Univ of Georgia installs foot washing stations for Muslims

So they can pray to Allah. The Muslim Brotherhood-founded Muslim Students Association (MSA) requested them and the university coincidentally built them… at taxpayer’s expense. via BNI:

Aaron Bridge


Looking at this picture at first glance you see just a regular mop sink in the bathroom right? Well I work at UGA in the same shop as the brick masons, when they got the work order they were a little bit curios as to why they wanted a mop sink right in the front of the bathroom when there’s a custodian closet right outside the bathroom with a mop sink in it. Well after talking to the “HMFIC” or supervisor, they were then told that a Muslim group of students on campus have been pushing for a foot washing station on campus. Apparently this is a cultural tactic Muslims do before they pray they wash there feet. I researched it and there actually putting them up all over America. Keep in mind at Madison County high school it was voted to change a bible verse on a monument bc it could offend non Christian religions.

The liberals at the campus rag The Red and Black confirmed as much in their “prejudiced” post with the university’s lame explanation:

Last year, MSA made a push for the sinks, and they were installed over the summer.

 Jan Davis Barham, the associate dean of students and director of the Tate Student Center, declined to comment about the post. She also said that the timing of building the sinks happened to coincide with the Muslim Student Association approaching the Tate Center with a request for sinks to be built, but also with frequent occurrences of students washing their feet in bathroom sinks and dirtying up the floors and counters with water.

Will the whistle-blower be fired?

Sharia’s been creeping in Georgia’s education system at all levels. Read our archived posts here. If you’re not from Georgia, check your own state using the dropdown Categories in the upper right part of the page.

23 thoughts on “Univ of Georgia installs foot washing stations for Muslims

    • As a Georgian, I am shocked and outraged at such an accomodation to the muslim students. I don’t care what people say, little by little muslims are changing our country…take a look at the UK to see your future.. I will never support UGA in anything again! If I had a child at UGA, I’d stop paying their tuition and have my child disenrolled. Officials might think this small gesture is appropriate but it is a matter of catering to them, which they will take advantage of and use to change the culture of the university. I’m very dissapointed in UGA.

      • This is coming from your tax dollars since it’s a public university.
        All of GA needs to rise up and demand it end. This is NOT a necessity. They can do “make up” prayers when they get home (that is true- not making that up).

  1. It would really be a shame if students, unfamiliar with the function of footbaths, should relieve themselves in the foot baths.

  2. And where is their ass and sewed vagina washers? Do you know that Muslim girls have sewed large labia together – they urinate from hole next to vagina – thats why they are much more vulnerable to infections. And husband is allowed to cut it open with knife when it is time to vaginally penetrate his wife. Sounds nice huhh? Ahh forgot to tell – after clitoris is cut off, perfectly at age 8-15 so girl can remember it!

  3. It would be shame if they were all rubbed down real good with slices of bacon, which were than left in the basin, about every week or two. Or even better, if they were rubbed down with lard and then a week later some signs were put up about it…

  4. So now let them build a Chapel all other religious dominations can all go pray, a Temple for the Jewish sector,….. And don’t forget a place for the Atheists… Fair is fair!

  5. What is the meaning of “at taxpayers expense”? Don’t the Muslims who demanded that, pay tax?
    Govt. can supply weapons to rebels in far lying countries from taxpayers money but can’t facilitate citizens within that country?

    • YES! And, unconstitutional, since it does involve separation of church &state. But, no one cares about that those days, unless it involves Christiana or Jewish folks.

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  7. @Bellerophon. Touché!!! Looks like a good place to take a whiz, if you ask me…. This capitulation and ‘ass-kissing’ is but one more inroad of colonization for the g-damn mudslingers to scream their praises to the god of hatred and blood! Name one place in the world where the mudslimes have become a majority where the lives of its citizens have actually been improved!!! Here’s a little hint…. THERE AIN’T NONE!!!!!      

  8. Everyone yells ‘separation of church and state’ when a player or coach says a prayer on the football field, but Muslims get an endorsement of Islam. Fairness is not a practice when dealing the government and educational institutions.

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