17 Responses

  1. There should be mass castration.

  2. This isn’t in Germany. It’s allegedly a video from Tahir Square in 2013. (which just goes to show that rape and islam have a long history.)

    • Not sure WHERE that occurred, as the “No Smoking” sign is in English.

      Regardless, there are no words to describe this horrific scene. Those poor women.

  3. The sad result of white liberal guilt.. Thank you Merkel and all the dumbass Germans at the welcome committee holding the refugee welcome sign..

  4. Death to islam.

  5. Islam must be obliterated. It is pure evil and our politicians are blind if they can’t see that.

  6. Judging from the graffiti and seemingly deplorable dilapidated conditions of the subway walls, I’m guessing this probably didn’t occur in Cologne, or anywhere else in Germany. Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but Germans are well known to be extremely meticulous about maintenance and cleanliness everywhere you go. All the same, this video certainly does give a chilling omen of what is to come, now that the country (and literally the entire Continent of Europe) has been betrayed into the hands of savages!

  7. I would line up These inbred Muslim paedophile filth and put a 9mm bullet into the back of their heads kill them all, and the police who cover it up ,,,jimmy millwall f.c.

  8. The only way to stop Islam is to defeat it. Figure it out. Two atom bombs ended WWII. One bomb would probably do it in the Middle-East. “But,” you say, “what about all the innocent people?”

    The innocent are being killed now and they would probably die in one swift swoop instead of the way they’re dying now…tortured, burnt alive in coffins, gang raped to death, crucified, forced to do or watch unspeakable acts upon loved ones.

    Islam was born of Satan (Allah) and should be defeated as in the past, pushed back to the desert where they need to remain if they do not convert to Christianity.

  9. That was Germany on new years eve, you fools trying to say it was not, I’m German

  10. How can they clean the graffiti if it was only just done ? Wake up liberal traitors

  11. […] Germany, women are dragged into subways to be raped by “migrants” [e.g., Muslims] (h/t, Creeping Sharia). I bet these German’s wish they had a 2nd […]

  12. Let’s hope the Muslims rape and kill some of them left-wing liberal traitors that welcomed this inbred paedophile filth into Germany

  13. […] The below video of a woman being drug into a subway to be raped by Muslims is graphic… you do not see horror… but you hear it and want the worse to befall the Muslims committing the crime (h/t, Creeping Sharia). […]

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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