London: Muslim school caught with books promoting stoning people to death

So the Muslim school had books promoting…Islam. Anyone in the UK school system surprised should be fired. Maybe they’ll take a peek inside the Koran next. via: Revealed: Private Muslim school in London had books promoting stoning people to death | Education | News | London Evening Standard

A private Muslim school has failed its Ofsted inspection after the watchdog found books promoting extreme views, including stoning people to death, in its library.

Inspectors uncovered three texts at Jamiatul Ummah School in Tower Hamlets which promoted illegal punishments and inequality of women,  according to their report.

Staff failed to be “sufficiently vigilant” over “inappropriate” material and the books could “unwittingly promot[e] extreme views”, it added. The school said the texts had been removed and the library shut while it audits material.

The books don’t “unwittingly promot[e] extreme views,” they explicitly promote ISLAM and SHARIA. Who is watching the watchdog group? The same cowards protecting the innocent British girls being raped by the thousands?

Osfsted chief Sir Michael Wilshaw identified it as one of six independent Islamic teaching institutions in Tower Hamlets at which more than 1,000 pupils were said to be “at serious risk”.

How many chances will they get?

The report, published this month, stated: “During a very brief tour of the library inspectors found three books that undermine the active promotion of the rule of British law and respect for other people.

“The books promote inequality of women and punishments including stoning to death which are illegal in Britain and do not reflect the school’s ethos of tolerance and integration. Although current students do not have access to the inappropriate material, past students did for some time.”

Jamiatul Ummah is connected to the Darul Ummah Mosque, where Syrian-born preacher Sheikh Abdul Hadi  Arwani, who was found shot dead in his car in Wembley last April, was once billed as a preacher. The mosque and school are run by Dawatul Islam UK & Eire, which says it is “one of the foremost Muslim organisations in the UK” and a “founding member and affiliate” of The Muslim Council of Britain.

I.e., the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Department for Education said: “We will consider the report along with other inspections in Tower Hamlets. If the schools are still not found to be meeting the required standards, they could face removal from the Register of Independent Schools.”

DOE will do nothing. The Muslim school has already been caught three times and lied their way out of it each time. It’s not an isolated case – it is the norm!

The UK is done. It will never be the same. The U.S. is not far behind.

2 Responses

  1. Its best to do on to others before they do on to you!

  2. In Britain all the police are Muslim appeasers only arrest whites for “offending” Muslims so they allow Muslims to groom and rape 11 year old white girls and cover it up in case they are called “RACIST ” and the government are all left-wing liberal traitors they allow Muslims to preach terrorism and claim £ 60.000 per year in benefits. Please don’t let this happen in America so please vote TRUMP to save American children from these inbred Muslim paedophile terrorist Scum. Millwall f.c.

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