Syracuse: 5 Muslims Harass Homeless, Severely Beat Good Samaritans on Christmas Day (updated)

Nearly killing one. via Police Release Photos of 5 Suspects Who Allegedly Beat Men on Christmas Day h/t Jim

Police in Syracuse have released photos of five men who are suspected of beating two men who said they had confronted the group for harassing a homeless person on a downtown street.

A 29-year-old man and a 30-year-old man told police they intervened when the five men were verbally harassing someone around 11:45 p.m. Friday, or Christmas Day. The two men said a short time later the group drove up in a car, began arguing with the pair and then attacked them.

Officials say the victims spent the night at a friend’s house before seeking medical treatment Saturday.

On Tuesday police released photos of the five suspects and their BMW sedan taken from video surveillance cameras.

Local media have reported that Joe Grosvent and his cousin James McElyea were the victims. McElyea suffered a fractured skull.

A brother of one of the victims, Josh Grosvent, who is a radio host, posted an account of the incident on Facebook. He posted a GoFundMe webpage that included photo of a big scar on the side of one of the victims’ heads.

“Joe suffered minor injuries, while James suffered a much more severe [assault], taking repeated blows the the head and fracturing his skull. This resulted in the formation of a bruising and a blood clot to the brain & has a lot of recovery ahead of him. So now we are asking for help for him, his wife and four children while he is away from home and work for over the next few weeks,” the page says.

Police said the suspects were described as “Middle Eastern” and were “well-dressed,” with dark hair and trimmed beards, reported.

The five men are said to be between the ages of 19 and 21.

They were riding in a BMW four-door sedan, which was white or silver.

Syracuse Police are now looking to get video from surveillance cameras and are asking people with information to call the Syracuse Police Department at 315-442-5222.

Update2 arrested, charged in Christmas assault on KROCK host and friend

Two suspects in the Christmas assault on a KROCK host and friend have turned themselves into police, according to Syracuse Police Sergeant Richard Helterline.

Police say 18-year-old Nouman Khan and 20-year-old Hamza Khan, both of Binghamton, were charged Tuesday night with third-degree assault and released on appearance tickets.

Update 2: Check out Nouman Khan’s twitter page – he’s a hardcore jihadist – and Obama fan:


Update 3: Muslim admits gang assault in Christmas attack

Nouman Khan, 18, pleaded guilty to gang assault, which means that he participated in an attack with two or more others. (It has nothing to do with being related to a street gang.) Khan will be sentenced to five years on probation, in addition to a possible jail sentence.

Khan has agreed to pay upwards of $6,000 for victim James McElyea’s medical bills. McElyea suffered a fractured skull, among other injuries.

Three others with Khan that night have also pleaded guilty. Hamzi Khan, Abdul Hamid Izat Haji and Ismaeel Al-Ashoor all admitted to misdemeanor assault. Hamzi Khan and Izat Haji were given conditional discharges, meaning they must stay out of trouble for a year. Al-Ashoor was sentenced to three years of probation.

40 thoughts on “Syracuse: 5 Muslims Harass Homeless, Severely Beat Good Samaritans on Christmas Day (updated)

  1. More likely than not they are enrolled at Syracuse–and no one at the U will turn them in or condemn their actions because 1) that would be “racist” and 2) rich foreign nationals pay full tuition.

    • HT – at my University in the 90’s Middle Eastern students had almost a completely free ride due to grants because partnership with the state and school. UAE, Oman, S Arabia, etc. Very smug people. I didn’t know them, we just saw them in the student union and they didn’t try to mesh. But they got to come to college in their tricked out Mercedes and BMW’s for almost free. Student paper did an article on their grants is how I know.

    • They should be tried for attempted murder and put on the rock pile for at least 5 years…….and fined for med ezspenses and punitive damage.Let dada pay for it also since he raised these thugs.

  2. These people are scum and do not want to assimilate into our culture. Their culture teaches murder of non-believers. The US is in for more bloodshed in its borders thanks to our muslim sympathiser leaders.
    If you are white, if you are christian, if you are non-muslim, YOU are a target. Protect yourselves, your families, especially your women !!

    • Hey Mr EZ. who said that? If you dont know what I is inside Al Quran you better shush, FYI there is a museum that have old alquran 1400 years that have the same exactly like what I have now and 1500 years Bible now already different. So what does it mean?

      • You better shush or Muslims like nelvakira will enforce what the Koran says:

        Chapter 9, Verse 29

        Fight against those who believe not in Allah, nor in the Last Day, nor forbid that which has been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger (Muhammad), and those who acknowledge not the religion of truth (i.e. Islam) among the people of the Scripture (Jews and Christians), until they pay the Jizyah with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.

        Chapter 98, Verse 6

        Verily, those who disbelieve (in the religion of Islam, the Qu’ran and Prophet Muhammad) from among the people of the Scripture (Jews and Christians) and Al-Mushrikun, will abide in the fire of Hell. They are the worst of creatures.

        • The Mystery of Lawlessness doth work exceedingly.When you the Iman standing in the Holy Place;flee you to safety quickly ;lest you be taken…..

      • Maybe you should try the Latin Vulgate, that’s the oldest Holy Bible version that I know of so far, Authorized King James Version with Apocrypha is a pretty good and pretty old one too ( used to be used by both Catholics and Protestants in England a very long time ago, I have one ) , stay away from all of the NEWER BIBLE VERSIONS for they have all been TEMPERED WITH / CORRUPTED on purpose by humans, they have up videos about that on YouTube, look up NEW WORLD ORDER BIBLE VERSIONS movie on YouTube to see and hear for yourself.

    • America is sliding into anarchy and lawlessness via a pre-planned agenda to weaken it sufficiently which then allows the Commies who are in league with the Islamists to form a more imperfect union.Do yourselves a big favor ;look up GULEN.Make sure you are calm and are sure you can remain calm while being educated about the Islamic agenda.Not for the faint-hearted.

      • As much as I would really like to look that up , to find out THE TRUTH behind what is REALLY going on , I’m really already WAY TO TERRIFIED ( AND NAUSEOUS ) from just READING YOUR COMMENT and SUGGESTION, if I would look any further into your suggestion I’m absolutely sure that AT THE LEAST I will not make it OUT OF MY BATHROOM FOR MONTHS !


    • SAUL in the New Testament he was just like A RELIGIOUS FANATIC TERRORIST ( a JEWISH one though ) persecuting the Christians ( and if I recall correctly he was even involved in KILLING CHRISTIANS ) and then one day he had a miraculous encounter with JESUS CHRIST and right after that experience became a Christian and changed his name to PAUL. Apostle Paul. In Catholicism he is SAINT PAUL. He wrote parts of the New Testament. So let all of us who are TRYING to be CHRISTIANS always keep this in our minds whenever we think about or hear anything about ISLAMIC TERRORISTS. We really need to pray to God to help us never to HATE NO MATTER WHAT.

      This message is for those of us who are TRYING ( IT MOST DEFINETLY AIN’T EASY ) to be CHRISTIANS.

  3. When you are willing to fight back to this Muslims and give then back to show to them what they are. You will find out that they are cowards!!! Fight back stop talking about it…

    • I’m sure the smell gave them away. I know from experience there is no mistaking Muslim stench. It arrives 2 minutes before they do, and lingers for awhile after they’ve gone. No lie.

  4. Here where I live in Cary, NC ( USA ) close to Raleigh NC there are atleast 2 major AMERICAN chain grocery stores that I know of that have mainly/ majority ARAB MALES working in them in the evenings/ nighttime. And all of these Arab men are not the youngest of men anymore either, they all seem to be/ look around middleaged and even older, some of them even have GRAY HAIR. How can you provide for a family by just working at a grocery store ? I’m sure that they all have wives and kids as there is no such thing as CELIBACY in Islam.

    Why come to the U.S.A . just to WORK IN GROCERY STORES IN THE EVENINGS/ NIGHTIME at their ages ?

    I have been SUSPICIOUS of all of them and this whole thing for QUITE AWHILE by now.

    Behavior wise they are all very professional and I can see that they are all hard working, they all do what they are supposed to do and are being employed to do on their job.

    I am a younger female and I never really encounter any kind of problems with any of them.

    But I always have my suspicions that they MIGHT all be ISLAMIC TERRORISTS and MAYBE even ISIS MEMBERS ! ( as their MAIN JOB, and that’s what REALLY PAYS THEIR BILLS ! The grocery store jobs are just somekind of COVER/ FACADE/ DISGUISE to what they REALLY are ! )


    I really wonder just HOW MANY of them are REALLY all over THE U.S.A ?!

    Once MUSLIMS become THE MAJORITY in any country then they will turn that whole country into a ISLAMIC country by FORCE & VIOLENCE and rule everybody in it with their SHARIA law , TALIBAN, RELIGIOUS POLICE , MUJAHADEEN, BOKO HARAM , AL QUEADA, ISIS CALIPHATE , with atleast one of those kinds of ABSOLUTE HORRORS !

      • I looked at all of that info you gave me about the Muslim problem in NC , and so far until I looked at your info I had ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA/ CLUE that NC has such a MUSLIM PROBLEM.

      • I just AUTOMATICALLY started to become SUSPICIOUS of WHAT’S REALLY UP with all of these ARAB MALES working ALWAYS IN THE EVENINGS/ NIGHT TIME in these atleast 2 that I know of grocery stores in CARY NC that I always go to , and one day just started wondering if they could really be ISLAMIC TERRORISTS , maybe even ISIS MEMBERS. Once I even seen a car parked in one of those grocery store parking lots with BIG ( READABLE FOR THOSE WHO CAN READ ARABIC ) ISLAMIC CALLIGRAPHY STICKERS stuck on its back window ( and you know it said : DEATH TO AMERICA, ISRAEL AND ALL THE INFIDELS ! I KILL YOU ! , no I can’t read any Arabic, I just made that up ! : ) ).

  5. And ISLAM is A RELIGION and not A RACE ! And our ( USA ) mainstream media really needs to STOP spreading that ISLAM is A RACE and that everyone who is ANTI – ISLAM is a ” RACIST ” ! I’m really so ABSOLUTELY SICK & TIRED by now of the mainstream media spreading those OUTRIGHT GOSHDARNED LIES !

  6. SATANISM and ISLAM have ALOT in common, pedophilia, cannibalism, sadism, rape, torture, bestiality………………………………………………. ISIS put a man in a cage and then burned him to death in the cage , SATANIC downright SATANIC !

  7. In some town in Iraq ISIS is throwing women to THE HYENAS to be EATEN ALIVE ! I heard that reported on the BBC RADIO. HYENAS have THE MOST POWERFUL BITE THERE IS ! SATANIC !

  8. Released on appearance tickets? These men were directly involved in attempted murders and their attacks and/or those of the other men with them, may have caused permanent severe disability to one of the victims!! Released? You don’t have to release them, hold them without bail, for trial!!! Are you nuts? Whom will they try to kill next??? what is the matter with our judges these days? Did the judge take a bribe? What?

  9. ALL of those ARAB MALES that work always in the evenings/ night time at the atleast 2 that I know of grocery stores in CARY NC are ALL ALWAYS WITHOUT ANY FACIAL HAIR ( non of them ever have THE ISLAMIC BEARD ).

  10. In PRE VATICAN 2 Catholicism ISLAM is called THE ABOMINABLE SECT OF MUHAMMED. And Catholics were never allowed to give their children MUSLIM NAMES.

  11. I remember once I looked at something on t.v about THE END TIMES / THE LAST DAYS / THE END OF THE WORLD and a man on that t.v show said he had VISIONS OF THE FUTURE of those times and that in one of his visions EUROPE looked like A WAR ZONE and that there were WOMEN or PEOPLE everywhere WEARING BLACK ROBES or COVERED ALL IN BLACK, so that could be MUSLIM WOMEN then or maybe even ISIS ( ISIS terrorists are all always COVERED IN BLACK ), I looked at this on t.v MANY YEARS AGO already WHEN THE ISLAMIC INVASION OF EUROPE HADN’T EVEN HAPPENED YET !

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