Virginia: 1 Homegrown, 1 Muslim Immigrant Arrested Trying to Join ISIS Terrorists

  • Wanted Allah to destroy the Christians, “make their faces burn in hell’s fire”
  • Wanted to “chop their heads”
  • 1 originally from Pennsylvania, the other from Sudan
  • When told he might face U.S. forces Farrokh responded, “Honestly, this is the best.”


Did the mother go to the FBI? If not, why is she not charged? via: Two Virginia men charged in plot to travel to Syria –

Federal authorities have charged two Virginia men with terror-related offenses after one tried to travel to Syria to join ISIS, the Justice Department said Saturday.

Joseph Hassan Farrokh, 28, was charged with attempting to provide material support and resources to ISIS. Mahmoud Amin Mohamed Elhassan, 25, is accused of aiding and abetting Farrokh’s efforts.

According to prosecutors, Farrokh has been trying to join ISIS since at least November. He met with someone Elhassan “believed maintained connections to individuals engaged in jihad overseas,” the Justice Department said in a statement.

On Friday, Elhassan drove Farrokh to Richmond, Virginia, where Farrokh went to the airport and cleared security in a bid to board a Chicago-bound flight, prosecutors said. From there, authorities say, he planned to fly to Jordan and eventually travel to Syria to join ISIS.

Authorities arrested Farrokh at the airport. Elhassan was arrested after returning to Woodbridge, Virginia, where the two live.

If convicted, they each face up to 20 years in prison. They are scheduled to make their initial court appearance on Tuesday.

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Farrokh is a U.S. citizen originally from Pennsylvania and has been charged with attempting to provide material support and resources to a designated foreign terrorist organization.

Elhassan, who is a legal permanent U.S. resident originally from Sudan, has been charged with aiding and abetting Farrokh’s attempt.

According to the DOJ, Farrokh has been attempting to leave the U.S. to join ISIL since at least November of 2015.

More: 2 Virginia men charged with attempting to support Islamic State

According to court documents, Farrokh had been planning to join the Islamic State, also known as ISIL, since late November and had allegedly met with a federal law enforcement informant, through Elhassan, who both believed to be associated with the terrorist group.

Prosecutors allege that Elhassan was aware of Farrokh’s plans to travel to join the Islamic State and was aware that his friend was attempting to mask his travel to Syria by telling family members that he intended to study in Saudi Arabia.

Elhassan allegedly picked up Farrokh on Friday morning for the drive to Richmond and a location about a mile from the airport. Farrokh took a taxi the rest of the way, checked in for the Chicago flight and cleared security before he was arrested by FBI agents.

Agents arrested Elhassan on Friday afternoon when he allegedly made “a number of false statements” to investigators.

via DOJ:

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  1. Start hanging these inbred Muslim paedophiles and hang there families

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