3 Responses

  1. How did these ignorant savages gain control
    Over our Education, laws & destroy the American
    way of Life? In N. Florida, there is a university run
    by an ex-mayor of JAX, FL, who intimidated city
    council members into accepting an unindicted co- conspirator of terrorism, into a position of power. The
    Muslims don’t actually run in elections, they simply ingratiate themselves with Big Wigs, or by getting a vote from a small group of scared councilmen. They simply usurp power. GOD Help Us!

  2. Sharia = Islamic Pentecostal Holiness.There is no real love in this religion;just like many other religions;only claims to the contrary.

  3. only in islam does g-d say, ‘Ooops!’. i use the word g-d as loosely as it can be used as i believe mohammed, in an epileptic fit conditioned by his obsessive-compulsive/behavior dreamed up allah

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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