Wisconsin Manufacturer Won’t Negotiate with Terrorist-linked CAIR

Well played. Every organization threatened by the terrorist groups like CAIR should do the same. Yes, that’s right, the Council on American Relations or CAIR was named a terrorist group by the United Arab Emirates.

CAIRdiorama32via: Manufacturer Stands by Policy on Muslim Prayer Breaks – ABC News

An American-Islamic civil liberties group is asking a Wisconsin manufacturer to back away from a policy that doesn’t allow an extra break for prayer for Muslim employees.

Ariens Co., however, said Tuesday that it can handle the matter internally and that it’s not interested in negotiating through the Council for America-Islamic Relations.

CEO Dan Ariens said the prayer breaks were disrupting production at the lawn mower and snow blower manufacturer, which employs about 2,000 people, nearly half of them in Brillion. He said the best solution was to schedule break time and “stay within the policy of two, 10-minute breaks.”

Ariens says it has had longstanding religious accommodations for Muslim workers, including a prayer room. Ariens said the two-break policy isn’t new and that it was discussed during employee orientation. He said none of the workers have been fired and that he also wants to find a resolution that will allow them all to come back to their jobs without hindering production. He said the employees are valuable and would need to be replaced if they left.

Ariens said the company’s position is reasonable and legally sound. He said that if the prayer breaks were only five minutes each — and his supervisors tell him they’re often longer — then it would cost the company about $1 million annually.

Of course, Ariens wouldn’t even be in this position if hadn’t hired Islamic supremacist Muslim refugees rather than American workers. 

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14 Responses

  1. Congratulations to Dan Ariens! If the muzzies want to be here, its got to be our way or the highway. If they act up, neutralize them.

  2. Way to go. No one should have to change anything to accommodate a small sect of their employee’s. They knew when they were hired what the rule’s were. This is what they do all the time, Lie their way in then try to change everything.

  3. Good news. I hope Ariens sticks to his guns. Watch the DOJ become magically involved in this….

  4. Five breaks a day! Who even gets such a thing anywhere? That is called not working.

  5. If these folks want to live under this crazy medieval rule, go back to the nation where this is still in place. Oh, no jobs there? GEE WHY IS THAT? No business wants to have constant interruption on their line? Come on folks. You either want a job and want to live in the West, or you don’t.

  6. If they were informed of company policy regarding prayer breaks and they accepted, well hell, EFF ’em! You don’t get yourself hired and suddenly decide that you don’t like the rules. You don’t like it? Go elsewhere!

  7. CAIR is on the offensive & Ariens will give into
    this terrorist group, just like all of our once prosperous
    Businesses have given into Black Terrorism. No Difference,
    Same Sub-Humans & Same Bad Results.

  8. Did you ever notice how Spearchucker can’t keep his hands off his oldest daughter?

  9. Sorry. Hiring these vermin is just encouraging this kind of crap. Not to mention allowing them to infiltrate the State of Wisconsin. Now we have an admitted terrorist down-state. Remove them forcibly. If they resist, kill them.

  10. Never, ever hire a Muslim. Sudden Muslim Grievance Syndrome can expose itself in an instant.

  11. Reason number 66,081 for never hiring an Islamic Supremacist invader.

  12. No one of any religion needs to have a ‘prayer room’. Anyone can choose to pray pretty much any awake moment during their day. These employees can simply pray at their work stations. Any person can pray standing up, sitting or laying down. When you are at work your were hired to work!

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