Muslim processions take over Nashville & Houston (videos)

…and New York…and things get bloody in Detroit. Diversity alert (and warning).  h/t Iron Burka

Nashville, Tennessee

Houston, Texas

What has Ted Cruz been doing to protect the border and stop the influx of Muslims to Texas? It’s a top destination for illegals, legals and Muslim refugees.

Detroit, Michigan – where it’s about to get bloody, like it has in previous years in Georgia, Missouri and New York.

New York City

When the jihad comes, whose side will you be on?

Readers, if you find more videos – link to them in the comments.



10 thoughts on “Muslim processions take over Nashville & Houston (videos)

  1. muslim pop increasing by astounding rates, Obama working feverishly to take away our guns, shariah laws are being passed simply by intimidating behavior toward the host nation. military being infiltrated and slowly dismantled, patriotic military generals fired and being replaced by “yes” men and those favorable to islamic direction; FBI and other agencies sworn to protect us from this very thing is backed up against the wall and diverting the truth by simply ignoring it. when you cant or aren’t allowed to even name your enemy, your enemy has won a huge victory. all that’s left is to admit it to yourselves. and behind all this are the over 30 czars Obama has which are accountable to NO ONE but Obama. we don’t even know what they are being paid. Obama hasn’t submitted one budget since hes been in office which is a DEMAND OF THE CONSTITUTION. why are the politicians letting him get away with this outrageous action and numerous others? every politician currently in office should be stripped of all pensions, and other benefits until and unless they start DOING THEIR JOBS and protect this nation from this INSIDIOUS CANCER = ISLAM

      • No Cruz doesn’t suck! This is the Gov. job and the mayors job not Ted Cruz! He will be able to do something when he becomes president. The mayor of Houston is a perverted Lesbian and welcomes these muslims in. So get your facts straight marlene!

        • Indeed he cannot do anything directly by himself – although Rubio pushed an amnesty plan – but it is his job to represent the interests of the Texas (not Israel or any other country) in DC. Is this not an issue with the people of Texas?

          Does the blame then lie with Abbott, Perry and Bush?

  2. How anyone can watch these vile anti-American DEMONstrations and still maintain that islam is peaceful, is totally beyond belief! AND THIS IS THE WAY THEY ACT WHEN THEY ARE NOT MURDERING SOMEONE IN COLD BLOOD!!!! What’s more, this is exactly what goes on in the “peaceful” and “pious” islamic centers (mosques)! Talk about hearing war cries and the shrieks of demons from hell–OMG!!!!!      

If sharia keeps spreading, you will not only be silenced by the media and big technology, you will be jailed - or worse. Speak while you can!

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