Missouri: Muslim immigrant arrested for extortion, stalking – accused of Ansar al Sharia ties

Update below.Source: Metro couple believes man charged with extorting, stalking them was a terrorist | fox4kc.com   h/t TROP

PLATTE COUNTY, Mo. — A Libyan national wanted in Platte County, and on the run, was arrested in Florida. Prosecutor Eric Zahnd charged Ali Swei with two felonies for attempted extortion and stalking, but Swei may be facing more than that.

The couple named as his victims say Swei is a terrorist, too. Swei had been on the run for months, and that couple says they are resting easier, but are still afraid.

They’re so afraid that they have moved from their home, and insisted that FOX 4 meet them at an undisclosed location on Friday afternoon for an interview.

“I have been here 24 years, I have never had anybody like that. I help everybody I can, I open my house to a lot of people that needed help. That’s how I felt,” Ibrahim Shalabi explained.

Shalabi and his wife, Fadia Gregni, met Swei at a retreat in Ohio for Libyans. They described him as a nice guy, who told them he had an impressive list of connections in the Libyan government, at the embassy and was in the United States exporting cars overseas. Shalabi and his wife agreed to sponsor Swei for his U.S. citizenship, until they found out more about him.

“He’s very good in scams, fraudulence all the time, lies all the time, you never get him catching the truth and he threats,” said Shalabi.

In early March, Shalabi and his wife became suspicious that Swei was a member of Ansar al-Sharia — an Islamist militia group, after overhearing a phone call Swei was having with someone in Libya about what they believe was a kidnapping.

“He said, ‘what do you want us to do with them.’ Because he does not have the money. He says just to finish him,” Shalabi recalled.

Swei was living with the couple at the time and when he left the house, the two looked on Swei`s computer and say they saw several things tying him to the terrorist organization.

“Do you believe that Ali Swei has ties to terrorist organizations?” FOX 4’s Shannon O’Brien asked.

“Yes, yes,” Gregni replied.

“Do you think he`s a terrorist?” O’Brien asked.

“Yep, yep,” said Gregni.

“He’s proud of it. He is not denying that. He is not denying his involvement with them,” said Shalabi.

The couple asked him to leave, and that`s when they say he demanded $30,000 or else….

“If I don`t pay him by a certain date, he is going to go ahead and tell them to do what they need to do back home. Which is to bomb my family and her house and her family back home,” said Shalabi.

After the threats increased, and the going back and forth with Swei became too much, Shalabi and Gregni went to the police, and Swei took off.

So far, Swei is only charged with two felonies in Platte County. No federal charges have been filed as of now, and the FBI has not returned FOX 4’s calls for comment.

Update: It looks like there might be some trouble in Muslim Brotherhood paradise, via causingfitna:


…the screen captures above come from the Facebook page of Ibrahim Shalabi. FOX4KC recently ran a story of Shalabi and his wife who turned in a Lybian terrorist they had befriended in Ohio sometime earlier.

Take note of his friends list with the yellow four fingered Muslim Brotherhood sign as the profile pic….. The UK recently came out saying the Muslim Brotherhood is an Islamist terror loving organization….. so, that should raise some red flags…..

Another name on that Facebook friends list is Ahmed El-Sherif. There is a lot that we have pointed out about Sherif, but he represented two jihadists in the late 90’s and was recently raided by the FBI and EPA…… but that story went POOOF!

Shalabi may know more Islamic jihadists than he is letting on……. or perhaps he is really clueless? I did not go to deep on the friends list, but out of 73 friends, it took me about 2 minutes to spot Ahmed El-Sherif and the 4 finger Muslim Brotherhood sign…… those are 2 people a normal person might want to avoid.

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  1. All Muslims are paedophiles terrorist pig fuckers hang everyone of them

  2. I lived in Platte County for a while….. I also moved for similar reasons in 2009.

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