525 Muslim Syrian Refugees Admitted Since Paris Jihad Attacks, 1 Christian

Only one candidate has vowed to send them all back. The rest will allow them to stay, have called for even higher levels of immigrants (to steal jobs from Americans), and will do nothing to the millions of illegals who continue to flood America with Obama’s permission.

Source: Syrian Refugees Admitted Since Paris Attacks: 525 Muslims, 1 Christian

The United States has admitted 526 Syrian refugees since Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS/ISIL) terrorists attacked Paris last November, and just one (less than 0.2 percent) is a Christian.

Sunni Muslims account for 512 (97.3 percent) of the 526 Syrian refugees approved for resettlement in the U.S. since the Nov. 13 attacks, which prompted fresh concerns that terrorists could use refugee admission programs to enter Western countries.

The remaining 13 comprise three Shi’ites and ten refugees identified as “Moslem,” according to data from the State Department Refugee Processing Center.

The lopsided proportion of Sunni Muslims to Christians admitted since Paris largely mirrors that since the beginning of fiscal year 2016:  Over that period, which began Oct. 1, 817 Syrian refugees have been admitted, of whom six (0.7 percent) are Christians and 798 (97.6 percent) are Sunnis.

Looking further back, of the 2,690 Syrian refugees admitted into the U.S. since the civil war started in March 2011, 54 (2.0 percent) are Christians and 2,517 (93.5 percent) are Sunni Muslims. (The remainder are other minorities, including Shi’ites, heterodox Muslims, Zoroastrians and atheists.)

In contrast to those Christian/Sunni ratios – 0.19 percent/97.3 percent since the Paris attacks; 0.7 percent/97.6 percent in FY 2016; and 2.0 percent/93.5 percent since the conflict began – Christians account for an estimated 10 percent of the Syrian population, and Sunnis for an estimated 74 percent.

“So serious is the problem that you might expect the nations of the West would come to the rescue of these historic Christian communities, or that the Church would be demanding the world act now,” he wrote. “Far from it.”

Carey went on to quote Barnabas Fund’s observation that “[w]hile displaced Muslims may find safety in neighboring areas controlled by their own faction and armed forces, or escape to friendly areas, Christians do not have these options.”

Refugee advocacy groups argue that many Christians who leave Syria do not register with the UNHCR, for fear of their safety in U.N. refugee camps. Since the U.S. and some other governments use UNHCR referrals in the first step in the application process for refugee status, they could end up be unintentionally disadvantaged.

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  1. September 9th, 2015: Trump: “We have to accept Syrian refugees because they’re living in hell back home.”

    9/2015: “Ted Cruz: Doesn’t make sense to move refugees to the U.S.
    Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, on Tuesday released a statement declaring, “The United States has a long history of response to humanitarian disasters and this should be no exception.”

    “Our immediate role should be to support our regional allies who are on the front lines through public and private assistance to the international organizations who are best poised to administer aid,” he said. “In terms of settling the migrants, if the ultimate goal is to return them to their homes, which I believe it should be, it doesn’t make sense from a logistical or a security standpoint to move large numbers of them to far-off countries like the United States. Ultimately, we need to address the cause of this crisis or we will just have more and more migrants displaced.”

    I can’t tell you how much Creeping Sharia’s information has helped me understand what’s going on and I pass it along to others so, I remember that when you might make a few small mistakes.

  2. There is a simple solution for this problem. Find the people in government that are responsible for this stupidity and drag them into the street and kill them.

  3. I’ve got a better solution drop nukes on all Muslims countries and hang all the ones that have come to Christian countries problem solved.

  4. Incoming muzzies can be verified easilyand quickly by using the automated lie detector / electric chair device.

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