San Diego School District Expands Sharia Lunch Program

Their dream of sharia in America “is coming true.”

Not only sharia-approved lunches at taxpayer expense, but now taxpayer funded translators for Muslims who refuse to learn English. via San Diego Unified Expands Halal School Lunch Program | KPBS

A San Diego Unified School District program that brought halal school lunches to Crawford High School has expanded. The meals meet Muslim religious guidelines and are now being served in five elementary schools.

“Now I think our dream is coming true,” Kafisa Mohamed said. “I am thankful for (Superintendent) Cindy Marten and her team.”


Cindy Marten – helping to implement sharia to America

 Mohamed has children in the district and has been advocating for halal school lunches with City Heights nonprofits United Women of East Africa and Mid-City CAN.

Many students in the neighborhood are the children of refugees, and are low-income and rely on free school lunches. But they haven’t always been able to eat them because of their religion.

Gary Petill

Gary Petill – director of sharia compliant lunch services

The district started with halal chicken – when the bird is slaughtered, the distributor drains its blood to make it halal. San Diego Unified Food Services Director Gary Petill said the meal costs a few cents more than typical cafeteria lunches, but the increased number of students lining up at the cafeteria has covered the extra cost.

This is the same line of bs that Muslims in Dearborn spout. But how does that math work? If more students line up, taxpayers need to purchase more of the more expensive sharia food. It’s still more expensive and you need more of it. 

Now the district is working out a deal with San Diego nonprofit Fish. Food. Feel Good. to add locally caught Yellowfin Tuna to the halal menu. The nonprofit works with local fishermen to supply charities and shelters with unwanted fresh fish.

And that’s not the only way San Diego Unified is serving refugee families.

Last month it budgeted $12,000 for interpreters who speak less common dialects from East Africa and Southeast Asia to help parents in meetings with teachers and administrators. Parents and nonprofit SAY San Diego urged school officials to consider the move as City Heights becomes more diverse. While the district has long offered Somali interpreters, it hasn’t had staff to help with Somali Bantus and other newer refugee groups who speak indigenous languages.

San Diego is not the first district to offer halal meals. Schools in Dearborn, Mich. began offering halal school lunches more than 10 years ago.

In other words, it’s not the first city to submit to Islam after Muslims start taking over.

Previously in San Diego,Taxpayer Funds Used to Pay a Premium for Halal Food in U.S. Schools.

7 thoughts on “San Diego School District Expands Sharia Lunch Program

  1. These are the politicians who must be thrown out of office! Unless we do, their numbers will grow and more of America will become ravaged by these rabid muslim locusts who swarm and destroy everything in their path.

    • That’s the only way your going to stop this insanity is at the ballot box.
      You want another 8 years of Obama and his muslim befriending and transporting of Islamic Shariah Law to the U.S. just keep voting for the same Progressive crap heads and you’ll get it.

  2. I’m only thinking out loud, but maybe we should give california which already is a state with a majority of democrats who over the years have destroyed this state and give it to the muslims obama is importing in this country. We can then, after we have relocated the few good people to the neighboring states, built a wall around it making it impossible to escape. This will take care of the gangs, mexican border crossings, sanctuary cities and brown-ology, making it an ideal place for our corrupted politicians to settle after they have been deported. Being afraid that california will be falling into the pacific with the next earthquake would no longer be of concern. We have to give back America to the Americans whose ancestors over the centuries have fought and died for in order to preserve the liberty and freedoms, presently slowly being taken away and prohibit any form of the islamic ideology to exist here.

    • Excuse me, there are a lot of Californias who dislike obamster intensely and are not democrats.We are trying to get rid of those people…..I just heard Diane Feinstein is going to finally retire after the new election.Please don’t think all people from California are voting Blue.

    • California does not want these muslims in our state, only a few politicians, the regular person does not, don’t blame the entire state, it’s not the people, it’s the idiots that run it.

  3. These cowardly traitors that pander to Moslems should be dragged out of their homes and hanged. Fuck Californication. First they pandered to the Sodomites, now they’re pandering to Moslems. I hope China or Russia drops a nuke on California.

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