About Megyn Kelly’s Anti-Trump, American Flag Hijab Wearing Muslim Republican (updated)

For starters, she used to be a Democrat. via Who Is Saba Ahmed? Muslim Republican Wearing American Flag Hijab Spars With Trump Spokesperson On Fox News

Viewers of “The Kelly File” Tuesday night witnessed an unusual sight for the Fox News Channel: a Muslim woman clad in a bright red, white and blue star-spangled hijab. The woman in question is Saba Ahmed, founder of the Republican Muslim Coalition, an organization…

Fact check: The so-called Republican Muslim Coalition is a one-person organization according to the website. And flag desecration is not a first for Saba Ahmed. She features it on her website too, placing a Koran on the American flag.


According to her About page:

Saba Ahmed is a Pakistani-American Muslimah currently pursuing her Patent Attorney career at the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.

One has to wonder if Ahmed was instrumental in this 2014 case, Patent & Trademark Office defends Islam, rejects trademark of ‘Stop Islamisation of America.

Some more background on Ahmed via 54° 40′ Or Fight!:

On Monday, June 16, the Washington DC press got a glimpse of Saba Ahmed, and were all too eager to provide her the platform she craves. Conservatives in the Pacific Northwest are quite familiar with her tactics to distort and twist conservative messages, but she’s found new fertile ground as she’s relocated. Given the headlines she’s generated, it’s instructive to take a look back at her actions over the years.

It came as little surprise to us that she made herself the story again, this time having relocated to Washington DC and causing a stir at an event at Heritage (which was not actually sponsored by Heritage, but that’s the story that the mainstream media wants to push):

Then Saba Ahmed, an American University law student, stood in the back of the room and asked a question in a soft voice. “We portray Islam and all Muslims as bad, but there’s 1.8 billion followers of Islam,” she told them. “We have 8 million-plus Muslim Americans in this country and I don’t see them represented here.”

Oregon Tea Party members recognize Saba Ahmed from her many appearances at Occupy Portland rallies, as well as attempts to crash Tea Party rallies. In fact, she was busted fabricating death threats from Tea Party members that caused her to cancel a non-existent event for local Muslims. Naturally, the local press were all to eager to give only her side of the story.

This incident was around the same time that she was making two runs for a Congressional seat – first as a Democrat, and then as a Republican.

Interestingly, her age seems to be in question – she told a local reporter that she was 26, but the voter’s guide listed her at 29 in the same election. This erratic behavior is nothing new, however. As noted by the blog Thoughts From A Conservative Mom (whose author also contributes here at 54° 40′ Or Fight!),

Ahmed has a documented history of mental illness and a habit of stalking conservative and Republican web pages and meetings.  After Osama Bin Laden’s death in May, Ahmed claimed she had to cancel a fictitious rally in Pioneer Courthouse Square (which she never advertised or got a permit for), falsely asserting that she had received threats on the Oregon Tea Party Facebook page.

A cursory search of the internet shows that Saba Ahmed has been arrested several times, and has had at least one visit to a psychiatric hospital.

A local report on her 2011 Congressional run included several details:

Ahmed, who previously worked at Intel and says she is studying for an MBA and for a law degree, is unusual in several ways.

In 2004, at the age of 19, she graduated with a double major in electrical engineering and physics at Portland State University.  She’s been active in Democratic volunteer circles in recent years, participated in a pair of programs to train women to run for political office and did internships for then-Gov. Ted Kulongoski and Rep. Earl Blumenauer, D-Ore.

She has also been frequently interviewed as a friend of the family of Mohamed  Mohamud, the Somali-American teenager accused of attempting to bomb a Christmas tree-lighting ceremony in Portland last year.

Mohamud has since been found guilty: Muslim who plotted kililng Americans at Christmas tree lighting gets 30 years

In January, Ahmed was featured in local news reports after her family reported her missing.  They told police that she had been diagnosed with a mental disorder and had disappeared sometime during the process of checking herself into Providence St. Vincent Medical Center.

Ahmed said in an interview this week that she had not been diagnosed with a mental disorder and that it stemmed from a dispute with her family.  My questions apparently prompted her to write a long blog post describing what happenedIt’s a complicated tale that she said involves a potential romantic involvement in Florida, an unfair arrest for stalking in that state and being trapped in the home of another man there who had two wives.

Saba Ahmed has garnered attention for being friends with Mohammed Osman Mohamud, the Portland Christmas Tree Bomber – so much so that she was removed from his court hearing when the judge charged her with contempt. She is also a 9-11 truther who believes that the Flight 93 crash in Shanksville, PA was staged.

She tends to seek out any opportunity to get in front of microphones and cameras to undermine conservative causes and messages. She has been removed from many Republican events in Oregon as well as Tea Party rallies, and most conservatives recognize her as unwelcome due to her ulterior motives.

So it’s no surprise that when one door closes, she seeks other avenues to project her message – like, for instance, Occupy Portland:

Between her shifting loyalties, her unfamiliarity with the truth, her mental instability and her ever evolving narrative, it would behoove conservatives everywhere not to respond to Saba Ahmed and her demands for attention.

So-called “conservatives” seem to enjoy giving Ahmed attention. You can find them on the terrorists favorite video platform, Youtube. Watch below as she gets an earful:

Update: Odd things happen on social media, but this is quite the coincidence. Saba Ahmed followed us on Twitter at the same time this Jew-hating troll (right) did:


click to enlarge



6 thoughts on “About Megyn Kelly’s Anti-Trump, American Flag Hijab Wearing Muslim Republican (updated)

  1. I don’t trust her or any Muslim, they play in our backyard but gather info to defeat us more often than not. As to appearing on Fox with a red, white and blue hijab – shows disrespect for the flag. Note: SAUDI’S OWN ABOUT 20% OF FOX NEWS!

  2. Who said that? proof it from the Quran and Sunna. Come and see what kind of freedom we have. You blame Islamic Sheria Law (constitution) by looking at the state rulers or some people who doesn’t follow the Sheria(constitution). You should know the Islamic constitution from the Quran and Sunna not from what fox and other news channel. It seems that you are afraid of Islamic Law and you are trying a pre-emptive attack on Islam. You cannot win this way. The only way to win against Islam and its Law is to disprove it practically. Show us your proof. Do not blame the Islamic Law but blame those who misused the Islamic Law for their agenda. if Obama breaks the American Constitution, can you complain against the constitution? 100 % against Obama not the constitution. So please, if you believe in democracy, let the Muslims be ruled by the LAW of Sheria. Otherwise, you are not freedom and democracy supporter.

    • We also believe in the Uniuted Nations Declaration of Human Rights which islamic countries do not support. They support the Cairo Declaration which submits all to sharia which laws legistale dhimmi status for non-moslems. You, sir, should do your homework! You see, Americans have the freedom to COMPARE shari’a with republicanism and openly discuss their merits.

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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