Video: Tactics for Counter Jihad

Many people are afraid of speaking out about Political Islam. But, once you understand the nature of our enemies, you need not be afraid. Actually, we have two enemies: the far enemy (Islam) and the near enemy (the apologists). You only need to deal with the apologists, such as ministers, media editors, school board members and opinion makers. The only damage you will have to contend with is being called names, such as bigot, hater and racist.

We must educate the apologists by understanding their principles and showing them how Political Islam violates their own beliefs. Once they can see this, they can become an ally.

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6 Responses

  1. Islam is far AND near. Their apologists are anti-God and anti-American.

  2. Creeping sharia can you please put the video on “Britain first Facebook” on your site, yesterday 20 Christians was attacked by Muslims in london, our police done nothing just watched Muslims assault Christians, our police and government are liberal muslim appeasers our country is now overrun by Muslim paedophile/ terrorist filth thanks to our left-wing rich gutless government,please vote TRUMP and save your great country

  3. Doesn’t everybody just Glenn Beck’s buddy Dr Zudhi Jasser..he comes on Becks show and Fox and blows all kind of BS smoke up everybody backend about how there are seemingly 2 distinct kinds of muslims..and NOT ONCE DOES HE REMOTELY TRY TO TELL YOU THAT HE READS A DIFFERENT quran, THAN DOES THE TERRORISTS! He Doesn’t go there, because HE CANT explain away the violent nature of those scriptures towards INFIDELS.. non muslims!
    He is a soft spoken wolf in sheep’s clothing! Shame on Glenn Beck for promoting this crap! Islam/sharia is non compatible with Christianity – period. They will never adapt or assimilate in to a Christian country. It is always going to be their way or the highway, which is code for they’ll be cutting off your head!

  4. A great, honest in-depth discussion about the ideology of Islam.
    Very much appreciated.
    All the best, Bill Warner, on your future endeavors; you are truly courageous to reveal a truth the world needs, and needs now.

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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