German Muslim: “Islam is coming to take over Germany…Your daughters will wear hijab”

via: VIDEO German Muslim: “Islam is coming to take over Germany whether you want it or not!” “Your daughters will wear hijab” | Pamela Geller

Here is the translation word for word:

Now for real. Islam is going to come (up) in Germany whether you want or not. Your daughter is going to wear hijab. Your son will wear a beard. Ok? And your daughter is going to marry a bearded man. So. And we proliferate more and more. You Germans don’t have children. You have at most two kids. We have 7 or 8. الحَمْد لله Ok, my friend? And then we take four women, then we have 22 children. So. You have maybe one kid and one dog. And that’s it. My friend, that is not our fault, it’s your fault. Because you robbed our countries. Colonized them for you to drive a mercedes and to use your digital camera. So allah the almight god makes it so that we conquer you not with war in Germany but with birth rates, firstly, and secondly, we marry your daughters. Yes? And your daughter will wear a hijab. And now you can really go bezerk. One can see the hate in your eyes.

He didn’t even mention the rape and other abuses that is inevitable wherever Muslims go.



13 thoughts on “German Muslim: “Islam is coming to take over Germany…Your daughters will wear hijab”

    • No the mental people will be medicated and returned home to be contained once and for all…these people have proven their mentally insane and we do not have time for any of them period!

  1. Here in Florida there is a muslim family with 15 kids, all on welfare. We provide 2 single family homes for them at taxpayer expense. I wonder if they even think about saying “thank you” to the stupid Americans who are funding our own doom.

  2. what happened to 2 kids and sterilized??? they have no right to be here let alone rape the taxpayers like they rape their children.

    • Rocky Montana, nice thoughts, but they are already here; dumb American voters put one of them in as President: Sir Obama. Dumbo voters will probably do poorly again and put in Princess Clinton who will continue to teach our kids the five elements of Islam. Teach history out of the Bible and ACLU will see the teachers in court! The Devil’s working hard and most Americans are ‘dumb-on-purpose.’

  3. Rise up Germany, this inbred Muslim paedophile is telling the truth, these inbred Muslim paedophiles will be raping your children soon, and while you work and pay taxes inbred Muslim paedophiles will claim free money and houses for there 4 wife’s and 22 inbred kids from your taxes, time to get 100,000 Germans out on the streets. I hope you wipe out every single Muslim inbred paedophile.

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