Illinois: Muslim Brotherhood student group convinces non-Muslim girls to wear hijabs

Islam does not mean peace, it means submission.


Non-Muslim submitting to Islam in Illinois public high school

via Vernon Hills students join their Muslim peers in wearing hijabs

Vernon Hills High School senior Yasmeen Abdallah, who is a Muslim, carefully wrapped the traditional hijab around the head of junior Charli Mosley while she explained its purpose.

“You can’t really understand or judge a person and their beliefs until you understand why they do it and what it’s like for them to do what they’re doing,” explained Abdallah, who is the president of the school’s Muslim Student Association.

Actually, we really can understand a person’s beliefs if we understand the source of their beliefs. In this case the Koran, sunnah and Mohammad’s life. More simply, we can look at the examples of other Muslim Student Association leaders and members: The growing list of Muslim Student Association (MSA) terrorists

The “Walk a Mile in Her Hijab” event Wednesday, hosted by the 10-member organization, was designed to allow non-Muslim female students the opportunity to wear the head covering and gain a better understanding of the Muslim faith. “This event is to hopefully denounce negative stereotypes,” Abdallah said.

How many Muslim girls would participate in a “Walk a Mile Without Hijab” event? A mile isn’t even needed. How about the distance from a Missouri high school classroom to a car in the parking lot? That’s where one teenage Muslim girl chose not to wear her hijab and she was violently dragged out of school, down the stairs, thrown in a car and beat for not wearing her hijab. Which of these girls will walk that walk? 

Abdallah said the event was a good experience, one she hopes will become an annual event. A lot of the girls got positive feedback from other students and benefited from the experience, she said, despite one unknown male student who told a non-Muslim girl to take off the hijab as he passed in the hall.

Six members of the group spent the morning placing hijabs on 17 non-Muslim girls who wanted to participate in the project. They also talked about the meaning of the hijab and facets of the Muslim religion to students who approached them.

“I wanted to learn more about the religion, considering my uncle is also Muslim,” Mosley said while wearing a red hijab. “With more people wearing a hijab around school, it could bring more acceptance to the religion and have more people become more aware.”


It could bring a lot of things, including more sharia.

The event was planned last May and was not in response to recent terrorists attacks in Paris or California, organizers said.

Principal Jon Guillaume said Muslim Student Association members have told him they have been treated with respect at the school.

h/t Pamela Geller who sums it up in Chicago High School: Dress Up as a Muslima Event Sponsored by Terror-Tied Muslim Group MSA:

Such stupidity and ignorance is without peer. Cultural jihad.

We are disarming our children in the information battle-space in what is the gravest threat to their future. There is nothing in their curriculum that teaches about the misogyny, creed apartheid, gender apartheid, FGM, Islamic Jew-hatred, or all incitement to violence and murder of the unbeliever taught in the Quran and Islamic texts..

Perhaps dressing as a Yezidi slave at a Muslim slave auction would give them “a better understanding of the Muslim faith.” Or dressing as American teens Amina Said, Sarah Said, Noor Almaleki, Aqsa Parvez, Zainab Shafia, Jessica Mokdad — all honor murdered — would give them “a better understanding of the Muslim faith.” Dressing like a Christian or Jew in a Muslim country under the sharia would give them “a better understanding of the Muslim faith.” Dressing as a black slave in Mauritania under Muslim ownership would give them “a better understanding of the Muslim faith.” Dressing as a supporter of Israel on a college campus would give them “a better understanding of the Muslim faith.” Dressing as a Jew in European countries with high Muslim populations would give them “a better understanding of the Muslim faith.”


Muslims laugh at bewildered non-Muslims making fools of themselves

We leave you with the Muslim Student Association Pledge of Allegiance:

Jihad is my spirit, I will die to establish Islam

16 thoughts on “Illinois: Muslim Brotherhood student group convinces non-Muslim girls to wear hijabs

  1. If the non-muzzie girls are stupid enough to wear a hijab, they aren’t smart enough to be in middle or high school. And the muzzie females need to either dress our way or hit the highway! And the muzzie males probably need to be removed before they try to remove us.

  2. The followers of the false prophet continue to deceive, and to be deceived – they might try walking a mile without the hijab, before promoting the thing.

  3. The Catholics and Christians on this campus must unite under one Crusade. Where are the defenders of the Christian faith. Islam opposes
    freedom of religion. Their statemenr called tge “Shahada is “Their is NO GOD but Allah, Muhammed is the only way” That statemenr opposes the Christian God. WAKE UP ANERUCA!!! Educate your children, let them know the Quran was invented 600years after the HOLY BIBLE…. CATHOLICS START LEADING, YOU DEFEATED THE MUSLIMS IN THE LAST CRUSADE BATTKE OF LEPANTO 1571. Look it up!

    • Not just Catholics and Christians but Hindu, Buddhist, Seik, Islam oppressed every type of non Muslim. The pope has abandoned Catholics in order to bring Islam under him.

  4. Sad that the girls are so, either, gutless or stupid that they wear the cloth chains of the perfect pedophile, mohamid and its demon, allah.

  5. Male Muslims are taught to take (steal) anything they want from those that are defenseless. Therefore, due to natural urges, the female must be hidden away so as to prevent rampant rape. It don’t work but that’s OK. The word of a female is useless when compared to a male. We’re all good Muslims now. Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!

    • You’re not “trying” all the things that come with hijab and are permissible in Islam – sharing a husband with up to 3 other wives at one time, wife beatings, stonings, rape, segregation, being valued as half a person in sharia courts and much more. It’s a gateway drug.

      • I respect your opinion on the matter, but please hear me out that all human beings and all cultures have good sides and bad. Part of what makes a human human is including flaws.

        If you only look at the bad side of things you get a skewed image. What if you made a list of just the bad things men have done? What if you made a list of only the bad that Americans do? Is it fair to only judge American males based on the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary?

        Maybe all of the things you have listed do and did happen in the Muslim culture but you can’t possibly feel that those things don’t happen elsewhere. Bill Cosby is under attack for countless rapes, Utah was denied statehood for a long time until they dropped polygamy, spouse beatings happen most often after the Super Bowl statitstically…

        In the name of peace both inner and outer it’s best to forgive, don’t forget, don’t give up your own morals, but it’s better to cultivate peace than hatred.

        All that I tried on with wearing a hijab beyond the cloth itself was a different way of seeing myself and others. In wearing a conservative outfit that included a headscarf I was able to explore modesty, humility, humbleness and see if there was any value in doing so. On a personal level I felt more moral. When dressed that way you seriously worry that you had better be a good role model to suit the attire. You do feel more pentatent when you pray. Socially you feel like you have become outcast. Far fewer people talk to you. You realize that there is a sacrifice being made with a simple garment.

        Why is it that thousands of American hipster men can sport long beards, but no connection is made there to terrorists or bad behavior? Many women of Christian, Jewish, Slavic, or Gypsy backgrounds practice a form of headcovering anyway.

        • Ignorance is bliss.

          Stupidity – that’s another thing altogether and the comments above suggest you are beyond repair.

          “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.”

          ― Winston S. Churchill

          • Is this true, or are you using what is called projection in the study of psychology?

            Are you always cruel to someone who disagrees with you? Why do you presume to know everything?

            I presented you with a well thought out and researched reply, to which you labeled me with “stupidity”. This is hateful and inflamitory.

            As I said before, “I respect your opinion on the matter”.

          • You came here and attempted to insult readers with your opinions and false premises that have nothing to do with Islam or sharia. That’s not research. Then you want to play the victim so typical of Muslim supremacists and ill-educated liberals.

            There is nothing more hateful and inflammatory than that espoused by Islamic ideology.

            Furthermore, there are roughly 109 verses in the Qur’an instructing followers “to wage war with nonbelievers for the sake of Islamic rule.” Even Muslims who don’t go along with the goal of Islamic rule will be labeled ‘hypocrites,’ and killed according to blasphemy or apostasy laws.

            Your defense of Islam – or is it dawah? – was amateurish. Maybe your local university has a safe zone where free speech will not permit anyone to hurt your overly sensitive feelings.

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