Miami: Muslim pledged “allegiance to Allah”, vowed to kill co-workers

Again, even after admitting it was jihad, no terror charges. Just like the Muslim terrorist arrested in Milwaukee.

Source: Police: Kendall man showed off ISIS execution videos, vowed to dress as the Joker and kill boss | Miami Herald

A Kendall man pledged “allegiance to Allah” and vowed to dress like the comic-book villain Joker before gunning down co-workers, according to a police report.

The man, Enrique Dominguez, 20, was arrested late Friday, accused of aggravated assault. A Miami-Dade judge on Saturday ordered that he must post $5,000 bond and stay on house arrest before trial.

According to an arrest report filed in court, Miami-Dade Police’s Homeland Security Bureau received reports that Dominguez had “expressed an intent to become radicalized” and openly discussed a plot to kill his supervisor.

Last week, Dominguez allegedly told a co-worker that he had bought a shotgun to kill his boss — then showed off execution videos posted by the Middle Eastern terror group ISIS, according to the report.

“I will dress up as the Joker from the Batman movie and bring the gun to work during my break,” he allegedly said, according to the report.

Dominguez, who sports a Joker tattoo on his shoulder, according to the arrest report, works at J&B Importers, a company in Southwest Miami-Dade that distributes bicycle parts.

Detectives found social-media photos of Dominguez “dressed as clown” while posing with a large knife. One photo showed him posing with 15 combat-style knives with the caption: “My lil arsenal.”

On Friday, police said, Dominguez confessed he had bought a shotgun and planned to open fire after his “day of allegiance.” Inside his home, detectives found a canvas bag containing a clown mask, duct tape, plastic wrap, gloves and two large knives,” the report said.

Attorney Saam Zangeneh spoke on Dominguez’s behalf in bond court Saturday. He said Dominguez was a “good kid” and downplayed the threats.

“This may have been some Internet lashing out when you get frustrated with someone and you post things on the Internet,” Zangeneh said.

But Judge Gloria Gonzalez-Meyer said definitively that there was probable cause for the assault charge.

“I’m absolutely convinced, there’s no argument you could make to me at this juncture that could change my determination,” Gonzalez-Meyer said.

Some of Dominguez’s family members were in bond court Saturday but declined to comment.

6 Responses

  1. Throw that son of a bitch in jail & don’t allow a hearing, because his intentions have been HEARD. It certainly makes no logical sense, no matter what you believe in to KILL fellow human beings.

    He has made it clear what he wants, so don’t give him humane opportunities

  2. Shariah is foreign law. It has no place in this Country plus it is against the Constitution which outlaws the use of foreign law. Shariah can be totally ignored in this Country.
    That young man has openly admitted his intentions and should stay locked up in a Prison indefinitely/ for life. He is a mortal threat to all Americans.

  3. Have you noticed how many Hispanic or illegal aliens
    Have committed themselves to Mr. Allah & his boy-
    friend Mohammad? It’s usually Blacks who find Islam
    irresistible. The authorities react the same way, a
    misdemeanor charge, that’s all. There is NO Terrorism
    in America, unless it’s a White Christian man. In that
    case, the White Terrorist is either killed or thrown into
    prison. Florida has capitulated to Islam.

  4. Let’s get this straight, sharia law is illegal e.g. polygamy, child marriage, beating of wife, rape of wife. Sharia law is also immoral e.g. a man is favoured in divorce, in inheritance, testimony in court is worth half that of men, women must ask permission of husband to leave the house. Then we come to barbaric, stoning to death women for adultery, whippings, cutting off of hands and feet. Just because Islam calls itself a religion does not reduce it’s culpability of it being criminal, immoral and barbaric. Muslims do not just demand theocracy just for themselves, they demand Allah’s laws, sharia laws be applied to everyone, Muslim and non-Muslim alike. You can get a bit of an idea of what it’s like to be a non-believer in an Islamic state by looking at the plight of non-Muslims living in countries where there are large numbers of Muslims, note I did not say Islamic countries, Muslims do not have to be in a majority to persecute non-believers, in Islamic countries non-Muslims are incessantly attacked, burnt, raped, kidnapped and killed that’s if they exist at all.

  5. wow right herein my won neighborhood
    I live in Kendall
    not feeling the peace of islam just now
    and yes agree w/above poster…. that all minority groups who feel “solidarity” by skin color, and already prone to violence criminals are easy pickins, those who have been taught to feel “oppressed” and blame others for their inadequacies, angry young men can be easily exploited with Muslim incitement and indoctrination online

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