A Gruesome Christmas under Islam

Source: A Gruesome Christmas under Islam

Translations of this item:

  • Muslim governmental officials — not “ISIS” — in nations such as Brunei, Somalia, and Tajikistan continue openly and formally to express their hostility for Christmas and Christianity. And extremist Muslims — not “ISIS” — continue to terrorize and slaughter Christians on Christmas in nations as diverse as Bangladesh, Belgium, the Congo, Germany, Indonesia, Iran, Nigeria, Philippines, Syria, the West Bank, and even the United States.

On Christmas Day in the West Bank, two Muslims were arrested for setting a Christmas tree on fire in a Christian-majority village near Jenin. On the same day in Bethlehem, Muslim rioters greeted the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem with a hail of stones. Authorities subsequently arrested 16 “Salafi radicals” who were planning to carry out terror attacks against tourists celebrating Christmas.

If this was Christmas in Bethlehem — Christ’s birthplace and scene of the Nativity — Christmas in other parts of the world experienced similar abuse.

In the United States, a 46-year-old Christian mother of three was among the 14 people killed in the San Bernardino terrorist attack targeting a Christmas party. Ironically, Bennetta Bet-Badal had fled Iran for the U.S. when she was 18 to escape the persecution of Christians after the 1979 Islamic revolution. After graduating from college with a degree in chemistry and marrying and raising three children, the jihad caught up with her. She was attending a Christmas luncheon and bringing gifts to her co-workers when Muslim terrorists burst in and massacred them.

Belgium resembled Bethlehem: A video appeared showing a number of youths lighting a firebomb under a Christmas tree in Brussels. Seconds later, there is an explosion, and the tree is engulfed in flames. Young men shouting “Allahu Akbar,” [“Allah is Greater”] run away. The person who originally uploaded the video, Mohamed Amine, has since taken his Facebook page down.

In Germany, four Eastern Orthodox Christians were accosted in the early morning hours after Christmas Day in Berlin by a man shouting, “I am a Muslim! What are you?” The man and his friends then attacked and violently beat the Christians.

The few anecdotes of Muslims terrorizing, beating, and even killing Christians on the occasion of Christmas in the West — where Muslims are minorities — were expanded in Muslim-majority nations.

Stifling Christmas

In Syria, the Islamic State “arrested, if not executed, some youths [five] in the city of Raqqa for befriending and greeting Christians on the occasion of Christmas.” ISIS reportedly told the five youths that “they are being detained after an investigation [including their personal computers], found that they greeted the Christians and wished them a Happy New Year.” When one of the youths tried to clear himself, an ISIS member replied: “Shut up! You accompany the Christians — is that not so?” The five youths were then hauled to an unknown location. There has been no further information on their fate.

ISIS was not alone. The governments of three countries — Somalia, Tajikistan, and Brunei — formally banned Christmas (celebrating its Gospel message, putting up trees, dressing like Santa Claus, and giving gifts). Transgressors can face up to five years in prison. Some Islamic clerics in Brunei stated: “Using religious symbols such as crosses, lighting candles, putting up Christmas trees, singing religious songs, sending Christmas greetings … are against the Islamic faith.”

In Bangladesh, churches skipped traditional Christmas midnight mass because of the increasing number of threats against, and attacks on, Christian leaders. Although Christians constitute less than one percent of the Muslim nation, more than three dozen church leaders received death threats and at least four narrowly escaped attempts on their lives.

Although not canceled, Christmas church services were tense and on high alert in the supposedly most “moderate” Muslim nation, Indonesia. More than 150,000 security personnel and others were deployed to safeguard churches around the country during Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations. Days earlier, on December 20, police arrested six men who had bomb-making materials and jihadi literature.

On December 25 in Iran, a group of about 10 Christians celebrating Christmas were verbally abused and arrested after plain-clothes government agents raided a private service in their home. Separately, on December 23, agents beat, handcuffed, and arrested a Christian man during a raid on his home. His books, computer, mobile phone, and a decorated Christmas tree were seized.

Christmas Carnage

On December 24 in the Philippines, Muslim jihadis terrorized the Christian-majority nation after they seized and executed 10 Christians. A military spokesman said the terrorist attack was intentionally launched on Christmas Eve “to make a statement.”

On December 25 in Nigeria, the Islamic group, Boko Haram, slaughtered 16 Christians, including children. The jihadi group has been bombing churches and massacring Christians on Christmas Day for several years in a row. One of the deadliest attacks occurred in 2011, when the jihadis bombed a Catholic church during Christmas mass. They killed 39 and wounded hundreds.

On Christmas Eve in the Democratic Republic of Congo, over 50 people of the Christian-majority nation were massacred by the Ugandan-based group, ADF-Nalu, which “has acquired in recent years the characterization of a jihadist movement.”

On Christmas Eve in Iraq, the Islamic State bombed ten Christian homes and a convent in the Assyrian village of Tel Kepe. Several people were injured. On December 30, members of the Islamic State bombed several Christian-owned restaurants in Syria; 16 people were murdered.

Left: The Miami restaurant was bombed by the Islamic State, one of three Christian-owned restaurants bombed in Qamishli, Syria on December 30, killing 16 people. Right: A number of youths set fire to a Christmas tree in a public square in Brussels, Belgium, while yelling “Allahu Akbar” [“Allah is Greater”].

Muslim governmental officials — not “ISIS” — in nations such as Brunei, Somalia, and Tajikistan continue openly and formally to express their hostility for Christmas and Christianity. And extremist Muslims — not “ISIS” — continue to terrorize and slaughter Christians on Christmas in nations as diverse as Bangladesh, Belgium, the Congo, Germany, Indonesia, Iran, Nigeria, Philippines, Syria, the West Bank, and even the United States.

Raymond Ibrahim, author of Crucified Again: Exposing Islam’s New War in Christians (a Gatestone Publication, published by Regnery, April 2013), is a Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center and Judith Friedman Rosen Writing Fellow at the Middle East Forum

17 Responses

  1. If you don’t get them, they will get you!

  2. With our southern borders wide open compliments of Obama there is no way of knowing just how many terrorists there are right now hid out in US. From what Judicial Watch found out The New State Department Records Confirming Arab Smuggling “Cells”, Al Qaeda Leader in Mexico. According to their investigation the U.S Government has known that “Arab extremists” are entering the country through Mexico with the assistance of smuggling network cells according to State Department documents obtained by Judicial Watch
    Go over to Judicial Watch website to read all of the article. I am quite sure that all of them attend the local Mosques located here in the US in every state.


  4. I was raised in a Christian denomination that has churches all over the world and I remember when looking at the pictures of this Christian denominations CHURCHES IN PAKISTAN ALOT of the churches in PAKISTAN had church member MEN WITH RIFLES in the pictures ( to PROTECT their church buildings and church members from MUSLIM ATTACKS / JIHAD on them ) .

  5. Because of all of this these days I really don’t even want to ATTEND ANY CHURCH SERVICE or GO INTO ANY CHURCH BUILDING IN THE U.S.A anymore now, because you NEVER KNOW when someone ( like the one in CHARLESTON SC not too long ago ) or MUSLIMS are going to BURST IN and KILL EVERYBODY or atleast TRY to KILL EVERYBODY in the building ! I really BET it’s still coming IN THE U.S.A, EUROPE ( it’s really A REAL WONDER it hasn’t happened YET there , as many MUSLIMS as they have ALL OVER WESTERN EUROPE ! ) , and maybe also CANADA .

  6. Or they are going to BOMB the church and synagogue buildings.

  7. Maybe they will even BEHEAD people in the churches and synagogues

  8. An American Christian man online somewhere said that he recieved a dream or vision from God about THAT SOMETHING TERRIBLE/ HORRIBLE / HORRIFIC is going to come over THE MEXICO BORDER into THE SOUTHWESTERN U.S and that THEY ( he didn’t go into any detail about who THEY were/ is ) are going to TORTURE & KILL PEOPLE in the MOST DEMONIC WAYS ( in the Southwest U.S ), this man is somewhere online, I have to find it again online where he talks about this, he said HE HOPES HE’LL TURN OUT TO BE WRONG about this whole thing but OVERALL it really sounds to me like he REALLY BELIEVES this whole thing, his dream/ vision about all of this given to him by GOD he says, and that it will really happen. At first I thought that if this really ends up happening it will be all done by the NARCOS SATANICOS, THE SATANIC ( they REALLY are really SATANISTS ) MEXICAN ( maybe even CENTRAL AMERICAN ) DRUG CARTELS, but NOW I am really wondering if it could end up all being done by ISIS ! ISIS coming over THE MEXICAN BORDER INTO THE U.S ! Another American Christian woman CONFIRMED this man’s dream / vision, she said that GOD told her TO MOVE away from her home near the Mexican border and she said she did move after GOD told her to.

  9. On the radio just a few days ago ( on NPR ) they interviewed a man FROM SYRIA who first immigrated to Europe and lived there for awhile and now HE LIVES IN MEXICO, so they ( TPTB ) are planting them IN MEXICO now too. And during this same interview they brought up another SYRIAN man who is immigrating to SOUTH KOREA. Are THEY ( TPTB ) trying to ISLAMICIZE THE WHOLE DARNED WORLD NOW ! It’s really A REALLY DIABOLICAL CONSPIRACY !

  10. Maybe some MUSLIMS will INFILTRATE THE CHURCHES and PRETEND to be Christians until one day they just SUDDENLY KILL ( SUDDENLY JIHAD ) somebody or those around them ( maybe SLIT THEIR THROATS, BEHEAD ) , maybe even in the church building,maybe even during the service, maybe even during Bible study……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… This is really something for ALL CHRISTIANS to seriously THINK about, because it really COULD happen, there is stuff on this website here somewhere that says MUSLIM TERRORISTS are being told and trained to PRETEND TO BE CHRISTIANS, so maybe they have already INFILTRATED CHURCHES, and are only PRETENDING TO BE CHRISTIANS. Just like SATANISTS and WITCHES INFILTRATE CHURCHES AND PRETEND TO BE CHRISTIANS. I am waiting for something like this to happen and be reported in the news.

  11. PAN AM FLIGHT 103 / LOCKERBIE BOMBING was also DURING THE CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY SEASON , I looked at something about this on t.v not too long ago ( absolutely TERRIBLE / HORRIBLE ! ), CHRISTMAS PRESENTS were strewn everywhere / all over the place along with HUMAN REMAINS. They claim 2 LIBYANS ( MUSLIMS ) did it.

  12. I am listening to the POLITICAL ISLAM AUDIOS on this website, according to what I’m learning from them about THE FALSE PROPHET MUHAMMED or MOHAMMED , he was A WARLORD, A SLAVE HOLDER / PRO SLAVERY, A LOVER OF SEX / A SEX ADDICT/ A SEXAHOLIC, A PEDOPHILE, A DICTATOR, A TYRANT, A MASS MURDERER, A VERY SCREWED UP IN THE HEAD 100% HUMAN MAN, and I guess SINCE MUSLIMS RAPE that he also RAPED/ WAS A RAPIST ! So there this is really , honestly the way ATLEAST 1 NON MUSLIM in this world really sees, thinks about YOUR FALSE PROPHET MUHAMMED / MOHAMMED !


  14. What’s REALLY UNFORTUNATE & REALLY SAD is how that TOTAL DIABOLICAL / SATANIC BULLCRAP ( ISLAM ) has spread and still continues to spread !

  15. Some people think that the ANTI CHRIST mentioned in the NEW TESTAMENT will be A MUSLIM,there is all kinds of info ( and videos on YouTube ) about this THEORY online, but my question to that is how does that fit together with THE GAY AGENDA ? ( which I heard has something to do with THE COMING OF ANTI CHRIST, on a video documentary on YouTube about ALEISTER CROWLEY and THE GAY AGENDA )


  16. But A MUSLIM ANTI CHRIST and ISLAM TAKING OVER THE WORLD totally clashes with / contradicts the NWO’s POPULATION CONTROL & DEPOPULATION AGENDA ( see : THE GEORGIA GUIDESTONES ) because MUSLIMS have THE HIGHEST BIRTHRATE of all of the people in this world.

  17. So WHY EXACTLY is THE NWO bringing all of these MUSLIMS into NON ISLAMIC COUNTRIES ? I thought THE NWO has a POPULATION CONTROL and DEPOPULATION AGENDA ? ( see : THE GEORGIA GUIDESTONES, maintain world population around………………………………………………………………………..)

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