U.S. Christian Groups Support Muslim Refugees, Ignore Persecuted Christians

via U.S. Christian Groups Support Muslim Refugees, Ignore Persecuted Christians | Frontpage Mag Raymond Ibrahim

According to recently released figures from the State Dept., the United States has let in a miniscule number of Christian refugees from Syria — only 34 — during the four years since the Islamic State began its campaign of mass slaughter.  Put differently, although Christians amount for 10 percent of Syria’s population—and so should at least be 10 percent of the refugees accepted into the States—only two percent of those accepted are Christians.

This disparity is being ignored by influential U.S. Christian groups.  The Church World Service (CWS) and the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops have both called for the resettlement of 100,000 Syrian refugees in the United States next year.   Yet advocacy for especially persecuted Christians is lacking among these U.S. Christian organizations.

The CWS, for example, does not even mention persecuted Christians on its website’s call to help Syrian refugees; it primarily features pictures of Muslims. The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops — which touts itself as the world’s largest refugee resettlement organization and even received $80 million from the federal government in 2014 for its Migration Fund — also often fails to mention Christians in its public advocacy for the resettlement of Syrian refugees.

Refugee Resettlement Watch charges that “The Bishops [of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops] surely are not telling local priests and parishioners that they are raking in millions of dollars of cold hard cash from federal taxpayers for refugee resettlement activities.  And, they aren’t telling them that they are NOT advocating to save the persecuted Christians of Syria through this program” (emphasis in original).

All too often, when the Catholic hierarchy does mention persecuted Christians, they are lumped in with every other group, including Muslim majorities.   Such an approach begins with Pope Francis.  Last September, when he stood before the world at the United Nations, his energy was, once again, spent on defending the environment.  In his entire speech, which lasted nearly 50 minutes, only once did Francis make reference to persecuted Christians—and he merged their sufferings in the same sentence with the supposedly equal sufferings of “members of the majority religion,” that is, Sunni Muslims (the only group not to be attacked by the Islamic State, a Sunni organization).  Said Francis:

I must renew my repeated appeals regarding to the painful situation of the entire Middle East, North Africa and other African countries, where Christians, together with other cultural or ethnic groups, and even members of the majority religion who have no desire to be caught up in hatred and folly, have been forced to witness the destruction of their places of worship, their cultural and religious heritage, their houses and property, and have faced the alternative either of fleeing or of paying for their adhesion to good and to peace by their own lives, or by enslavement.

In the real world, however, “members of the majority religion”—Sunnis—are not being slaughtered, beheaded, and raped for their faith; are not having their mosques bombed and burned; are not being jailed or killed for apostasy, blasphemy, or proselytization.  Quite the contrary, “members of the majority religion” are responsible for committing dozens of atrocities against Christian minorities every single month all throughout the Islamic world.

 From a strictly humanitarian point of view, then—and humanitarianism is the chief reason being cited in accepting refugees—far from being lumped in with “members of the majority religion,” Christians should receive top priority simply because they are the most persecuted group, as repeated studies have shown.

At the hands of the Islamic State and in Syria alone, Christians have been repeatedly forced to renounce Christ or die; they have been enslaved and sold on sex slave markets; they have had more than 400 of their churches desecrated and destroyed.

If Christian minorities are true refugees, most Muslims are to a large extent economic migrants not fleeing real persecution but from safe locales such as Turkey.  Moreover, roughly 97-98 percent of those being accepted as refugees into the U.S. are Sunni Muslims—the same sect that ISIS, which supposedly precipitated the refugee crisis, belongs to.  And many of them, unsurprisingly, share the same vision of relentless jihad on the infidel—such as the “refugees” who murdered some 120 people in France, or the “refugees” who persecute Christian minorities in European camps and slaughter them in their beds, or the “refugees” who drown Christian migrants in the sea, or the ISIS-affiliated Sunni jihads who massacred over a dozen Americans at a Christmas party in San Bernardino.

In short, the refugee resettlement system egregiously discriminates against those who are most deserving of sanctuary and refugee status.  Yet little is said or done by pro-resettlement U.S. Christian groups to address, much less correct, this problem.

If influential Christian organizations are ignoring the discrimination against or at least indifference to Christian refugees, the Obama administration’s policies should not be surprising.  Aside from the fact that 98 percent of refugees being accepted into the U.S. are Sunni Muslims, and only two percent are Christian—a skewed ratio based on Syria’s demographics—consider:

Days before the disparity against Christian refugees was revealed, President Obama lashed out against the idea of giving preference to Christian refugees, describing it as “shameful”: “That’s not American. That’s not who we are. We don’t have religious tests to our compassion,” loftily admonished the president.

Such open hypocrisy can stand when influential Christian groups—they who are most responsible for speaking up for savagely persecuted Christian minorities—engage in it themselves.

Not only do they aid and abet the importing of Muslim terrorists, but Church World Service (CWS) Will illegally hide aliens sought by ICE.

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5 Responses

  1. It’s all about the filthy money! Obama wants Muslims,so all sponsoring churches will go along with him, and won’t even mention the REAL refugees, non-Muslims, who are the surviving victims of Muslim atrocities. As long as the federal government shovels money their way on its terms, no church group is going to refuse it. They are nothing but greedy, heartless Trash!

  2. The enemy is the enemy no matter how you look at it. Can’t believe that Christians are going to harbor those that wish us harm. Oblameme is bringing the war to us to destroy us from within and until he is stopped we will be pushed out of our country . Enough of letting in refuges , they are coming in as innocents but that is wa lie . Look at what is happening in the European countries , murder rape break ins, Is that what we want here ? they were here before oblameme let us know his agenda . The POTUS has left the back door open to let them in while we slept. You want to live under Sharia Law ? THIS IS OUR COUNTRY AND SOME PEOPLE SEEM TO FORGET THAT . WE OR RATHER OUR FORE FATHERS LAID DOWN THE LAWS FOR US TO FOLLOW DO YOU NOT REMEMBER THE BOAT PEOPLE OF YESTERYEAR THAT CAME IN AND SPREAD THE AID”S VIRUS ? AMERICA HAD NEVER HEARD OF IT UNTIL THEY ARRIVED HERE .IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT AGAIN ? GET YOUR HEADS OUT OF THE T.V AND TAKE A LOOK BEHIND THE DOOR THAT POTUS IS STANDING IN FRONT OF, ITS ALWAYS THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT HE IS SAYING . LIKE THE MAGICIAN HE USES SLIGHT OF LIP TO MAKE YOU SEE WHAT YOU WANT TO SEE AND BELIEVE. LET YOUR ELECTED KNOW HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT HOW THINGS GET BY BECAUSE THEY ARE AFRAID OF HIM . HE IS NOTHING THAT HE THINKS HE IS < AND AS FAR AS HIS LEGACY HE HAS NOTHING MORE THAN BEING THE ONE THAT BROUGHT THE U.S.A. THE BRINK OF DESTRUCTION BY SENDING GUNS AND TRANSPORTATION ALONG WITH AMMO AND RPGS AND GROUND TO AIR MISSILES TO USE AGAINST US ……..THE MOST USELESS PREZ EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. The US Conference of Catholic Bishops, along
    with Catholic Charities is just another name for
    a group of leftist agitators, no Christian has probably
    ever been helped by these groups. Lutheran Services
    Is another leftist, commie group, very selective about
    whom they help.

  4. This is beyond Christian apostacy talk about selling out Christ for 30 pieces of silver!!!!

  5. The Christian establishments which are for the resettlement or Muslims in the United States, are compromising the teaching of the Bible about warring against evil, to a liberal ideology that Muslims and the Quran are not evil. I am not going to say it is okay to invite evil into my living room, therefore I will not say that it is okay to invite the enemy of the United States who has swore to destroy us, to live freely and provide for their comfort in main streets of the cities, towns, and villages of our nation. Remember, it only took around a dozen Radical Muslims to kill around 3000 innocent Americans with four high-jacked jetliners; because we let them do it. Remember the four dead Americans serving at a US Embassy in Benghazi … because our leaders helped them do it. Christians are to protect the faith, not compromise it; just because of political correctness, and bully persecution from the same leadership.

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