Maryland: Marine Files Lawsuit Against Public School’s Islamic Indoctrination

More citizens need to stand up and fight those who are aggressively trying to submit us all.

via: Thomas More Files Suit Against School’s Islamic Teaching

The Thomas More Law Center (TMLC), a national public interest law firm based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, yesterday afternoon, filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of former Marine, John Kevin Wood, and his wife, Melissa, who refuse to allow their teenage daughter to be subjected to Islamic indoctrination and propaganda in her high school World History class. The lawsuit was filed against the Charles County Public Schools, the Board of Education, and the Principal and Vice-Principal of La Plata High School located in La Plata, Maryland.

The Woods’ daughter was forced to profess and to write out the Shahada in worksheets and quizzes.  The Shahada is the Islamic Creed, “There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.”  For non-Muslims, reciting the statement is sufficient to convert one to Islam.  Moreover, the second part of the statement, “Muhammad is the messenger of Allah,” signifies the person has accepted Muhammad as their spiritual leader.  The teenager was also required to memorize and recite the Five Pillars of Islam.

Charles County Public Schools disparaged Christianity by teaching its 11th grade students, including the Woods’ daughter, that: “Most Muslims’ faith is stronger than the average Christian.”

The Charles County Public Schools also taught the following:

  • “Islam, at heart, is a peaceful
  • “To Muslims, Allah is the same God that is worshiped in Christianity and Judaism.”
  • The Koran states, “Men are the managers of the affairs of women” and “Righteous women are therefore obedient.”

Read the two exhibits containing Student worksheets here.

The sugarcoated version of Islam taught at La Plata High School did not mention that the Koran explicitly instructs Muslims “to kill the unbelievers wherever you find them.”  (Sura 9-5)

When John Kevin Wood discovered the Islamic propaganda and indoctrination of his daughter, he was rightfully outraged.  He immediately contacted the school to voice his objections and to obtain an alternative assignment for his daughter.

The Woods, as Christians, believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God and our Savior, that Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins, and that following the teachings of Jesus Christ is the only path to eternal salvation.  The Woods believe that it is a sin to profess commitment in word or writing to any god other than the Christian God.  Thus, they object to their daughter being forced to deny the Christian God and to her high school promoting Islam over other religions.

The school ultimately refused to allow the Woods’ daughter to opt-out of the assignments, forcing her to either violate her faith by pledging to Allah or receive zeros for the assignments.  Together, John Kevin Wood, Melissa Wood, and their daughter chose to remain faithful to God and refused to complete the assignments, even though failing grades would harm her future admission to college and her opportunities to obtain college scholarships.

Adding insult to injury, in an effort to silence all pro-Christian speech in her school, La Plata’s principal, without a hearing or any opportunity to refute the false allegations against him, issued a “No Trespass” notice against John Kevin Wood denying him any access to school grounds.

Wood served 8 years in the Marine Corps.  He was deployed in Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm and lost friends to Islamic extremists.  A few years later, Wood responded as a firefighter to the 9-11 Islamic terrorist attack on the Pentagon.  Wood witnessed firsthand the destruction created in the name of Allah and knows that Islam is not “a religion of peace.”  The school prevented John Kevin Wood from defending his daughter’s Christian beliefs against Islamic indoctrination, even though as a Marine, he stood in harm’s way to defend our nation, and the Charles County Public Schools.

Richard Thompson, President and Chief Counsel of the Thomas More Law Center, commented: “Defendants forced Wood’s daughter to disparage her Christian faith by reciting the Shahada, and acknowledging Mohammed as her spiritual leader. Her World History class spent one day on Christianity and two weeks immersed in Islam. Such discriminatory treatment of Christianity is an unconstitutional promotion of one religion over another.”

Thompson added, “The course also taught false statements such as “Allah is the same God worshipped by Christians, and Islam as a “religion of peace. Parents must be ever vigilant to the Islamic indoctrination of their children under the guise of teaching history and multiculturalism.  This is happening in public schools across the country.  And they must take action to stop it.”

The Woods’ lawsuit seeks a court declaration that Defendants violated their constitutional and statutory rights, a temporary and permanent injunction barring Defendants from endorsing Islam or favoring Islam over Christianity and other religions, and from enforcing the no trespassing order issued against John Kevin Wood.

Read entire Federal Complaint here.


The lawsuit charges that the defendants’ “curriculum, practices, policies, actions, procedures, and customs promote the Islamic faith by requiring students to profess the five pillars if Islam.”

The students, the complaint says, were required to “write out and confess the shahada, the Islamic profession of faith.”

The lawsuit charges that school officials concealed the curriculum by using two separate history textbooks, one of which contained the Islamic teachings and which students were required to leave at school. The other, which did not contain the teachings, was allowed to be taken home, the complaint explains. The school also excised the Islamic teachings from the course syllabus.

14 Responses

  1. How can our houses of education be so stupid and teach so many lies? Time to install some brains in these so called educators, possibly with 2 x 4s.

  2. Where ever Islams 6th century can get roots it turn minds into garbage! And as so as anyone stand up against these 6th century garbage thinkers they (Muslims) start with name calls or threats! Need help with the 2 ! 4! In the the era of modern thinking?

  3. This is damned creepy. What is going on in Charles County, MD? Who has introduced such a stupid thing? World History is not supposed to convert anyone to any religion. I wonder why the Woods had to go all the way to Michigan to obtain an attorney. There are plenty in their area.

    • if you read their web site, you will see this legal society is specifically for public interest. its a free service to fight battles just like this for average Americans…its opposite is the ACLU. If im not mistaken, tom Monahan, who built and sold dominos pizza began this initiative before he left the pizza biz. we need to use services like this before they disappear. they are there to fight for your rights under the constitution and deserve a lot of credit for it.

  4. That is against the laws of the United States. Look it up , “1776website”
    That law was passed in 1952 to keep out anyone who would have cause to over throw our Government . All radicals would be turned away by that law. President Carter used it to stop the Iranians from coming here. Being said We the people want all islamic and muslims gone ASAP. You are not wanted here !!!!!!

  5. Oblameus needs to get these damn people out of here. The law is the law. NO muslim or islamic can remain here without declaring that they will obey our laws and swear to give up the koran ,sharia law hadah or what ever that crap is . If they don.t then by the laws of these United States they are considered a terrorist and will be treated as such . You smelly assh—- are all radical terrorist and by the laws we have , we should have the right to get rid of you . Be it by you buying a ticket back to your country or worse things could happen . You got a choice , make the right one before its too late .

  6. in europe we cant talk or shout or complain any more
    freedom of speech is gone
    We’ve lost this war
    they are to many , to criminal/bloody/agressive

  7. islam has no place in public schools if the lessons are going to be devoid of the truth of just what islam is and what its done in history. teaching islam from a historical point of view which is what muslims think they are selling us is in fact a lesson in religion, not history. it should be taught how muslims conquered lands and what they did to the people in those lands and what they are doing now in the world, especially the Christians in Iraq and minority muslims which the two major branches, shia and sunni consider nonbelievers. its all about focus but muslims real talents lie in diverting focus. I applaud this marine and his wife for standing up and being counted in this never-ending struggle of civilization against barbarism.

  8. Gingersnap, you have it exactly – HISTORY tells us what Islam is all about. In 13 years in Mecca, Mohammad made 150 converts; in 15 years, he ‘converted’ (that is ‘believe’ or die) 100% of Saudi Arabia working from Medina. Americans should be UP IN ARMS about this teaching out of an ‘American’ public school, but because it doesn’t show up on Monday Night Football, they DO NOT CARE. If I had the money, I’d move to Israel. Get away from America BEFORE IT FALLS FROM LACK OF INTEREST.

  9. time to fire some school officials for cause and ban them from teaching for life no credentials and done. then foce them to leave the country for say Iran whee i am sue they will be trained in the fine art of pain and hurt. soy that s harsh but enough is enough done get the hell out of our country if you sdo not like it, oh and they go pennyless

  10. Sounds like school officials need their necks stretched. Bunch of anti-American traitors is what they are.

  11. Does anyone know if there are Muslim teachers working at this school
    or if the principal is a Muslim convert? That would explain a lot about what the school is trying to do. look at what is happening in all of the colleges the Muslim students are taking over from what I have read. There is also thousands of Iranian students in all of the colleges too so none of this should be a surprise with Iran chanting constantly about death to America. The school sure worked to keep what they were doing a secret from all of the parents. I hope every person involved in this version of brain washing are fired.

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