Minnesota: Family of 3 Found Dead – “allah akbar” and “Submit to Allah” Messages Found

“Despite the grisly scene, investigators concluded within two hours that David Crowley was the one who pulled the trigger…”

With no apparent evidence, the police quickly determined the messages had nothing to do with Islam. In fact, investigators think they were a jab at his wife’s Islamic past.

Police released this photo of a spiral notebook found in an office in the Crowley home, open to a page with dried blood on it and the handwritten words, "Submit to Allah NOW." Photo courtesy of the Apple Valley Police Department.

Source: Apple Valley police: Filmmaker left message in wife’s blood before 3 found dead – TwinCities.com

David Crowley was a screenwriter and aspiring filmmaker working on his first independent film.

Komel Crowley was a registered dietitian who, like her husband, mostly worked from their Apple Valley home.

Together, they were raising their 5-year-old daughter, Raniya — a bright kindergartner who rarely missed a day of school.

But that illusion vanished a year ago, when all three were found fatally shot Jan. 17 in the living room of their rambler in what investigators immediately said pointed to an apparent murder-suicide three weeks earlier.

Police found an Arabic phrase, written in blood, on a living-room wall.

They also found a spiral-bound notebook open to a page with dried blood on it with the words, “Submit to Allah NOW.”

“What it all adds up to is this was a guy who snapped,” Apple Valley Police Chief Jon Rechtzigel said. “To cross that line, to go to that level of violence — and this is domestic violence, make no ifs ands or buts about it … I mean, you take the lives of your daughter and your wife and besides that you’re writing things on the wall in blood. Nobody thinks to do that unless they’re really of a deranged mind at that point.”

Apple Valley police recently closed the case, which included a year-long examination by the Dakota County Electronic Crimes Task Force into 16 hard drives found in the home in the 1000 block of Ramsdell Drive.

A copy of the 94-page police file released to the Pioneer Press sheds light on the mind-set of David Crowley before police say the Owatonna, Minn., native killed his wife and daughter execution-style and then ended his own life with a bullet to the front of his head.

Despite the grisly scene, investigators concluded within two hours that David Crowley was the one who pulled the trigger of the .40-caliber Springfield handgun, found next to his body.

Six days later, the Hennepin County medical examiner’s office confirmed that the deaths of Komel, 28, and Raniya were homicides, while Crowley, 29, died of suicide.

Each died of a single gunshot wound to the head around Dec. 26, 2014, and the medical examiner’s office did not find marks or injuries on the bodies suggesting physical struggle before their deaths.

Police couldn’t tell how long Crowley was alive as his wife and daughter lay dead and before he turned the gun on himself, according to reports in the case file.

In the living room where their bodies lay, Crowley scrawled on a wall in his wife’s blood the Arabic phrase, “Allahu Akbar,” meaning “God is greatest.”

Investigators believe the words were Crowley’s “last little shot by him, a sarcastic thing aimed at (Komel’s) Muslim past,” Rechtzigel said.

Komel Crowley was raised Muslim in Pakistan and converted to Christianity when she married David Crowley; they met while he was stationed in the Army in Texas in 2008.

What led investigators to believe that? Nothing that they’ve revealed. She converted from Islam and married him, why would he ridicule her for that?

Maybe Crowley converted to Islam. After all, he did write, “Submit to Allah Now” in his notebook. Or perhaps someone who knew that Komel converted to Christianity doled out the Islamic punishment.

The official story – already a year old – simply doesn’t make any sense and the media won’t bother digging any deeper.



17 Responses

  1. What makes better sense, this was an Honor Killing of an entire family by an Islamic hit squad, either by Komel Crowley’s family or someone they hired. Police will conveniently label this as murder-suicide in order to sweep Honor Killings under the proverbial prayer rug. Fact is, Komel Crowley disgraced her family by converting to Christianity and under Islamic Law a muslim woman is not allowed to marry outside the Islamic faith (unless of course you are Huma Abdine of the Muslim Brotherhood). Powers to be in MN have already submitted to Islam, this is yet another way to sanitize this hit and slaughter of a non-muslim family!

  2. What a load of bullshit why would he bother writing”Allah akbar” if he was committing suicide ? The Koran say ” kill all those that convert from Islam”, this is a honor killing, but Obama’s Muslim loving police allways defend Muslims, let’s hope Muslims kill many many more police traitors that’s the only way these Muslim appeaser police will get the message

  3. Is it his handwriting? Someone should have an example of his writings

  4. Truly unbelievable. I’m kind-of at a loss for words, since the closing of the American mind has gotten to such a demented stage. I’m feeling like I’m living in a nation populated by a whole lot of undead (humans incapable of rational thought) or something.

  5. Not even close guys, he and his family were murdered because of the movie he was working on, Gray State, google it. Even friends knew he would never do this.

  6. To use a local phrase, B as in B, S as in S.
    The chief (in the grand tradition of most of the allah-ass-kissing libs of the politically correct pussy whipped punkass People’s Republic of Minnesota) has failed to see the writing on the wall, so to speak.
    A typical Minnesota railroad job to make out a guy who was working to expose the rampant corruption and agenda of the power that resides in the shadows into a “crazed right-wing nut job”
    We know the truth, and despite the whitewash, we also know who the real criminals are.
    There is an ill wind coming, and it doesn’t bode well for the PC crowd.
    Enjoy your servitude, slaves. I’ll take some dangerous freedom.

  7. You don’t put the gun to the front of your head this was an execution by Islam


  9. Hey if the blood writing didn’t clue you I’m….this was anacf of Islamic terrorism, you bumbling idiot!

  10. Why don’t real Minnesotans RISE UP against this???

  11. … any criminal activity around here is highly scrutinize to its most sensationalistic terms. Any homicide is sought after and chased.
    I am dumbfounded as I read because I am a Minnesota Resident and last year I was working in Dakota and Scott County… Apple Valley is in Dakota Co and NOTHING of this sort was openly played out by the local Media. Nothing much.
    So this morning as I read of this family in Mn I wondered and went on reading what it was all about. This, the Twin Cities is very diverse and its population is of the most peaceful, honest and hard working individuals that there can ever be found. Mixed couples integrate and prosper under the living conditions of this place on every corner of the community.
    How come no one of the neighbors in that subdivisíon ever testified anything negative of Mr Crowley ? … how come nobody of the people who knew them ever stated the minimum of suspicions about a possible conflict between them ?

    I truly believe it was because it simply had no grounds for it.

    This was MURDER
    swept under the PC prayer rug.
    And if it doesn’t receive its proper channel and is fought against soon the mass murdering tragedies are going to be a regular recurring situation
    and everywhere/

    A suicide takes place with the gun barrel taken to the temple. NOT the FRONT of the HEAD.

    … Minnesota Bureau of Apprehensions
    you Idiots … Appeasing the Wrong Crowd

  12. He was A screen writer working on A movie called grey state.Its about The militarization of police and the eventual declaration of martial law in the u.s apparently from what I read someone did not want the film to be released ou can find the trailor for it online

  13. Cia Mossad hit job… of course they put that there!

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