Muslim Immigrants Conduct Military Scale Sexual Assault Against German Women

Where are the German men? via Cologne Muslims Conduct Military Scale Assault Against-by

As reported by the Dutch media source Elsevier, on New Year’s Eve a large number of German women were physically and sexually assaulted in Cologne by a horde of Muslims, possibly numbering over 1,000.

“Dozens of women on New Year’s Eve in Cologne assaulted and robbed by a group of men. At least one woman was raped. It was a completely new dimension of violence, “said the German Police Wolfgang Albers…Dozens of women were surrounded and assaulted, both on the station and on the square in front of Cologne Cathedral…Police in Cologne has set up a special investigation team that will include going to view video from the station. The research focuses on the entire group of 1000 men.” source, Elif Isitman, Massa-aanranding Oud en Nieuw in Keulen: zestig aangiftes , “Mass Assaults in Cologne on New Year’s, 60 Police Reports Filed” Elsevier

Police Chief Wolfgang Albers’s characterization of the event as a new dimension of violence is an understatement. Far beyond criminal in nature, it was a military scale assault in a major German city with a population of over 1 million conducted almost certainly by male North African Muslim “immigrants” [some actually in possession of assylum documents] against non-Muslim women – a class often referred to within immigrant Islamic culture as “fresh meat.”  Of note, such brutality is thoroughly consistent with the Shari’a.

Indicative of the organized nature of the attacks is the fact that these weren’t merely the actions of a wild mob. Instead the violence was optimized with individuals grouping themselves into military type squads or platoons…gangs in the modern lexicon of journalism.

“German authorities said on Tuesday that coordinated attacks…” source NY Times

What is lacking in much of the coverage is properly identifying the location as being in front of Cologne’s historic Gothic cathedral, certainly an item of potential relevance and one consistent with a pre-planned attack by members of Allah’s army.

News continues to filter out of Germany – though it’s obvious that the media would rather the story just go away. Additional cities [Stuttgart and Hamburg] are now reporting similar attacks and the number of official police reports is now probably past 100.

According to the German newspaper [ Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung , Frankfurt General Newspaper] though criminal activity by young North Africans in the area of the New Years Eve assault, has been common, the level of coordination was a troubling new aspect.

“Young North Africans are already for some months now the focus of investigators, because they steal in the entertainment districts and, indeed, around the main train station and the Cathedral passers-by and rob. Until now, the young men went in front to two or three small groups. That they unite like now to pounce on their victims, is new.” [Reiner Burger, Straftaten einer neuen Dimension, “Offenses on a New Dimension.”]

It’s pretty obvious why this story has such a paucity of coverage and that it is being reported with such tardiness. It involves what appear to be newly arrived Muslim immigrants from North Africa who seem to have abandoned petty crime, for large scale jihad in the shadows of one of Europe’s iconic Christian cathedrals.

More via:  Germany: Dozens of Muslims sexually attack young women: “I had fingers on every orifice”

Translated from Rundschau-online:

“Several women was sexually attacked at the Cologne Central Station at New Year’s Eve. …

Cologne. A happy New Year’s Eve can quickly turn into a nightmare: Outside Cologne Central Station several women were strongly molested and robbed at New Year’s Eve…

Among the victims was also a group of young girls from the Oberbergisches Reichshof. The quintet had celebrated on the dome and then wanted to take the train home. “The the Central Station we were surrounded by a group of at least 30 men,” said a 17-year-old. In the ‘huge grope’, not only bags and valuables were stolen, the girls also molested by the men. “I had fingers on every orifice,” the young woman said.”

Translated from KSTA:

“Many women have been groped and robbed in the New Year’s Eve – more than 30 have complained to the police. The police were obviously overwhelmed, due to lack of officers at Cologne Central Station.

COLOGNE – Fear, tears, panic. These words are repeated when you listen to women who talk about their experiences from New Year’s Eve at Cologne Central Station. A 22-year-old tells how they held on to a bottle of champagne on the way to a nightclub in order to be able to defend themselves so that in case of attack.

More than 30 women have now filed a complaint with the police. They all describe how they were groped, threatened, insulted and had been robbed – by a mob out of control young men who are said to have already dug in the area between the old waiting room and the dome smirking, yelling at their victims.

Visibly overwhelmed officials

“I was groped under my dress and on my buttocks,” says the 22-year-old. “When I tried to defend myself, I almost fell down the stairs.” Another woman reported that they had torn her skirt and panties. …

The attackers are described by the victims as young men of North African origin. The numbers vary between 20 and 100.

The Federal Police, which is responsible for security at the train stations, knows the problem (with robberies and theft) very well, but apparently there are too few officers to monitor the situation. …

Many units are used in southern Germany at the borders, in order to channel the flow of refugees. He and his colleagues are also often burdened with additional tasks such as the registration of refugees who are stranded at the railway stations.

Federal police spokeswoman Martina Dressler confirmed the “Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger” recently that the staffing level “very thin”.

More:  German public news channel apologises for having tried to cover up mass sexual assaults over New Year

The German public broadcaster apologised for having been late, like most major national media outlets, in mentioning the sexual aggressions on women that occurred on New Year’s Eve in Cologne, which has provoked public criticism.

The fact that the daily 7 pm news on Monday “did not at least mention the incidents was a failing”, writes the TV news editorial team on its Facebook and Twitter accounts. Not speaking of it on Monday “was … clearly an error of judgement,” acknowledges ZDF, whose Facebook page is filled with comments from unhappy viewers: “my confidence in (this channel), for which I pay my taxes, is diminishing more and more,” writes one them, while are astonished that ZDF “has passed over certain things in silence for some time.”


4 thoughts on “Muslim Immigrants Conduct Military Scale Sexual Assault Against German Women

  1. This is the future for europe if they do not face up to the fact that muslim dogma is not the same as european cuture. time for europeans to just look at the way women and minorities are treated in arab and central asian countries and then just do not tolerate the slightest hint of it in europe

  2. Germans need to capture that ugly whore merkel and hang her high and her family then start hanging every single inbred Muslim filth or Germany is doomed.

  3. In order for a One World Government to exist, the individual Sovereign countries MUST be taken down first. What better way than to import and introduce into these countries a particular group of fanatical warring people Hellbent on destroying others.

    The REAL enemy, the REAL terrorists, are all those Global Elites who are using these “immigrants” and “refugees” for their goal of paving the final way for their New World Order.

    But while these global Elites may BELIEVE they will be able to keep themselves safe from this insanity that they, themselves, have dropped onto the common people of the world, they WILL soon find that they will NOT be able to control this plague upon humanity.

    Unless they plan on living out the rest of their lives in bunkers and underground fortresses, the Elites will have to come up for air eventually. And despite their huge amassing of gold and riches, there WILL be a sword waiting for these “infidels”, too.

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