Sweden Will Not Investigate Muslim Refugee Sex Assaults & Police Cover-up


Source: Sweden Will Not Investigate Sexual Assaults

The prosecutor’s office in Sweden has announced it will not investigate alleged police cover-ups of sex crimes at music festivals at the hands of refugees.

There were 38 reports of rape and sexual assaults over the past two years, according to RT. Most of the suspects were believed to be refugees from Afghanistan.

One officer claimed the police didn’t want to provide fuel to anti-immigration political parties.

The information comes as hundreds of reports of attacks on women by refugees has come out in recent days, including the coordinated attacks on New Year’s Eve in several European cities, like Cologne, Germany.

The scandal has rocked the German government, with protests occurring almost daily, as previously reported by TRUNEWS.

Many residents are calling for a halt on the acceptance of refugees and migrants. Germany has taken in 1.1 million in the last year.

More on the cover-up:

6 Responses

  1. This is a total betrayal of Swedish women. It is despicable. Sweden police are putting politics and lawless Muslim men before the safety and welfare of their own citizens. Sweden is allowing itself to be taken over and ruled by Islam and it’s evil sharia law.

  2. “We didn’t cover up. We didn’t tell.”

  3. Swedish Policemen reflect the values of their
    superiors, & now, the values are no longer of
    European Society. Every Swedish man, woman
    or child is on their own, without law & public order.
    Please look after those you love, because these
    Raw Pieces of Sewage will never give up on their
    disgusting Caliphate.

  4. Hang all these police that cover up for inbred Muslim paedophiles, hang all left-wing liberal traitor government, and hang all left-wing liberal traitors, problem solved. They are a much bigger problem than the inbred Muslim paedophile terrorist filth.

  5. Sounds like the Swedish Government is the same as Obama’s Government as both fully condone whatever the muzzies do. From all the assaults by muzzies to all the rape by the muzzie parasites. The Governments are all bowing down to islam and we can not rely on our Governments put a stop to what the muzzies are doing. We’re going to have to protect ourselves by any means we have at hand.

  6. […] Sweden:  The state funds sniper training for Muslim “refugees.”  Police can no longer include a suspect’s race or nationality, lest they sound racist.  The state prosecutor has decided not to investigate police cover-ups of mass sexual assaults from the past two summer festivals.  Jews are fleeing in record numbers (here, here, here, and here). […]

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