North Idahoans Defeat Progressive Mayor’s Muslim ‘Refugee’ Resolution

An update on this post. Don’t expect this to prevent the Muslim invasion in Idaho. As we noted Monday, “in the past year, 989 refugees have arrived in the rural state, most of them landing in either Boise or Twin Falls.

Source: North Idahoans Defeat Progressive Mayor’s ‘Refugee’ Resolution | Western Free Press

Dan Lyman | January 21 2016

At a recent city council meeting, on his first night in office, our duplicitous mayor, Shelby Rognstad, put forth a resolution welcoming ‘Syrian refugees’ to our small town – while simultaneously accusing many of his constituents of being Nazis, Ku Klux Klanners, or supporters of FDR’s Japanese internment during World War II.

Of course, in the spirit of proper race-baiting, the mayor neglected to acknowledge the German and Italian internments of that time, or the cozy connection between radical Islam and the Nazis, but that’s a story for another day.

Thanks to scores of informed citizens and patriots drawing a hard line in the sand and passionately defending it, the mayor and city council were forced to table the resolution for further consideration at their next meeting, which was held this evening.

The two week period between meetings saw organization and collusion on both sides of the ball. The wheels of a motion to recall the mayor began to turn. The mayor and city council were bombarded by letters and emails of concern and outrage. A rally was held in nearby Bonners Ferry.

Local Democrat groups urged their supporters to show up to City Hall an hour before the second vote, to effectively box out the ‘intolerant’ folks – a move that was thwarted by those of us who packed the entrance 90 minutes ahead of time.

Despite numerous requests to hold the gathering at a higher-capacity facility, to enable all attendees to be present for the council meeting, taxpayers saw their representation capped off at the room limit of 130, while another 100 or so had the doors closed in their face.

As is customary, a recital of the Pledge of Allegiance preceded the agenda. And as is customary for Mr. Rognstad, he turned to Old Glory and placed his hands behind his back – a gesture for which an Air Force veteran rebuked him during the public forum.

The short period in which citizens were permitted to address the council yielded a telling insight into the personalities of some of the council members – and in what direction their moral compasses may point.

Local businesswoman, Anita Aurit, used her time to call attention to a statement councilwoman Deb Ruehle had made at the prior meeting, wherein she tearfully admonished the crowd, “Although you like to come up and yell at us – we care, that’s why we’re here. We volunteer. We don’t really get paid for this.”

Ms. Aurit consulted city budget figures, and pointed out that each council member is allocated $1,548 per month in benefits and salary. “You DO get paid for this, and I think it’s very disingenuous to make a comment like that,” she said.

Ms. Ruehle opted to address the dispute, and via a lengthy ‘sorry, not sorry,’ fauxpology, admitted, “We do receive health insurance for our position here, but we do not have any sort of salary which is spendable money.”

At this juncture, councilman Bob Camp interjected with the truth: “Clarification point: We DO get a monthly check for… a salary.” Oops.

Mayor Rognstad flashed his totalitarian underpinnings, chiding the audience, “Ladies and gentlemen, we’re not going to have hooting and hollering in here tonight. We’re going to keep a civil discussion. This isn’t a football game.” And was promptly met with, “Yeah, but it’s AMERICA.” Perhaps the mayor should spend some time in the Ukrainian parliament to toughen up.

The high point of the evening was reached when deliberations over the council’s resolution culminated in two members reading statements appealing for a ‘motion to withdraw.’ In response, the mayor recited his own pre-written admission of defeat, tucked his tail between his legs, and promptly called the meeting to adjournment. The room erupted in cheers and applause.

Chalk one up for the power of an vigilant, galvanized citizenry.

Video of the meeting can be found HERE.

More via The American Redoubt holds: Syrian refugee bill in Sandpoint defeated #idaho #patriot #stopislam

Last night the Sandpoint Mayor Shelby Rognstad withdrew his “resolution” welcoming Syrian refugees to Northern Idaho.

I spoke with the Mayor after the meeting.  I asked him why he thought this resolution was necessary at this time? He said that some of the (progressive) people in his city wanted to say they disagree with Bonner County Sheriff Daryl Wheeler when he said resettlement of Syrian refugees was a threat to the safety of Idahoans and Governor in their letters of concern over the refugees.  Sheriff Wheeler said “The resettlement of Syrian refugees is a plausible threat and must be prevented.” Can anyone say it is not a plausible threat? Of course not.  Several refugees have been arrested on terrorism charges which brings the total number of Islamic refugees to over 140 who have been arrested on terrorism charges.  The two brothers who blew up the Maryland race were refugees, as well as the wife of the San Bernardino killer was a Muslim immigrant.  You cannot say these events did not happen.

wheeler_letterI asked him didn’t he realize this was controversial? He said no, not really. He didn’t anticipate the energy this would cause in the Sandpoint. I asked him why he wrote the resolution the way he did? He responded that he just took the previous Mayor’s declaration and wanted to submit it as a resolution. From what I understood of the conversation this issue is dead at this time. I took the time to explain to Mayor Shelby Rognstad what I was going to say. Simply because people are concern about the safety and cost of the uncontrolled mass immigration of people doesn’t make them racist or reactionary.

This is a small skirmish in the cultural and political war, but the American Redoubt held! All of your emails, phone calls and showing up helped. You showed up and you won. You were partisans.  The Redoubt approach of we are united in believing Christianity and Western Civilization deserves a special place in America, in the American Redoubt and in Idaho won out this day. When we show up, we can win. Today, we take victory nod and get ready for the next battle.  Here is more coverage of this issue from Redoubt News.

3 Responses

  1. Very good to hear that Sandpoint is at least safe for now. I believe that Rognstad needs to be kicked out of the mayor’s chair. Keep the subversive hanging around in an official capacity, and he’s going to pull some other anti-American shit sooner or later. Bet on it!

  2. I can’t believe how out of touch some of these progressive left politicians are.To these heads its only about racism.Do they watch the news? Can’t they emphasize with peoples fears.What is wrong with these uninformed idiots? These same immigrants in Germany have gang raped and assaulted hundreds of German women within weeks of arriving. They have been banned at public swimming pools for defecating in the pools and masturbating in the hot tub,and also for going in the women changing room assaulting girls. This is how animals say thank you for giving them a safe place to live.
    Nobody wants vile disgusting pigs like this unleashed on their community! The culture gap is too far of a divide.Send them to a middle east country.

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