslim nightmare. via Muslim refugee charged with raping 10-year-old girl (UPDATE AT END)

A 34-year-old Muslim immigrant has been arrested and charged with brutally raping a 10-year-old girl in Minnesota and the local media in Minneapolis has refused to identify the man as a refugee from Somalia.

KSTP 5, an ABC affiliate in Minneapolis, referred to the suspect, Ahmed Hersi Abdi as “A Minneapolis man.”  CBS affiliate WCCO 4 used the same description, giving no mention of the man’s background or how he arrived in the U.S.

The attack occurred Sunday evening in an apartment complex in the city’s Cedar Riverside neighborhood, also known as “Little Mogadishu” for its high concentration of Somali refugees imported from United Nations refugee camps in Africa.

Abdi allegedly followed the girl out of an elevator. He asked for her name and offered his hand to her. She shook his hand and Abdi refused to let go. Police said he proceeded to rape the girl in the hallway of the apartment building.

Authorities used video surveillance footage to help track down the suspect, who was arrested about 24 hours later on Monday in St. Paul.

The U.S. government has resettled more than 110,000 Somali refugees since the early 1990s and shipped in another 8,858 during the most recent fiscal year, which ended Sept. 30, according to U.S. State Department data.

Witnesses said they heard screaming in the hall and saw a young girl crying, so they flagged down an off-duty police officer.

The girl was sent to Hennepin County Medical Center for treatment.

The Minneapolis Police Department’s John Elder said the officers knew who the suspect was after seeing the video because they’d had frequent encounters with him.

Abdi has a long rap sheet. According to court records, he was convicted of trespassing in 2003, disorderly conduct in 2003 and public urination in 2012.

Several other previous charges against Abdi have been dismissed. In 2011, he was charged with two counts of fifth-degree assault and one count of disorderly conduct, which were all dismissed after he was found incompetent to stand trial, according to court records.

The court dismissed another fifth-degree assault charge in 2010 citing “mental deficiency.”

In 2002, a fifth-degree assault charge against Abdi was dismissed. And, last year, a lurking charge against him was also tossed out of court.

Refugee resettlement watchdog Ann Corcoran, who has followed the refugee program closely since 2007, said in a case like this it is “pretty easy to figure out” that Abdi is an immigrant and yet no one in Minnesota is asking how he has managed to evade deportation with such a lengthy criminal record.

“Ahmed Hersi Abdi has a long criminal record. So, why wasn’t he deported?” she asks in her latest blog.

Muslim immigrant rape jihads in Rhode Island and Chicago this week as well.

UPDATE: Minnesota: Muslim immigrant who raped 10-year old girl gets just 12 years prison

255 thoughts on “Minneapolis: Muslim refugee brutally rapes 10-year-old girl, media hides facts

    • He has been here since at least 2002, which was the first date listed where he was arrested, difnt gave anything to do with Obama, he only bacame president 8 years after that

        • The politicians are those who enact the laws, modify them, or improve them, and the Obama Administration, something had to do with it.

        • We could say the same for you and your ilk, Darryl. Lord have mercy, I have never seen such hate as that exhibited by dims/progressives/liberals/socialists/communists/snowflakes. It’s a fact!!

        • I don’t hate anyone but I think lax immigration policies contribute to crime problems. Muslim men are taught that it is their right to have sex with any women they choose and a 10 year old is a woman to them.

          • And those crossing our southern border are taught
            12 year old girls can be laid if you can get them to consent. So culture is a great thing a lot of it doesn’t jive with a lot of western countries. FACT and this bag of excrement Came here during the time when Clinton appointees we’re making sure they weren’t exposed. FACT !! And this happened in Twin Falls Idaho a couple of years ago and a liberal judge told the parents of a6year old raped by 5 teenagers and made to give them blowjobs and the father patted them on their backs like they had made a touchdown through a gag order if you leak this I will charge and sentence you . FACT !! So liberalism is as much a mental disorder as the culture filth these churches and Prior administrations brought here under the cloak of darkness. So unless you see first hand what goes on on our southern border which I have keep your bleeding liberal mentality to your self you don’t really know shit about the real world issues that are swallowing up our nation dumbass!!!

          • Then deport him back to his country where this is acceptable. It is a crime here and when they enter our country are they not given what our laws are??? reguardless this animal who has repeatedly gotten away with so much and just given a slap on the wrist if that , should be deported without any further delay.. anymore time that he spends in this country is only going to be detramental to our citizens..

      • everyone is responsible for this happening, especially the local judges who keep hiding the facts from the people. , this is not a federal thing though. this is minnesota letting him get away with it

    • This piece of trash was imported years before Obama and under GWB while cooperating with the UN. The US has recently exited at least one of the UN’s bloated programs although the MSM is suspiciously silent. As a Country we need to protect our borders and eliminate those forced acceptances.

    • seems our new attorney general, doesn’t believe in justice for the innocent or the criminals, guess the problem is with justice at the highest level, which means no laws are respected. say he killed our new Governor, and said, oh, well that’s the way things go; but some false flag bomb goes off at a Muslim address where none are hurt and all assets are engaged in solving the crime. Seems justice is falsely adulterated without any legal reason. a tiny false flag explosion and we hear about all forces engaged to solving the crime and Cair is outraged. demanding justice for a broken window and some sweeping up.

    • Hey dumbass Dems and brain-dead Liberals….. READ THE COMMENT!!! Nobody said Obama “brought” him here–it says “dumped here with Obama’s blessings!” BTW…. just FYI, Barack HUSSEIN Obama was born to a MUZZLUM father! That in itself, according to sharia law, makes him a muzzslum for life–under penalty of death!!!!

    • Pls check your history. Obama was president from 2009 to Jan 2017. These people were resettled in early 1990 per above news. “Another 8,858 were shipped in during the recent fiscal year which ended September 30” which is under the current president’s term. Obama was not president during those years. Just because the culprit was black, you always blame Obama. I’ m sure you don’t want the white presidents to be blamed for the crimes of white people! Let us not be racists. Check the facts first before blaming anyone.

      • If you are going to attempt to quote the article at least do it accurately and without the pro-Obama bias.

        The article clearly states the following:

        “The U.S. government has resettled more than 110,000 Somali refugees since the early 1990s and shipped in another 8,858 during the most recent fiscal year, which ended Sept. 30, according to U.S. State Department data.”

        There isn’t even room for interpretation. Since the early 1990’s – the Clinton era – Somali Muslim “refugees” starting being imported to Minneapolis. That was after Bill Clinton failed in Somalia. He opened the floodgates.

        The 8,858 is simply how many were imported during the last fiscal year (2017). That does not mean that no Somali Muslim refugees were brought to Minn. during the late 90’s through the Bush and Obama years – they were every year. Simply look up the data – don’t try to make up your own.

        They are likely still coming during the Trump years albeit in lower overall numbers.

        Somali Muslims have been one of the biggest abusers of the chain migration loophole and it’s quite likely that the actual numbers are double or triple (bring a spouse, parents, 5-10 children and it could be 10x) what were originally reported as they don’t come in as refugees.

    • obama doesn’t have a gotdam thing to do with this bastard !! Immigration and the state of minnesota continues to help everyone but their own fucken people !!They allow any and everyone to move here or use fake papers and no one questions shit this fucker should have been in jail and deported but nooo because they don’t want to insult these people and their culture, so put the blame where it belongs!

    • The police failed this child. This monster should have never made it to the police car. He fell down the stairwell trying to escape!

    • So true. Obama dumped hundreds of muslims in Minnesota to unbalance the voting process. We are now seeing the results – filthy mouthed muslim woan in Congress and, now, this rape. Get rid of them.

    • 40% of Somalis are mentally ill per the world health organization generations of inbreeding and the use of drugs and alcohol increases the incidents of violent behaviors !!

    • I think it’s time to gather them all up our them in a female camp ready for travel out of this country just like they did the Japanese after pearl harbor!!!!!!!

    • Better yet, let the buzzards eat him, they like garbage. Poor ants would probably get indigestion. What a piece of useless garbage he is. Thanks Obummer

      • He has been in this country 10 years before obama became president, I know you blame every bad thing that happens in this country on him, but this had nothing to do with him.

          • Who do you think stacked the courts with liberal leftists and even Muslim judges? And gave billions of dollars to Muslim countries that should have been used to secure our borders…wtfu

        • It says nothing about how long this child rapist has been in the country, and it has everything to do with Obama and the rest of the Democrat party. They are the ones that are protecting him. The Democrats drew the line in the sand a long time ago, immigrants over Americans.

          • For votes to keep them in power,, the Dems will “somehow” fix voting laws so all those Aliens barging in Now will be able to vote in 2020.. It’s disgusting!!!

        • Los politicos son los que promulgan las leyes, las modifican, o las mejoran, y la Administración Obama, algo tuvo que hacer con ello.

        • Fact remains: Illegal immigrant raped a 10-year-old girl. Focus: Criminal Justice NEGLECT to deport illegal immigrants commuting crime after crime. A lack of judicial enforcement of immigration laws is hurting American Citizens and their families. No Sanctuary Cities. Immigration Reform. Protect US Borders. Congress and Senate TERM LIMITS. PELOSI GOTTA GO.

          • DiAnne, as a Somali refugee, I’m pretty sure he is a LEGAL immigrant. He should still be deported after serving an appropriately-long prison sentence, but “immigrant” does not automatically mean “illegal”. There is nothing in this article to even imply that he came here without the US government’s knowledge and permission.

      • If he came in 2002 that was Bush admin. Just after 9-11.
        We need to stop bringing worthless emigrants and start vetting those that want in legally. What do they offer, do they have a diesese, and record, clear a mental health evaluation. Jezzz people! We need to keep them contained until they are processed and vetted. Don’t just open the door and shoel them in.

    • Doused in molasses and make sure they’re FIRE ANTS!!!!
      Islam is incompatible with ANT civilized society…we are told that “RAPE is a part of their culture”…..OK…but not HERE in the United States of America. Has he been on welfare since his arrival????

  1. So does this mean that all Somali immigrants are rapists? Of course not. But at what point does a government that began importing some 80,000 Somalis into the US in the 90s bear responsibility for the problems that exist within that community-which means problems for the greater community?

    Problems? What problems? For one we have a serious problem with young Somali men who have left the US to join the Islamic terror group, Al Shabaab. It is believed that some of the attackers in the infamous Nairobi Mall massacre had come from the US.

    Secondly, the Somali communities in the US-principally Minneapolis, are plagued with gangs and crime. These are problems that our government willingly and purposefully imported.

    • Thirdly, all of these foreigners are funded by taxpayers immediately upon arrival – and many if not most never leave the taxpayer payroll. These are just a few of the problems with importing foreign populations who are diametrically opposed to the American way of life. Suicidal.

      • And when did the US allow the immigration of the criminally insane?

        Oh yeah, Obama. And why are Leftist prosecutors and judges releasing criminals with records of violence, especially against children and women, back onto the streets?

        And they call President Trump and ICE agents terrorists.

        • does this mean that all Somali immigrants are rapists? Of course not. But at what point does a government that began importing some 80,000 Somalis into the US in the 90s bear responsibility for the problems that exist within that community-which means problems for the greater community?

          Problems? What problems? For one we have a serious problem with young Somali men who have left the US to join the Islamic terror group, Al Shabaab. It is believed that some of the attackers in the infamous Nairobi Mall massacre had come from the US.

          Secondly, the Somali communities in the US-principally Minneapolis, are plagued with gangs and crime. These are problems that our government willingly and purpose

          • The fact remains the liberals and democrats will protect these types of people over Americans… just like opening our southern border… you asshats don’t realize there’s a lot of civilizations that aren’t compatible with ours.. nor do they respect our laws or unspoken rules

          • Maybe Bush Allowd them in but Obama’s ideals and his party are the ones keeping them here and covering g up and not allowing to report the news as factual data

  2. Execute this Moslem ‘groid. How many more little girls have to get raped before something is done about these evil f**kers? That poor girl will never be the same. No wonder people hate Moslems and blacks. They are all vile, evil shits.

  3. @ qwerty. You obviously don’t know the black folks that I know–AND I’M WHITE! Race is NOT the issue here! Your comment only gives the damned muzzies an excuse to cry discrimination!!! Not all blacks are criminals anymore than all dogs are rabid!!!! If I had half a guess I’d say it’s a good bet you’re a skinhead and a prejudiced KKKer!!!!      

    • I am neither a skinhead or KKKer. But you are and idiot who has drunk the Islamic & knee-grow victim-mentality kool-aid. And BTW, I work with many decent black people who don’t act like this barbarian Moslem POS.

      • @kaptainkrappy. Looks like I missed your comment addressed to me @ “rlmyerson”. My comment to ‘qwerty’ was simply that not “ALL” blacks are “vile, evil shits” to use his words. That’s something that you apparently would agree with–SO WHAT’S YOUR PROBLEM??? Do you think the muzzies should be classified together with all blacks? That was my only point. The two groups are not one and the same. Your comment to me was insulting to say the least!

        • And not all Muslims are black… It is an individual with a certain mind set that does this crime. We need to have better mental health vetting on those we bring in to assimilation of our country. Black, white, brown or purple.

      • @kaptainkrappy. My only point of distinction was that “qwerty” seems to think that ALL blacks and ‘moslems’ ought to be classified as ONE evil group. That doesn’t even make sense since the majority of American blacks are Christians. Do you get that, “kaptainkrappy”??? Your comment to me is way out there! I didn’t defend islam, I defended the good black folks who happen to be my friends!!!

    • We have enough American citizens that are criminals, we sure as hell don’t need to be importing them here with our tax dollars. WTF is wrong with you? Do you WANT to live in a 3rd world nation? Go move to Fucking Somaia then!!! You’ll have such wonderful times with those people I’m sure.

      • Hey Keithy, baby…. your comment to ‘rlmyerson’ is really stupid and totally prejudiced! Do you really believe that ‘all Blacks are criminals’ and/ or that all Blacks are muslims? And where did you get that if a white person defends decent Blacks, that makes him a friend to criminal aliens from Somalia? Your head is really messed up!!! Give me a good CHRISTIAN black friend any day! You have no idea what you’re talking about!!!

    • If he can’t understand he doesn’t need to
      be pardoned – he needs to go back where
      he came from and it Should be the law that everyone who comes here must speak
      English so this doesn’t happen ever !

  4. Why are these Somalians receiving welfare for life? They contribute nothing, have no intention to, and have no regard for western values. Get rid of the trash so those truly requiring asylum are able to receive it. It should be a prerequisite that if you come here, you must contribute to society and be productive. Failure to do so will result in permanent deportation. Taxpayers are in no way obligated to support these people especially while our vets are still homeless and our own children go hungry.

  5. @kaptainkrappy. Looks like I missed your comment addressed to me @ “rlmyerson”. My comment to ‘qwerty’ was simply that not “ALL” blacks are “vile, evil shits” to use his words. That’s something that you apparently would agree with since you “work with many decent black people”–SO WHAT’S YOUR PROBLEM??? Do you think the muzzies should be classified together with all blacks? That was my only point. The two groups are not one and the same. Your comment to me was insulting to say the least! I never said anything in defense of this filthy child-molesting muzzlum POS–quite to the contrary! Read what I wrote. Not what you THINK I wrote!                            

  6. Just disembowl him medievally,
    Those savages are fine with doing it to other people, or just lock him in a cage and burn him alive, that’s another good way they like to do it.
    Judge them by their own standards.

  7. Islam will never assimilate in the United States of America! We can never allow Sharia law in the United States of America! These Muslims plan to take over America! That’s what they are here for!

  8. Minnesota wake up. These people are injuring our children every day and your letting them get away with it. I was born and raised in Minnesota but right now I an so disappointed in you. I repingish my statehood from you. I am now from the beautiful state of Wisconsin

  9. This is a disgrace. Raping a ten year old. They know this man has a mental problem. He needs to be deported. It’s not right to keep someone this dangerous on the streets. All of the other Somali immigrants that are sneaking in should be deported also.

  10. we’ll have to foot the bill for his incarceration (3 hots and a cot) over a period of years before he’s flushed back to that toilet he came from.


  12. Send them all back where they came from with maybe a limb or two missing as a warning to the others. Better not catch them around my granddaughter, won’t only be a limb missing.

  13. These nasty ass people have got to be enabled an first thing is to get them the fuk out of America they are to inhuman to be here Time to take back.America put them in thier place or you can have ur daughters raped an the government says to bad an turns them loose to rape ur kids again Next time they might just kill you an ur family

  14. So suck of this, we keep hearing g about these violent crimes happening because of these muslim rat scum, take this fucking dune moon out and slice his fucking throat, because if it was my daughter him, his family and any extended family living here would be done. I’d slice this fucking nigger’s throat right in front of his family. There is no reason these left, socialist, bleeding heart liberal, democratic retards need to keep defending them saying we need to be culturally sensitive. Ok you want cultural sensitivity then I will execute him the way he would be in his homeland not the way I would do it here. This is becoming the norm, we keep hearing how it’s one these refugees from some shit hole third world country committing these crimes and nothing is being done about it. It’s now time to start holding the elected officials who sponsor these pieces of shit accountable and when they commit a violent like this we save tax payer money and execute them, no jail time and their family is immediately deported back to where they came from with any future travel here banned and put on a list that there is no longer any admittance to this country by them.

  15. This is outrageous and an atrocity!. It’s called sexual predator of minor children . He should be arrested , charged and sent to prison. Or better yet, take him out to sea 100 miles and dump him out! Problem solved! I know this is harsh but I’m from the deep south and we take care of our own and problems like this

  16. What is the excuse for why he hasn’t been deported? If you are in this country you are expected to follow our laws, not someone’s idea of a religious law that is not legal in the USA.

  17. The news media needs to start reporting the news accurately and I mean accurately otherwise it’s not the news. The man has a long history/rap sheet and cases some have been thrown out because they said he is incompetent. Why because he doesn’t read or write English. If he talks, reads the Quaran, know how to count money then he is
    Not incompetent! He was smart enough to play the game to get here through the UN! This person should of been deported already and there is no excuse good enough as to why he wasn’t! Tell me how many little children have to be raped before he gets thrown out back to Somalia where he probably has other crimes he committed and there probably been looking for him!

  18. They are over running MN.I only hope that eventually they get to our politicians kids and grandkids.maybe then they will stop shipping this scum in here.

  19. I guess the American people have to wait tell on of you DAMN DUMB ASS DEMOCRAT LEADERS has one of your young women raped or killed by one of these illegal Muslims. Before you actually do your Fucking job. Protect the American people.

  20. GOD help us all. Our government better wake the hell up. This piece of pond scum needs to be neutered by this little girls father.
    Bless her heart.

  21. Denial is the sanctuary of evil. The media is, in effect, evil as a willing accomplice by denial of the truth of reality.

  22. Not mentally deficient. Basis of Muslim belief – religion/ law is they can rape an infidel or take a young child as wife. Should be deported back to their own country of origin.

  23. Rape him the same way he treated the girl then give the dog a slow painful death while force feeding him pork.. Sick Fuck!!!

  24. Regardless of how or when they arrived in this country they do not belong here, the Dems have gone mad, lost their minds to want open borders and muslims to invade the UNITED STATES, when one or more of their own children are raped or killed by these Scumbags maybe their eyes will be opened. These people will never adept to our laws or Christian Religion, they don’t intend to do anything that is against their own beliefs!!

  25. We must STOP the Illegal Immigration & the brutality of their Actions in the United States! Build the WALL!
    How can someone like Ahmed Hersi Abdi be brought up on criminal charges time after time over Many Years & Not be Deported??? 😱😰

  26. Well screw Sharia Law they do that crap down where I live and they will find themselves getting some good ole country justice.

  27. You know they are doing America like every other country they have taken over so why not stop it now. Send them back home and make them stay there. What is wrong with the law in these United States or is there any. It is about time you earned your pay and put them on a fast plane home.

  28. As far as I’m concerned they should all be sent back! All of them. And the accusation of radical racist doesn’t bother me in the least on this case.STOP DACRIFICING OUR AMERICAN CITIZENS IN THE NAME OFOF INCLUSIVENESS. Why can’t democrats put the safety of Americans first!!!

  29. This will lead to total destruction of our country. We need to get rid of all Muslim refugees in our country now, before it is too late to do anything about the atrocities they commit.

  30. put him in general population for 3 months, let the other inmates have their turns with this scumbag, then deport his disease ridden ass back to somalia

  31. I can not understand why the local news agency in Minneapolis will not call it what they are. They are Somalia immigrant that the state of Minnesota allowed to come into our state and won’t let the people of Minnesota know what’s going on and the things that are happening to our non-Somalia or muslin. If a white or black or Hispanic man had raped a 10-year-old girl it would be all over the new.

  32. The city should ship him back to his own country, if you are just going to let him go, to keep breaking our laws!!! I think we need to hang helm by his —–, and make sure others like him see what the punishment is for raping children!!!

  33. These PEOPLE brag about converting us or death..working from inside..as we can see we now have them in our GOVERNMENT..WE NEED TO STOP THIS AND DEPORT ALL WHO DEFY OUR LAWS AND OUR CONSTITUTION….

  34. WHY are OUR GOVTS allowing, these people from 3rd world countries, to be dropped into OUR western civilised countries ????? They have absolutely NOTHING in common with our country or her people.
    Imagine the reverse… Thousands of lower socio-economic, mainly white, westerners, being dumped in the middle of towns & cities in African moslem countries 😱 The uproar would be heard worldwide !!!

    I therefore can only deduce that MONEY & POWER have corrupted OUR POLITICIANS to the point that we, the people, are no longer relevant !!!
    As scripture so plainly states: 1 Timothy 6:10 FOR THE LOVE OF MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL ……

  35. He has been convicted multiple times and always pleads insanity , is that the actual fu*k
    what I just read ?? That makes it just that much worse that they keep letting this scum back on the street , he should have been deported the first time he ever laid his filthy paws on an American citizen !! He better be glad they didnt send his sorry a** to Oklahoma he would have had a bullet in his ugly head by now !! Tax payers paying for all this faux goverment and a bullet only costs ya $1.35 !!! You ppl in Minnesota better wake up and fight back otherwise get on your hands and knees now because you are truly getting F**KED !!

  36. How do people like this make it to a court room? Cant they just be shot on sight for raping children no matter what color they are or where they are from? Evil is allowed to much mercy in this world.

  37. I wonder if the men who rape little girls were castrated , would that give them pause to think about it and deter them from doing it? If not, then castrate him with no anesthesia.

    • Take a few hours and read the posts here – the evidence suggests that sharia law is being established (in the courts as well as voluntarily) and it very likely will be official in some capacity some day.

  38. Islam is not a religion, it is a cult. “We the people” should follow Japan’s lead and outlaw the islamic cult in America today. Prepare for revolution if they keep growing in numbers.

  39. Deport all of Obama’s friends that can’t keep our laws and assume the American way of life. No Islam!!! This country is a Christian country. Keep musulims out. In this case his manhood should be cut off. He apparently doesn’t know how to use it correctly!

  40. This is wrong and these people need to pay for their crimes!! The liberal side has made our country unsafe and if this keeps up people will have to fight these people to keep their families safe! I Blame the Democrats got this the blood is on their hands

  41. Fuck sharia never will bow down to some fake ass shit I’m a United States citizen and will never bow to no muslin shit. I will shoot before I ever bow

  42. We need to add a permanent ban on all from Samoli and start mass deportation of those we allowed in to begin with. Pedophile Priests should be exiled to the Vatican and the Pope can deal with them in Italy,

  43. You think you have a minor problem on jour hands just wait till the rest of the Islamic refugees slowly but shore take over jour beloved country then journey wish that the money jou spent on jour presios wall jou will wish that the Mexican problem was jour only problem. Islamic belief is no belief but a doctrine. Jour Jong country will be overrun with mosques and sharia. And before jou know it jou are in a civil war and jou will lose because jour enemies will have a cause and nothing to lose while jou might have a cause but jou will lose every thing “this is just a warning from overrun Europe”

  44. Death penalty period. Not on death row for 20 or 30 years. Do it now! In his country they would take immediate action if found guilty!

  45. Stop systematic placement of Refugees, if they dont assimilate, then they need deported, not allowed Citizenship!! This is America, learn how to leave here under our laws!! NOT SHARIA!!!


  47. This type of behavior cannotbe tolerated! Are the democrats so hell bent on getting voters that they’ll let these animals infest our country and try to turn America into some defunct muzzy child raping country? Makes me sick on a whole other level!

  48. Somalin boys sent home for terrorist training Minnesota home of the bleeding heart liberals..use to be a wonderful city..
    Lived there for 18 yrs.now a shit hole

  49. WTH! Why would they keep this quiet? I’m so sick and tired of these illegals hurting our children. Some serious action needs to be taken here against the rapist and the media.

  50. The hell with “deportation,” “jailed,” or any other such punishment! EVERY PEDOPHILE SHOUKD GET AN IMMEDIATE DEATH SENTENCE – ZERO PITY!
    Too many pedophiles sitting in jail have stated there is no cure once they’ve gone there, they WILL GO THERE AGAIN! Hard to damage another child for life if you’re dead!

    • I agree that there should be 0 tolerance for pedophilia, whether dealt with in the spot or thru a time and money consuming legal process. But this doesn’t have SHIT on the ongoings in California where they’re trying to pass a bill for pedos not receiving ANY punishment for molestations.

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